7 Must-Have Tools in Your Sales Team’s Arsenal

/ November 20, 2020 | 6 Mins Read

7 Must-Have Tools in Your Sales Team’s Arsenal

Technology has improved the business process, either way, it helps companies to close more deals than before. Know the important tools to add to your arsenal of sales tools and get cracking!

Modern salespeople spend less than 36% of their time on activities that lead to closing deals. Unfortunately, the rest of their working hours is devoted to non-selling activities such as paperwork or sending emails.

Because of the involved human element, sales alone is hard. So why not to use technology & make one’s life easier by at least getting rid of the manual tasks?

The best sales tools will improve your sales processes. They will help you manage your tasks, time, and organize the workflow. Add technology to your sales team’s arsenal & focus on what really matters that is closing deals and not doing the repetitive tasks.

7 sales tools that sales experts actually use

This review roundup covers 7 sales tools that will back you up during every stage of your sales process, from lead generation to signing up a contract. Optimize your sales’ track & half the number of your downtime activities like pumping your pipeline with new leads or managing tons of templates.

1. Pics.io – Keep all your sales collateral in one  place

  • A centralized media library for your sales materials
  • Secure & convenient third party sharing (and receiving)
  • Ease of use & integration with any tools you need (Slack, Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Adds-on, etc.).


A great part of the sales job includes managing various brand’s sales materials like brochures, presentations, email templates, product/sales data sheets, etc., etc. You won’t do without these paperweights in moving your lead through the sales process.

But how to organize all this collateral? 

Pics.io is your lifeline here. Working on top of your storage, this advanced digital asset manager allows you to reach your materials in a trice. And what’s more, access the file you need with minimum effort?

AI-keywording, version control, linked assets, custom fields – anything you need to keep your assets organized & access them easily. Customizable public websites will in turn relieve you from loads of emails. With this feature, distribute your branding materials directly to prospects and in the most presentable way.

2. Acquire – A unified tool for sales, support, and customer experience 

  • Houses an array of sales, customer experience, marketing, and support tools 
  • Using AI, ML to bring automation to high-frequency, repetitive tasks like solving customer queries, answering FAQs, email campaigns, appointment scheduling, etc.
  • Unified dashboard view for the ease of sales reps and support staff


Sales usually go side by side with customer experience & support. Using separate tools for all these domains is ineffective. It leads to lack of coordination, miscommunication, between agents and customers, and also proves to be costly and time-consuming.

A unified platform that streamlines your sales, and customer experience processes is just the tool any sales team requires. Acquire is an integrated all-in-one sales, support, and customer experience tool. On top of this, the solution has several features like co-browse, HD video calling, Live Chat, AI-driven chatbots, and Knowledge-base software amongst other things. 

In other words, the versatility of Acquire will help you manage every vertical that leads to better sales including but not limited to: lead generation, customer experience, sales automation, email sequences, and customer support among other things. Additionally, it’s easy to use UI, simple integration with other apps, and a unified dashboard helps you empower your sales team with easy-to-use powerful tools. 

3. Leadfuze – Automate your lead generation & management

  • A really big and accurate contact list for lead generation;
  • Data intelligence for automating your prospecting process;
  • Integration with CRM & various workflow tools.


Getting new prospects is challenging and time-consuming. This is especially true if you complete all the tasks manually: seek leads and their contact info, check their profiles, and send emails.

Get rid of all this repeated job with Leadfuze – the best lead generation & management tool ever. The solution automates your prospecting process, providing you with a 300-million-people database of contacts. AI-powered technology will also clean & check your leads in real-time. Set up your ideal customer profile and trust the software to find contacts for you.

Leadfuze will also help you personalize your emails & remind you about follow-ups. Meanwhile, you could take on more urgent and creative tasks like improving your pitches or closing deals.

  • An advanced Chrome-based email building tool;
  • Bulk email search;
  • At least 3 ways to look for B2B emails: through LinkedIn, company website, and the app.


And how much time do you spend on finding emails only? Not to mention, you should then reach out to your lead & convince them of the need for your product or service.

With Skrapp.io, build your email directory effectively with  more ease . Unlike alternative solutions, this tool provides you with multiple ways to search for prospects and partners’ emails. You can do it through LinkedIn, company websites, & in-app features.

And the tool has a very short learning curve. It works as a Chrome extension so you don’t have to download anything or waste your time on configuring and mastering the new technology.

5. Circleback – Systemize your contacts right now

  • Effortless contact building tool;
  • All your contact info is in one place, updated, & duplicate-free;
  • Easy contact extraction thanks to CRM integration.


Contact organization is another pain point for many salespeople. At some point, you understand that your database counts more than 1000 contacts. As a rule, these get distributed over your email, social networks, & different sales channels.

Circleback helps you refine and systematize your contact information in a few clicks. The tool automatically gathers & organizes your contacts into a single address book. To keep it in order, the software will also delete duplicates and add the missing info like the company name or the prospect’s position.

Another nice opportunity for you is to integrate the tool with your CRM. And so your contact list will always be at hand for you to build meaningful relationships with customers.

6. Crankwheel – Screen-share during your demo up to 10 seconds

  • Easy, time-efficient, & reliable screen-sharing;
  • Chrome Extension available so you don’t need to download & launch anything;
  • A call-me-now button to be in touch with your prospects all the time.


Demo calls are one more of many responsibilities of sales reps. And what do most demo calls begin with? I’d like to answer, “with hooking a prospect.” But no! Most of the time, it’s fumbling around trying to set up your technology and sharing your screen. 

Meantime, your prospect is waiting for you at the other end. And you feel uncomfortable and become hasty – and so you spend even more time on the screen while sharing procedure.

Crankwheel allows you to reduce this waiting time to a minimum. Use its Chrome extension to share your screen instantly from any device you want. You may also empower your website with a call-me-now button so the prospect could video-call a sales agent whenever any problem arises on their side.

7. GetAccept –  Streamline your deal signing process

  • All-in-one solution for closing your needs: tracking documents, e-signature, email sequences;
  • Personalized video reminders for better customer engagement;
  • An advanced tool for live data tracking.


Even when your prospect agrees to become your customer, there is still a lot to do, from signing up a contract to presenting the newcomer to their customer success agent. The salesperson advances as an intermediary here again. And their role is huge to make a good first impression for the customer.

Don’t ignore an opportunity to make your life easier with technology in this case. GetAccept works perfectly to automate your deal signing process. The software will help you with tracking documents, responding to customers timely, writing automated follow-ups, and e-signing your contracts.

Keep the final steps in your sales process under your strict supervision. GetAccept offers you a nice, convenient dashboard where you see how your deals are progressing & what actions you need to take.

A few concluding remarks

It’s your responsibility as a business leader to equip your reps with the best software for engaging & managing prospects. The sales process generally has a lot of pitfalls. So, no need to make it more difficult by overwhelming yourself with repetitive tasks and duties.

Leave any non-selling activities to technology. Anyway, sales-related tools are more reliable in sending email sequences and save your time on seeking leads info. And this is where our tool review should come in handy for you.

Meanwhile, you could devote yourself to other, more creative, and not-less-important stuff. Prepare your pitches, perfect your sales skills, and seek new ways to increase your win rates. Technology will do the rest.

Olena Zherebetska is the Content Writer in Pics.io – the platform that will help you manage & distribute your files in the most productive way. Having a 5-year of experience in writing & research, she likes to go deeper into the topic. In her free time, she loves traveling and pets.

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