10 Lead Scoring Tools to Look out for in 2020

/ August 20, 2020 | 6 Mins Read

10 Lead Scoring Tools to Look out for in 2020

Lead scoring is the process of assigning values, to each lead you generate for the business. Learn the best lead scoring tools available in 2020

Lead Scoring is a type of methodology that is utilized by companies to identify the potential of any particular business opportunity. When companies use this system, they can build scales and benchmarks to rank potential opportunities against the scale to identify customers who are 'business fit'. 

A sales team’s time and effort are precious and their potential leads are endless. Lead scoring software allows the team to focus on the points that are most likely to generate potential sales.

Focusing on high potential leads can help salespeople save time and effort instead of chasing less valuable leads. When all is said and done, salespeople rely on quality leads that have a higher probability of closing. 


Before a sales team starts working on the leads, they need to evaluate them through scrutiny to find if they are sales-fit. Historically, sales have done it through discovery calls but with the digital age and cutting-edge technology, sales now works with marketing to qualify leads first.

To increase the likelihood of optimal outcomes, a lead scoring software is required to be utilized by marketing and sales teams. At the top of the funnel, commonly used tools include a lead capture software, CRM, and landing page builders

To be considered for proper inclusion in the category of Lead Scoring, a prospect must have the following qualities: 

  • Deliver features to build and maintain ranking scales based on company goals. 
  • Deliver features for leads based on marketing positions (Ex: a company that is focused on customers in the USA most likely will not be interested in generating leads in Europe). 
  • Allow the users to select different scores to leads based on specific predefined criteria (location, company size, revenue, and budget). 
  • Analyze lead scores against company scales or benchmarks to allow for reporting and analysis that a sales team can properly utilize. 
  • Integrate advanced analytics with lead intelligence and sales marketing solutions. 
  • Lastly, it can easily export or import data in standard file formats such as PDF, spreadsheets, or text files.

Here are the best lead scoring tools available in 2020:

1. Salespanel

Salespanel is a lead identification, tracking, qualification and marketing automation software that helps you score your leads by leveraging customer data. Salespanel offers both automatic scoring and point-based manual scoring to provide the flexibility to users to qualify their leads according to their requirements.

Salespanel's lead scoring solution comes at a very competitive price point and customers can easily set up a lead scoring system in less than 20 minutes.



2. VanillaSoft

VanillaSoft is currently at the top of their game. They help sales development teams generate over 15 million connections every month. VanillaSoft can be used as a standalone or in tangent with a traditional CRM system. 

VanillaSoft allows sales representatives to react to and respond to new leads in a matter of seconds. Thousands of employers utilize VanillaSoft for its queue-based sales engine that can route to create a sales cadence. This creates a substantial increase in speed to lead and improved production capabilities.

3. Velocify

Velocify is an incredible sales acceleration application. The company caters to over 1,500 different sales teams and allows them to speed up and significantly control the sales method. Velocify is made with precision in mind and will enable users to implement optimized workflows. Ultimately, Velocify helps users to locate and create more leads with relative ease. 

Other features of Velocify include: 

  • Configurable Lead Scoring Options
  • Flexible lead distributions and sorting
  • Outbound dialing through the cloud
  • Inbound call handling capabilities
  • Real-Time Reporting via the dashboard

4. Infer

Infer utilizes an advanced lead scoring system that can produce predictive analytics. Infer also generates hands-on data that will help users to locate and determine their ideal purchasers. This versatile tool will help users predict their buyer’s behaviors to prevent time-wasting leads that will never turn into real sales. 

Infer will analyze the data that is generated by your CRM and compares it to the massive reporting database of potential companies that are most likely to purchase. It produces an accurate score then displays that score on your CRM. That way, your salespeople know exactly who to call and with leads to nurture or ignore. 

The best part about the Infer software is the fact that it is hand-tuned by a group of expert data scientists to increase the accuracy of the leads. This differs from other programs that use a single algorithm for all predictions.

Some key highlights of Infer include:

  • A higher percentage of closing and conversation rates
  • Easily align all sales and marketing campaigns
  • Accurate lead prediction, so no time is wasted
  • Quickly mark and track customers to prevent them from becoming lost in the funnel
  • Accurate and improved ABM targeting



5. 6sense

6sense is a relatively new Account Engagement Platform which was created to help B2B companies to accomplish more expected revenue growth. 6sense harnessed the power of machine learning, AI, and big data to assist members of the revenue team.

6sense discovers buying behavior anonymously then prioritizes the best accounts for marketing and sales. This will support sales teams to engage hesitant buyers by adding personalized, multi-channel campaigns. With this software, the sales team can know more about their potential buyers and personalize their interactions to increase the likelihood of making the sale.

6. Leadspace

Leadspace is a fantastic lead scoring tool that allows companies to take control of sales and marketing data truly. Leadspace utilizes an intuitive B2B Customer Data Platform to help generate reliable leads. This software comes with highly advanced tools that will allow your company to enrich your data points with the most wide-reaching B2B data graph available. 

In addition, Leadspace can help to improve company health by utilizing advanced AI to sort out potential leads that might get buried in your data. Once the data is sorted, Leadspace activates the advanced data all in real-time. Leadspace does all of this in addition to providing outbound and inbound ABM efforts.

7. D & B Lattice

D & B Lattice provides an advanced suite of sales solutions and AI marketing tools. Companies can use these powerful tools to build 1-on-1 experiences throughout the entire buying journey. The Lattice program gives customers a personalized digital experience and allows companies to increase efficiency. Teams can also enhance the effectiveness of their sales by prioritizing their contacts using the lead and accounting programs. 

These programs (ABM programs) can identify new leads, implement omni-channel sales campaigns, and increase customer retention. D & B Lattice has an unparalleled record of success, and they lead the market in AI-enabled ABM solutions. In fact, Lattice is used by big names such as Sun Trust bank, Paypal, Adobe, and Dell. Lattice will personalize customer experiences with unique and individual marketing campaigns. 

Targeted campaigns can be based on the following features: 

  • Growth data
  • Intent data
  • Product usage data
  • Financial data 
  • Techographics
  • Firmographics 
  • CRM Data
  • ERP Data

Lattice uses AI scoring to identify the best companies that are most likely to buy. 

8. MadKudu

MadKudu is a versatile lead scoring tool that helps marketing teams looking for a smooth and painless customer journey. MadKudu can identify at least 20% of the new leads that will make up 80% of your revenue. 

Once you have this data, you can pinpoint and prioritize your sales to cater to the most notable clients. The information that the program generates can be used to schedule demos with qualified leads, without waiting for an SDR to contact you first. MadKudu works with big brands such as Intercom, Gusto, and Segment, among many others. 

9. Close Plan

Close Plan is a lead tool that is geared towards revenue optimization and is built exclusively for use with Salesforce. Close Plan helps to guide sales teams by using Sales Playbooks, Deal Scorecards, and relationship maps. 

  • The Relationships Maps functions allow your sales team to generate org charts by using the contact listing from your Salesforce contacts. 
  • The Deal Scorecards function will automate the “opportunity qualification” procedure. 
  • The Sales Playbooks will serve to guide the sales team with a standard process. 

10. Slintel

Slintel is known for being the leader in capturing technographic through buyer intent. It also helps companies to find and pinpoint the top 3% of potential buyers out of the target market. 

Slintel will analyze over 100 billion different data points and analyze them for digital footprints, buyer journeys, and technology adoption patterns. In addition, customers using Slintel can access the buying patterns or contact info of over 17 million companies located all over the world.


Whether you are a fortune 500 company or a small company, lead scoring  is an essential part of most businesses that generate more than 100 leads a month. Serving customers the right way is a challenging process. 


With lead scoring, you can ensure that your biggest leads are never left without proper service. Finding the best tools for your company can take some trial and error, but once you have a robust system in place, lead qualification will work for you.

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