How to Gain Over 100 Blog Subscribers a Day

How to Gain Over 100 Blog Subscribers a Day

Planning to get more than 100 blog subscribers a day? If yes, here's a blog that will show you how to attract and entice your web leads. Do not miss out on this write-up at any cost!

Much of what was digital marketing is now lost in translation, with social media reigning supreme and email marketing usually being ignored altogether. Regardless of what you’ve heard on the web, email is not dead. It remains one of the first channels people check when they wake up and again before they fall asleep.

Email marketing is, therefore, still as valuable and effective as it’s ever been. When a reader subscribes to your blog, he or she is making a commitment to receiving your emails and checking out your latest and greatest content. A voluntary email subscription is a major win in the marketing realm, and if you’re not looking to expand your email list, you’ll be losing out on an entire market of warm leads. In this article, we will show you how to attract and entice your readers to subscribe to your blog.

These methods have been tested over and over again by all kinds of websites throughout the years. They are tried and true. If you convert most of your new readers into subscribers, you will soon have a captive audience.

Gaining a captive audience is critical to reaching your bottom line and increasing your return on investment. These are people who are willing to be nurtured and re-engaged by you. If that’s not all, studies actually show that adult consumers prefer marketing emails over other methods of advertising.

91% of those surveyed adults said that they want to receive exclusive content and promotions from the businesses they subscribed to through email. All of these statistics point to one thing: the effectiveness of email marketing. All there is left to do is to convert your readers and website visitors into email subscribers.

In this article, we will show you exactly how to attract and entice your web leads. These methods have been tested over and over again by all kinds of websites throughout the years. They are tried and true. If you convert most of your new readers into subscribers, you will soon gain your own captive audience.

1. Evaluate Your Current Marketing Strategy

In order for you to improve on your current marketing strategy, a thorough evaluation is needed. Consider the following questions:

  • What are you currently using to entice your readers (if at all)?

We’ve briefly mentioned that email subscriptions represent your readers’ commitment to your content. With that in mind, entice your readers to subscribe by making the signup form visible, concise, and worthwhile. We’ll expand on this within the next few points!

  • What are they risking when they sign up for your newsletters?

By putting yourself in your visitors’ shoes, you’ll have a better idea of what they want out of your website. If you’re expecting your visitors to hand over their personal email addresses, then your content needs to be secure and trustworthy.

sign up for your newsletters

You can achieve this by optimizing your body content, changing your URL to https, and improving your user experience. All of these factors contribute to a more trustworthy website.

  • What works?

In your attempt to critically review your current model, pay attention to what’s currently working. Most of the time, bloggers only need to change a few things in order to earn better readership loyalty. If a particular optimization has been working, carry it onto your new and improved page.

  • What isn’t working?

Likewise, identify what isn’t working by tracking your various page optimizations. Think about your call-to-action placements, web design, and page copy. You can then track your progress with an online tool or a lead tracking software. Data-driven optimizations can only happen after you’ve gathered all the information you need.

2. Incentivize Your Call to Action:

Think of your target audience as the toughest group of people you will ever have to convince. Even if this isn’t true, just switching your perspective will do wonders for your methodology. Too many new marketers assume that their potential leads are already on their side; hence, they refuse to go the extra mile to incentivize their call-to-actions.

Incentivize Your Call to Action

Remember that your goal is to always cater to your leads’ best interest because that will ultimately benefit your business the most. No one will voluntarily sign up for anything if they don’t perceive some level of gratification from the act. Our suggestion is to use gated content to incentivize your newsletter call-to-actions.

Gated content is any piece of valuable content that can be given away upon subscription. This can be online guides, white papers, tips and tricks, an eBook, etc. Your gated content should be relevant and compelling to your target audience.

To further convince them that your content is worth handing over their emails, you can also optimize your call-to-actions to evoke a sense of urgency within your visitors. Use strong verbs and time-oriented words such as, “Sign up now!” to grab your readers’ attention. A good general rule of thumb is to make your call-to-action a contrasting color from the rest of your content. If it passes the squint test, it should be good to go!

3. Capitalize on Convenience:

The most effective way to make your subscription CTA attractive is to make it convenient for your visitors to sign up. If your signup form is long and arduous or is error-prone, your visitors aren’t going to go out of their way to sign up. Before you know it, you’ll lose most of your potential subscribers because of these preventable issues.

To make it easier for your leads to sign up, ask for fewer information. All you really need is their first and last names and their email addresses. If you truly need to find out anything more than that, it can be done later in the on-boarding process. In addition, you might want to place your subscription form somewhere in the top fold of your website, where activity levels are generally high. Pop-up subscription boxes work, too, but code it in a way where it doesn’t pop up immediately.

No one will have enough time to decide whether or not they truly want to subscribe to your content if you force a subscription signup on them immediately after they enter the website. People want to be greeted with nice design and a fast loading page, not a popup ad.

Pair these tips with a consistent marketing schedule and you’ll have dozens of new subscribers in no time!

Anh Luu is a Copywriter for the cloud call platform, Phonexa. She specializes in writing about SEO marketing strategies, business trends, and other up-and-coming topics in digital marketing and technology.

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