10 Ways to Maximize Your LinkedIn Endorsement

10 Ways to Maximize Your LinkedIn Endorsement

Below are ways you can consider doing to get more LinkedIn endorsements and improve your credibility.

According to Statista, there are more than 467 million LinkedIn members worldwide, making it one of the most popular business networking sites in terms of active users. With this impressive figure, it becomes essential to know how to get more endorsements on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is an employment and business-oriented service founded in 2002 and officially launched in May 2003. Since LinkedIn is meant for professional networking, it is commonly used by employers and job seekers.

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The website targets industry contacts for working professionals and employers, as well as business connections. This allows business companies to improve their connectedness in their expertise and job seekers to find opportunities that match their skills.

In January 2011, LinkedIn filed for its initial public offering and made its stock market debut four months later. In December 2016, Microsoft acquires LinkedIn for an estimated US$26.2 billion, making it the most expensive acquisition of Microsoft to date.

What are LinkedIn Endorsements?

LinkedIn Endorsement is a great way to prove your credibility. It is a feature that allows other LinkedIn users to vouch for the skills listed on the profiles. Endorsements are effective in proving your expertise and supporting your claims.

Anybody can claim they possess a certain skill that it’s quite difficult to check if the skills listed are indeed true. Fortunately, through LinkedIn Endorsements, other users can help vouch for you or verify that you are qualified in the skills you claim on your profile.

With this way of connections, people also see Linkedin Endorsements’ potential in providing network opportunities to the users. Hence, it comes as no surprise why people search “how to get more endorsements on LinkedIn” on the internet.

But how do endorsements work exactly? It’s quite simple. Other users can help verify the skills listed on your profile by just clicking the “Endorse” button at the bottom. If they only endorse a few skills on your list, they can simply delete the other skills before clicking the “Endorse” button.

The Importance of LinkedIn Endorsements

Getting more people to endorse you can unlock and open doors of opportunities for you. It’s a simple yet effective way of showing you’ve got what it takes.

Importance of LinkedIn Endorsements

This is obviously appealing to people scouting for potential partners for a business project, working opportunity, and others. Some experts even believe it can positively affect your search ranking. The bottom line: The more people endorse you, the better.

Ways to Maximize Your LinkedIn Endorsements

It’s natural for LinkedIn members to wonder how to get more endorsements on LinkedIn with the value it adds to your profile. Below are ways you can consider doing to get more LinkedIn endorsements and improve your credibility.

1. Add Skills that are Only Relevant to You

It is important to remain honest with the skills that you have and can offer. Keeping your skills relevant will also allow your profile visitors choose them more readily.

You can always control which skills you want to appear more prominently on your profile by simply setting it up in the Skills & Endorsements section.

2. Endorse Other People

There’s this thing called the law of reciprocity. It’s a psychological principle that simply means people are more inclined to do something good for you if you do the same for them. Reciprocity can likewise be applied to LinkedIn endorsements. When you endorse other people’s skills, it’s more likely they consider returning the favor.

It is highly recommended to start with the people you are closest to, such as your friends, colleagues, previous employers, and satisfied clients or customers.

Look at the skills they have listed on their profiles and add some endorsements. When they notice you’ve made an effort to help them, there’s a high chance they help you, too.

3. Ask for Endorsements

One of the significant things you will learn is the importance of asking. Some of the people’s greatest breakthroughs happen when they ask for help or a favor because many people are actually willing to help.


If you want to have more endorsements, you can politely ask others to do that favor for you.

4. Thank the People Who Endorsed You

If you’ve become successful in asking for endorsements, do not forget to be grateful. Make the people who helped you feel their gesture is appreciated by thanking them.

Thank the People Who Endorsed You

Expressing your gratitude to the people who endorsed you is a good way of turning your relationship with them into a real connection. Not only can this lead to more endorsements, it can likewise open other business opportunities.

5. Connect with People in Your Workplace

Another tip that you may find helpful if you’re curious how to get more endorsements on LinkedIn is to make connections in your workplace. This might appear as an easy task for you. Since LinkedIn is a platform for professional network, it is best to keep up with people in your office and use this to your advantage.

Depending on the size of the company you’re working at, you can connect with the people in your department or extend it to others as well. You can also take your effort further and connect with people within your workplace that you do not know very well.

6. Update Your Profile Photo

Your LinkedIn profile photo must be able to present you professionally. It needs to show how confident, trustworthy, and credible you are. It may be hard, but you need to remove your selfie or a half-cropped photo of yourself at a party and replace it with a more professional-looking one.

7. Regularly Update Your LinkedIn Status

Despite the huge number of LinkedIn users, only a few take the time to update their status. This means if you update your LinkedIn profile, you will be getting the edge of being in the radar of your connections. Your quality content and insightful quotes can give people more reasons to endorse you.

Also, since the posts you make are posted with your profile link, people who view your posts are just a few clicks away from endorsing you.

8. Follow People Who Inspire You

LinkedIn allows you to connect with people within your industry and other successful people who motivate and inspire you. By following influencers and key leaders, your feed will be filled with advice that may be useful for you.

9. Customize Your URL

Similar to other social networking sites, you are given a long and impersonal URL link when you initially join. While it won’t hurt to keep it that way, it is also not helpful.

The good news is that you can do something about it. You can change your existing URL to project not just your professionalism but your branded self as well. To do this, you only need to click on your profile, select edit, and click edit under your profile photo.

10. Meet New People

Since networking is the goal of LinkedIn, you must be brave to meet new people. You can also rally your community or do favors for other people. Keep in mind that people are looking for not just random but relevant endorsements as well.


If you are looking for professional networking, LinkedIn is your best bet. While it does not generate the same amount of attention as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, it still shouldn’t be overlooked. It is, in fact, a powerful tool for driving valuable connections, which can be beneficial for you.

One of the effective ways you can prove you are truly proficient at the skills that you listed is by having other people vouch for you through endorsements. If done correctly, it can create an incredible impact on your personal brand.

If you want to know how to get more endorsements on LinkedIn, you can review these strategies. These tips can help you effectively boost your network connections and attract more opportunities.

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