20 Best Logo Fonts for Businesses in 2023

20 Best Logo Fonts for Businesses in 2023

In this article, you will learn how to choose a logo font and which ones are considered the best in 2023.

Choosing a font for a logo is an important task. It will largely depend on how the target audience will perceive the visual part of the brand. In this article, you will learn how to choose a logo font and which ones are considered the best in 2023.

How to choose a logo font

To date, the user has such a wide selection of fonts available that it can be difficult to decide. But we will help you! Below are some helpful tips from the experts.

When choosing a font for a logo, you should consider the following nuances:

  • For readability, it is better to use concise fonts and combine them in different sizes;
  • It is not always necessary to follow fashion and choose only trendy fonts;
  • You can order a unique font that reflects the essence of your company's brand;
  • Explore the features of the fonts that are used in the logos of your competitors;
  • It is better to choose fonts that are not restricted for commercial use so that there are no legal problems;
  • Using no more than three types of fonts is recommended for creating a logo. Ideally one. With the help of Turbologo logo maker, you can create the logo in minutes.

What are the font categories?

Before understanding logo font, its important o know their categories. All fonts are divided into four categories. To make the right choice, look closely at the characteristics described below.

A. Serif fonts

Such fonts are considered classic. They are readable, especially when applied to printed material. Letters, in this case, have vertical and horizontal strokes called serifs.

Serif fonts symbolize tradition, history and reliability. If this aligns with your brand values, you can safely choose them.

Popular serif fonts include Times New Roman, Rockwell, Baskerville, Georgia, Century, and Courier New.

B. Sans serif fonts

Here the name speaks for itself. The letters of these fonts do not have serifs and consist of simple lines. They have a sleek and modern look.

Popular sans-serif fonts include Arial, Helvetica, Roboto, Proxima Nova, Avenir, and Calibri.

C. Handwritten fonts

Handwritten fonts have their own unique style and character. The letters are connected to each other as if they were written by hand.

This category is associated with elegance, grace and femininity. The only drawback is that such a font is harder to read.

Notable handwritten fonts: Pacifico, Lobster, Rochester, and French Script.

D. Decorative fonts

Decorative fonts make the inscription more visible. They are original and creative. Great for conveying a certain mood, emotion and message.

Popular decorative fonts: Ad lib, Allegro, Broadway and Forte.

20 Best logo fonts in 2023

Each element of the logo has a high significance. Choosing a font, you need to take this process seriously. It should harmoniously complement the logo design.

To help you, we have compiled a list of the best fonts of 2023 with a description. We hope you find among them the one that fits perfectly with your logo and brand in general.

1. Generator


This font has no serifs. It was developed by Nick Losacco, spending almost two years on it. Generator is full of personality and surprises, but at the same time it is quite functional. He has 9 bright versions - from thin to bold. Due to this versatility, it is suitable for the logo of many companies.

2. Telegraph


Telegraf is a combination of mid-century grotesque shapes and hard corners. Along with the increase in weight, the edges of the font become more rectangular so that it can be viewed at a wide variety of scales. In total, he has eight modifications.

3. Cirka


Cirka is an elegant serif typeface. It is equally good in both large and small scale. This font has four versions - from light to bold. Suitable for the logo of almost any company.

4. Neue Montreal v2.0

Neue Montreal v2.0

A grotesque font with display notes. He has fourteen modifications. In the process of creation, the developer was inspired by the famous city of Montreal. The font has already been used by a large number of well-known organizations. For example, the football club Montreal FC. If you need a strict and versatile typeface, then Neue Montreal is the perfect option.

5. Eiko v2.0

Eiko v2.0

Eiko v2.0 is an elegant mincho font. It has references to traditional Japanese design with a modern twist. With high contrast, crisp serifs and crisp curves, Eiko has achieved the perfect softness. It has a large set of Japanese punctuation marks, round and square numbers, vertical writing, arrows, meteorological symbols, arrows, and more. The works of the talented Japanese artist Eiko Ishioka acted as a source of inspiration for its creators.



This font belongs to the grotesque. It supports Latin, Cyrillic and 36 other languages. There are two font options. Used in both commercial and non-commercial activities. This font is simple and versatile, so it can be used in the logo of most companies.

7. Wagon


Wagon is a stylish typeface that combines classics with modern influences. It was created by Dirtyline Studio. Wagon is elegance, strength and contrast. It supports over 87 languages.

8. Kamino


Kamino is a compressed variable font. Its letters have rounded corners and are complemented by sharp lines. The Kamino was designed by Jayant Nune and is shaped like a classic. This font is versatile, it can be used to decorate almost any inscription.

9. Lagosi


Lagosi is a spiky serif typeface created by Jetsmax Studio. The inspiration came from the features of the lagosi fabric. This font has several variations - from light and elegant lines to bold and bold. It contains a large number of italic gestures and other custom additions.

10. Phonk Sans

Phonk Sans

Phonk Sans is a wide sans-serif typeface with ten weights ranging from thin to heavy. In addition, each of them has an italic modification. Phonk Sans is a confident and versatile typeface. His headset supports a large number of languages.

11. Southern Script

Southern Script

Southern scrip refers to cursive fonts. It is distinguished by tenderness and looks like a beautiful human handwriting. Southern Script is great for creating a brand logo for any company that wants to convey an emotional and delicate vibe. In addition, this typeface is associated with dignity and elegance, with creative and fun characteristics. With them, any logo will become more charismatic and attractive.

12. Zefani


This font belongs to the stencil category. The presence of partial lines, round ends and sharp serifs make it aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching. Many well-known brands use bold and simple fonts in their logos, because the latter make the logo timeless, not dependent on fashion trends. Thanks to the Zefani font, the logo will acquire a luxurious look and appeal.

13. La Macchina

La Macchina

La Macchina is ideal for those who want to emphasize luxury and confidence through design. This typeface belongs to the calligraphic type, so it seems individualized and traditional. If your goal is to create a futuristic and timeless logo, fonts like La Macchina are a great option.

14. Stag


Stag was created to highlight the brand's identity. The presence of disciplined and well-structured characters makes the typeface attractive and effective. It creates a solid logo design that conveys a message in a classic and simple manner.

15. Among The Wildflowers

Among The Wildflowers

Among the wildflower refers to monolinear typography that includes more than just fonts. This font is distinguished by purity, tenderness and naturalness. It is considered decorative. This font style contains many other elements that can be useful when creating a logo. A clean, free, curved and beautifully designed font would be appropriate when designing a logo for a feminine, kids, content, media or personal branding category.

16. Freeline Fonts

Freeline Fonts

Freeline fonts is a modern typeface that has monograms, as well as a noticeable and robust look. It features bold capital letters with creative line details. Featuring unique linear details with a hollow theme, this typeface style is eye-catching. To create an impressive logo design, you can experiment with fonts, colors, effects, add a different style. In this way, the brand image will be conveyed creatively yet assertively.

17. Lot


This style is very different from the usual. It resembles a beautiful illustration, where not whole letters are visible, but only their geometry. Lot has a hint of an old-fashioned magazine style. It is suitable if you want to create a vintage type logo.

18. Mandhy


Mandhy is an aesthetically pleasing style that is part of the Envato brush series. Any passionate designer should have it in their special collection. This fantastic brush font will make your designs unique and creative. With it, you can create an interactive and fresh logo.

19. Circle Line Fonts

Circle Line Fonts

This typeface doesn't need much effort to grab attention. It has a thoughtful design and structured implementation. Each of its variations has a sequence of one shape or line. Minimalistic and advanced, Circle Line Fonts are the perfect choice for creating a futuristic tech company logo.

20. Intro


The intro is one of the best classic-themed fonts with a slight hint of serifs and sans serifs. It has creative curves and straight ends, making it attractive and traditional. With it, a brand can reflect faith, affection, and dominance in its logo.

The font is the most important element of the logo. With it, you can convey the right mood and emphasize the brand's individuality. Take the font selection process seriously, and your logo will be as effective as possible. We wish you good luck!

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