How to Market a Small business with Instagram Reels

How to Market a Small business with Instagram Reels

Instagram reels is an excellent way to promote your products and build engagement with your audience. In this blog, we talked about some of the most impressive tips to use Instagram reels for better results.

Reels are a new type of video that you can use for multiple things on Instagram. It is a type of video feature that has a maximum of 60 seconds. These are a type of feature that stays for more than 24 hours, unlike stories.

Building your small business with this feature can help you bring more people to your profile and get better marketing. So, we will try to give you all the benefits you can have with these.

Marketing with Reels 

The use of reels can bring you perfect solutions in multiple ways. You should try the tips that help your brand grow well with this feature. Some tips to follow:

What Tik Tok Offers and Instagram Does not!

Knowing what social media will suit you is a great way to make your decision for your marketing. So, determine on the basis of features you get with Instagram reels while Tik Tok offers some better ones. That is why we will try to give you the features of both so that you can find out the best one for your brand.

The Tik Tok Platform 

Tik Tok is a great resource of short-form content for users globally. While Instagram has stolen the features and uses for themselves, Tik Tok has some features that Instagram does not have yet. For instance, you can have several types of editing methods that Tik Tok provides while Instagram reels do not have them.

So, if you think your product needs some features in your video that matter, you should use Tik Tok. On the other hand, Instagram stories work without them.

Algorithm Difference 

The experts believe that Instagram stories have a different algorithm than Tik Tok. So, if someone has followed your content or profile, you are most likely to pop up there.

On the other hand, TikTok is more inclined to show the results that interest the user more. Tik Tok has a more organic reach while Instagram is more oriented towards allowing the content that people already follow.

Paid Promotion 

The reels are a great way to use your paid promotions on the other hand TikTok is also a great use of your paid promotion efforts.  

Educational Content 

The use of educational content can bring better results for marketing online. You can use this kind of content to bring more people to your profile and convert them from there. So, ensure that whatever type of content you are sharing, you are doing it with educational stuff.

So, it depends on what kind of niche you are in. There are some types of content that you can have for all niches. You can try using tips, recipes, insights, reviews, or any other type of content. 


The use of behind-the-scenes can help you have a better audience reach that makes your content worth more. So, try to give your launches the teasers it needs. Such teasers would definitely help your content have a better sense of need for your audience. Your audiences would have better insights into your launches.

This means you can give your launches a better base to build on. 

Reels ads 

The use of reels ads can help you have more reach that Instagram offers you. So, you can try reels ads to reach the people in your audiences. Try to keep your Instagram reels to have better results when you use them. 

Reel Time

The experts believe that you should keep an eye on the time reels are filmed with. This means you should ensure that your ad has all the important things you want to add without them being too long to air. So, use a video that is 30 seconds long with all the tips you are looking to add.

Know your Analytics

The use of Instagram analytics is a great way to find out what people love most about your reels. So, try to find out what people love about your content and try to use it or something quite similar for Instagram ads. It can be a very beneficial way to bring more engagement and better reach for your ad.

Audio and Captions are Must 

Try using captions for the audio you add. Make sure that you use the audio that people would love to hear and get value from. It can even be some music that sinks in with the audio you are using. This tactic would also help you have an ad that looks like regular content. This means you can have your ad look like normal content. 

So, you do not have to look salesy to sell here. The use of text or captions can help your video have better shareability and reach with an improved understanding of the use of the video. Such ads can help you buy Instagram followers you should ensure happens.

Make Reels Valuable 

You should try your best to make reels valuable for all kinds of content. So, ensure when you make an ad with these reels you provide the value your audience would need. For this purpose, you should make sure that your ad is not too salesy or pushy. 

The use of these ads can help you have several types of benefits for your business and profile. For instance, you can have better brand awareness, traffic, reach, video views, and conversions. So, use them for any of or all of these benefits you are looking to get. 

User-Generated Content 

The use of user-generated content can definitely help you get more results when you are looking to get more people to your profile. So, you can use these types of content with hashtag trends. You can try asking a question here and reshare the content people offer you.

One of the most famous ways to get such content that you would like to share, you can get it from people you interact with within your audience. To do that, you should allow people to be featured and also for any contests you run. 

So, there are two ways to get your user-generated content. Number one is to feature the content people are looking to give you and the second one is to use contests that you can use for your marketing. 

Reels with Products in Action 

The use of products in action can help you have better product depiction for your marketing. So, you can use your products to let people know what it looks like for them when they use it. At the same time, you can allow them to let them know what is the unique selling proposition it has. This can be a game-changer for you and your brand.  

At the same time, having maximum Instagram auto likes builds your profile and improves your credibility for your audience. 

Add Some Personality 

The use of your personality in your content can help you have better results, so try to add the special type of personal touch your content would have. Such content would give you a better result for marketing and better reach online. 

Story Time Content 

This type of content is another that you should be sure you use for your marketing. The experts believe and have seen that storytime reels work well and can win millions of views for brands. 

There are examples of these reels doing very well and bringing great results for marketing. You can try using them by creating a story and dividing them in segments. Once you have them, you can publish them at intervals. This kind of content can build your reach and get you better results in marketing.

Challenges Content 

There is a whole science behind the way you can use challenging content for your marketing. Instagram is known for this kind of content that you can use for your benefits as well. 

Some challenges may work with the audience posting a picture on their Instagram profile. They should have this picture with a hashtag they can use. At the same time, you can ask the audience to tag someone with the hashtag you are using. 

Once the contest is done, you can award the winner that you choose. When you are looking to have such an event, you should ensure that you give people the guidelines and information they need to get results. So, they should know all they will have to do and what they are getting for it.

Knowing the Objectives of Challenges

There are several types of results or objectives that you may have in your mind when looking to promote or start a challenge. You should ensure that you know what you are looking to do and then work accordingly.

Some of these objective are:

  • The use of such challenges can be for the impressions your post gets.
  • Increasing the number of sales can really be among the main benefits and goals of such a challenge. So, you may be looking to have that result for your marketing. If you are looking for this one, you should have a certain type of plan.
  • Getting subscribers can be another thing that you would be looking to have. So, you can just ask people to join you in your email list as a prerequisite of this kind of marketing.
  • The experts also believe that you should try to get Instagram followers with such content. When you get followers, you are bound to get impressions and other benefits. At the same time, they say that it should not be your primary goal.

Try Trends Out 

The use of trends can help you have better results for your marketing. When you use such content, you get the ability to make a quick buzz that you should always try to capture. You should also try to make a trend to ensure that you get better results with your personal branding efforts. 

This kind of content would work like TikTok and bring more results for your marketing. 

Customer Reviews 

You can try using customer reviews for your reels. When you are looking for it, you can try using a compilation of reviews to have great content for your marketing. 


The use of listicles can be a great way to get more results for your efforts on Instagram. You can give information about different topics when you have great information to share. For instance, you can talk about the top best podcasts in your niche or best books to read.

The list goes on and on. 

Final Thoughts 

We talked about some of the most impressive tips to use Instagram reels for better results. The use of adding personality to your content, using ads, and products in action, and educating your audience. 

At the same time, you can offer user-generated content, use captions, and audio, and provide value with your content for reach. You can have better results when you use reels to show your products in action. You should ensure that your reel time is perfect, you use behind-the-scenes and analytics. These methods are effective for all kinds of help your reels can have for your content creation and marketing.  

The use of reels can help you have so many different types of benefits that you should be so clear about. When you are looking to market with this type of content, you should know what kind of results you are looking for. Whether the goal is getting subscribers, sales, or something else. 

Make sure you get results with it and make use of your content marketing the best way. At the same time, you should know if behind-the-scenes content, challenges, trends or any other type will work. This would definitely help you build your marketing in a great way and bring more results.

Other types of content that are known for working well for reels are producing listicles and customer reviews. Figure out the best one that will suit you and try to get the results with it. It would really help you have improved results so try it out for better results. The use of analytics can bring better outcomes that you should be clear about.

Try to figure out which type of content will suit you best and get results with that. Know your analytics that will help you have more results. 

This post was submitted by a TNS experts. Check out our Contributor page for details about how you can share your ideas on digital marketing, SEO, social media, growth hacking and content marketing with our audience.

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