Mobile Marketing Is Not Going Anywhere, Here’s Why

Mobile Marketing Is Not Going Anywhere, Here’s Why

Mobile isn’t just the future; it has revolutionized business. Mobile marketing includes location services, tailoring marketing campaigns based on an individual's location. Mobile devices are a key communication tool for most consumers worldwide.

Every time a trend appears in the market, the most common speculation remains that the "craze" would fade away with time. Mobile marketing, however, has managed to cut the clutter and stayed with the businesses for more than two decades. 

With the increasing traction in the upcoming marketing techniques, it's a no brainier that people and businesses have been questioning the longevity of mobile marketing. Yet this old wonder managed to retain its sweet spot among the marketers.

Well, there are various factors behind it, and we will talk in detail about them in our further discussion. But before we get started with anything, let's get to the basics. 

What Is Mobile Marketing? 

Mobile marketing is an art of multi-channel marketing that aims at advertising the products and services in a way that appeals to the users of mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. It involves marketing via SMS, in-game advertisements, Social Media, apps, MMS, etc. 

Is Mobile Marketing Really Effective? 


You will agree with me when I say that we are so close to our tiny dim-lit devices that anxiety kicks in when we cannot find it for a minute. As a result, it serves as a reliable means of communication between a business and its consumers. 

This form of marketing has matured over the years and become more popular over the years. Why? Because it works! Reports suggest that it's not going anywhere soon, and in this article, we are going to throw some light on the factors that justify this statement. 

A recent study shows that 70% of mobile searches lead users to take action within an hour. Why so? It is because desktop search is usually pre-planned and purposeful. But we search for products and services on our smartphones immediately on the go when we plan to buy it. 

Successful marketers, thus, prefer mobile marketing to make sure that their brand name appears on the top of their customers' devices. Mobile marketing is, undoubtedly, the best way to do so. 

2. Response Tracking 

Tracking customers' responses and CTR on smartphones is not very hard. This way, businesses can not only measure their mobile marketing ROI but also reshape their campaigns catered to their customer requirements. 

Thus, mobile marketing helps successful businesses to determine what interests their viewers more and improvise upon the services that they are providing. 

3. Reaches Larger Audience 


It is as obvious as the noonday sun- smartphones have replaced almost every electronic media, starting from telephone and radio to desktops and televisions. Thanks to its increasing popularity among the masses, mobile ads have the potential to reach the audience in nearly all the niche. 

Smartphones are close to our hearts (quite literally). We spend about 51% of their internet time on mobile phones, thus inviting marketers with open arms to approach us via various marketing channels- SMS, social media, emails, etc. 

4. Prompt Results 


Statistics from RescueTime Blog indicating the use of mobile phones by the people in general 

Folks carry their mobile phones wherever they go, even into the restrooms. A 2019 study found that users, on average, look into their phones 58 times in 24 hours, out of which 30 check-ins take place during working hours. 

So, the probability of your customer reading your message immediately as they receive it is very high. You either get instant click on your website or your content gets left on read- the results are pretty instantaneous. 

5. Cost-Effective 

Running campaigns on laptops, televisions, etc. are not very cheap, and require a lot of expertise. On the other hand, creating elements and running SMS, social media, or in-app advertisements are a lot more budget-friendly. 

Mobile phones are, thus, a suitable medium for small businesses to get started. It will not only cut their costs but will also assist them in reaching their target audience with a better personal approach, which brings us to the next point. 

6. Personalization and Relevance 


It becomes very easy to collect user data when you are communicating with customers via their personal, portable devices. The databases like phone numbers, name, unique id, address, etc. make it easy for marketers to personalize their campaigns, instead of bringing a broader audience into the same umbrella. 

Geo-targeting also becomes easy for the local stores this way. Clicks on mobile ads, in fact, increased by about 711% in 2011 due to this local relevance by mobile marketers. 

7. Convenient Design and Draft 

Due to the small size of a mobile screen, the amount of content displayed is also very much limited. Thus one doesn't have to insert too much jargon into the content or design. Keeping it minimal would serve the purpose. 

Due to this convenience, every business prefers mobile marketing over other marketing channels, be it a Walmart store the grocery shop situated at the corner of your street. 

8. Boosts Mobile SEO 


Websites with sound links on social media are easy to rank up on search engines like Bing and Google. Since the majority of these links- posts, tweets, story shares, etc. come from mobile devices, it is more feasible for mobile marketing companies to get social media shares. 

Due to this, your website can readily get into a large number of mobile search directories and will escalate to the top of the customers' mobile searches in no time. It, in turn, boosts your mobile SEO. 

9. Potential Of Going Viral 

Linking social media platforms to phone numbers is a kind of necessity that makes it easier for good advertising campaigns to go viral in no time, and reach more audience than initially intended. A lot of Instagram stores gained visitors on their page in 2018 and 2019 using this strategy. 

Thus, marketers are coming up with better social media marketing strategies, and there are various lead generation companies like Socioboard, HubSpot, Hootsuite, etc. that assist them in doing so. 

Wrapping It Up 

Mobile devices are more of a necessity than a commodity for this generation, and it is not getting any less popular with the progress of time. Apart from the ease of implementation of strategies, mobile marketing also comes with promising and ever-lasting results that you cannot ignore. 

Above mentioned are some of the principal reasons that justify why mobile marketing is prevailing and will stay in the market for the years to come. 

Renowned performance marketer, user acquisition expert, and a product fanatic from Bangalore. He is a prominent speaker in masterminds and events in the performance marketing space. Sumit is the Founder of Socioboard, which owns products like PowerAdSpy, Socinator, Gramboard, DominatorHouse, and mobile apps in the social media automation space which have millions of users.

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