14 Best Influencer Marketing Tools to Choose for Your Business

14 Best Influencer Marketing Tools to Choose for Your Business

This article will introduce types of influencer marketing tools with a quick review of their functionalities and advantages to let you choose the ones right for your business.

“In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic” - Iman.

Nowadays, becoming an influencer is a worldwide trend, and people are either social media influencers or trying to become one. Even Iman has around a million followers on Instagram, and that’s simply because the influencer marketing impact on consumers is on fire.

With over 6 million brand-sponsored influencer posts in one year on Instagram alone, this multi-billion dollar industry is booming. Last year the influencer marketing market reached 13.8 billion U.S. dollars doubling 2019’s value. 

Therefore, influencer marketing tools emerged recently and were improved to cover all aspects of content marketing, from finding the right influencers to monitoring their performance on different campaigns.

This article will introduce influencer marketing tools with a quick review of their functionalities and advantages to let you choose the ones suitable for your business.

Influencer discovery and identification tools

Although there are millions of marketing influencers, identifying impactful ones requires extensive research and performance monitoring over a while. Influencer research tools made it easy for advertisers to skim various content creators and build a shortened list by filtering them against different criteria. In addition, it provides all marketing relevant information about influencers, like the type of content they post, target audience, popularity, connections, and campaign history.

1. Traackr

The performance-driven influencer marketing platform provides comprehensive solutions. It covers e-commerce affiliate campaigns with influencers, content creator discovery and coordination, campaign monitoring and analysis, and agency programs for influencer campaign management and reporting. Many international clients like L’Oréal, Michelin, Wella, and Shiseido trust Traackr.

Utilize Traackr for the following features:

  • Search for affordable influencers and review their ROI.
  • Influencers onboarding workflows to save time and effort.
  • Gifting and paid collaboration program management.
  • Detailed performance reporting for content, influencers, and campaigns.

2. Linkdex

One of the leading influencer discovery tools developed to research and analyze internet data. It’s an SEO platform that monitors websites, landing pages, competitors, and marketing strategies. Linkdex supports decision-making based on accurate results before allocating the marketing budget to cover collaboration costs. In addition, it can identify real influencers from fake ones.

Utilize Linkdex for the following features:

  • Robust data analysis combined with world-class reporting.
  • Immediate insights for domains, websites, and keywords.
  • Enhance marketing strategies with data-driven intelligent forecasts.
  • Track all campaigns, keywords, and ranking for your business and competitors.

3. Shoutcart

The platform claims to have a network of over 750 million followers and subscribers and guarantees advertisers are working with authentic influencers over Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. In addition, it’s one influencer identification tool that monitors work and provides performance metrics and tracking statistics for every campaign. Most importantly, Shoutcart holds advertisers’ payments until influencers post the agreed content. 

Utilize Shoutcart for the following features:

  • Start campaigns as small as $10 and scale up to $10K.
  • Filter influencers by demographics like language, age, sex, country, etc.
  • Continuous audit to keep the influencer database up to date.
  • ROI post tracking for all campaigns to improve marketing budget investment.

Instagram influencer marketing tools

The leading platform for best influencer marketing has over 1.28 billion users worldwide. Instagram opens the doors for win-win collaborations between advertisers and content creators and unfolds the new world of marketing.

4. trendHERO

The Instagram-specific influencer marketing platform has over 90 million Instagram accounts in its database, with more than 90 metrics to track an account’s performance and productivity. Since many Instagram accounts have fake followers, trendHERO helps advertisers save their money by differentiating real influencer accounts from useless ones with fake followers. 

Utilize trendHero for the following features:

  • Look for the right Instagram influencer for your industry and target audience.
  • Filter Instagram influencers by demographics, subscribers, engagement, and activity.
  • Detect fake followers based on performance analysis.
  • Track campaign performance and followers’ growth.
  • Instagram campaign competitor analysis.

Compared to other social media influencer tools, trendHERO offers a free subscription for fundamental influencer discovery and analysis.

5. Social Cat

Launched in 2021, Social Cat is a relatively new product in Influencer Marketing. One of their key advantages compared to other products is their matchmaking system for brands and creators.

Based on specific criteria and brand requirements, Social Cat will match them with the desired micro-influencers and engage with them on their behalf. Brands don’t need to manually search and contact micro-influencers with a Social Cat subscription, as this product does it for them.

Social Cat matches brands with micro-influencers interested in gifted, affiliate, and paid collaborations on Instagram and TikTok.

Their team manually checks all the micro-influencers on Social Cat before they are accepted on the platform, which is a huge benefit.

6. Creator.co

The influencer-powered commerce platform has developed a functional ecosystem for collaborations, affiliate programs, marketplaces, and managed social media services. In addition, advertisers can work on their own or hire campaign specialists. The Instagram influencer research tool has over 100K registered creators from Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, reaching over 500 million profiles on various social media platforms.

Utilize Creator.co for the following features:

  • Automate influencer campaigns.
  • Connect e-commerce stores and engage influencers to drive sales.
  • Build campaigns and invite influencers to apply and collaborate.

7. HypeAuditor

The AI-powered influencer marketing tool offers multiple products to cover all stages of marketing campaigns, from influencer discovery to analyzing accounts, managing promotions, and exploring markets.

The significance of HyperAuditor resides in its online analytical tool that checks Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, or Twitter accounts against 35+ metrics for influencer vetting. Moreover, a fraud detector helps separate real accounts from fake ones.

Utilize HypeAuditor for the following features:

  • Discover suitable influencers from the 50+ million profiles database.
  • Check influencers’ authenticity before collaborating with them.
  • Manage influencer marketing campaigns.
  • Evaluate performance and keep an eye on competitors’ work.

The platform has been mentioned in The Wall Street Journal, Sun, Business Insider, Forbes, and Entrepreneur. Next, we’ll demonstrate the best Facebook influencer marketing tools.

Facebook influencer research tools

Two years ago, Facebook announced that 10 million active advertisers promote products on the platform monthly. Today, despite all whistle-blower allegations about the platform’s data processing and privacy issues. The social media giant has 2.93 billion users worldwide. So whether you’re looking for a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter influencer, you can use those tools for optimal results.

8. Buzzsumo

The content marketing platform analyzes online data to identify the highest-performing pieces of content and find their creators. In addition, the reverse-engineering content analyzer allows advertisers to discover suitable influencers based on their content. 

They have to search for a relevant topic in their industry, and Buzzsumo will gather engaging content from various platforms. Moreover, advertisers can search for influencers by topics, content, bios, contacts, and engagement.

Utilize Buzzsumo for Facebook influencer marketing:

  • Search for relevant Facebook pages based on topic or industry.
  • Identify the top-performing Facebook pages.
  • Look for competitors’ Facebook pages and reveal their strategies.
  • Thirty days free trial to find influencers.

Buzzsumo functions perfectly with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. In addition, its client base includes industry leaders like Hubspot, Ogilvy, Expedia, and The Telegraph.


The e-commerce-oriented creator management platform revolves around the concept of a creator economy where consumers are impacted by influencers more than direct ads.

The process starts by discovering creators, recruiting them, and nurturing the relationship till pots go live, and is finalized by an extensive report, analysis, and refinement. 

Utilize GRIN for the following features:

  • Find brand-relevant influencers and track all KPIs.
  • Content management optimization to make the best of every piece of content.
  • Get products delivered to influencers, reviewers, and content creators.
  • Organize influencers’ payments and track their ROIs.
  • Integrate GRIN with Shopify, Magneto, Woo Commerce, Sales Force, and others. 
  • Finally, maximize the benefits of Facebook and Twitter influencer marketing.

10. HYPR

The platform welcomes visitors by offering a free guide for brands and agencies to scale their influencer marketing ROIs. HYPR follows a different approach than other influencer marketing platforms, as it doesn’t embody an opt-in network.

Instead, advertisers can use advanced search tools to discover influencers, evaluate them, measure their engagement, and get their contact information. Therefore, the platform doesn’t interfere with the relationship between advertisers and influencers.

Utilize HYPR for the following features:

  • Get access to influencer audience insights.
  • Look for suitable influencers according to your criteria.
  • Access influencers’ contact information to build relationships.

The platform offers a free trial and is trusted by international companies like Pepsi, National Geographic, and Revlon.

Twitter influencer research tools

The controversial platform that turned into a presidential stand at some point has 436 million active users. Although the numbers don’t compare to other platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter has a powerful influence in some fields and can’t be ignored. So in case you’re wondering how to choose the right influencers for your brand on Twitter, the following platforms are the solution:

11. Brand24

The platform offers intelligent social media monitoring by tracking what users say about the brand across the internet. Its uniqueness resides in identifying when there is a sudden change in discussion volumes about the brand, which helps protect its reputation and eliminate scandals at its early stages. 

Utilize Brand24 for the following features:

  • Protect brand reputation by tracking mentions on the internet via automated sentiment analysis to detect positive, negative, and neutral words.
  • Maximize customer engagement by tracking online reviews everywhere on the internet. Wherever an online user mentions the brand, find it, and engage in improving customer satisfaction.
  • Find the right influencers for your brand by tracking specific hashtags according to reach, volume, and other performance metrics.

12. Socialblade

The data-driven simplified analytics tool provides content creator analysis, from finding influencers to directly integrating Socialblade API into websites to leverage its advantages. It compiles data from social media and online platforms and then creates charts and statistics along with estimated revenue and future projections. For example, type the influencer name, and choose what social media channel and Socialblade will bring out all results instantly.

Utilize Socialblade for the following features:

  • Export future projections for different social media accounts based on the current status and performance history.
  • Get an insightful look into the current status of influencers to analyze their impact on followers.

13. Klear

The platform helps identify influencers by location and category with more advanced filters to narrow down the options. Building trust between advertisers and influencers is the main focal point of Klear to ensure a fruitful, lasting relationship for all parties.

Utilize Klear for the following features:

  • Find the right influencers for your target audience.
  • Analyze their work and ensure they’re authentic and influential.
  • Manage all influencer marketing campaigns in one place.
  • Interact with influencers through Klear’s collaboration hub.
  • Quantify influencer marketing campaign performance and track results.

14. inBeat

inBeat is an influencer marketing platform giving you access to over 120,000 micro and nano-influencers across the globe. The user-friendly software offers a wide range of filters to get highly specific results according to your needs.

All these content creators are vetted and cherry-picked, so they have highly engaged audiences.

That’ll help you save a lot of time and resources with influencer discovery and strategy planning.

Utilize inBeat for the following features:

  • Find the right content creators that fit your brand’s values, voice, audience, and business goals.
  • Devise an entire campaign starting with a free strategy call.
  • Create influencer-generated content for your UGC campaigns. 
  • Use the free engagement rate calculators and fake follower checkers.

How to find the right influencers for your brand?

It’s essential to decide on an influencer marketing goal, budget, and channels to correctly choose among influencer marketing tools.

Influencer marketing goal

While some companies focus on spreading brand awareness through brand ambassadors and social media influencers, others are interested in closing deals and driving prospects to their e-commerce stores. Therefore, the goal is a critical factor in choosing influencer marketing tools.

Influencer marketing budget

Reviewing top-ranking influencers while the budget is limited is a waste of time. The good thing about influencer marketing is diversity, from micro-influencers whose campaigns are affordable to multi-million dollar campaigns with worldwide stars.

Influencer marketing channels

The target audience differs according to social media channels. For example, your target audience might be on Facebook and Twitter but never on Instagram, and vice versa. The options are many, and being selective is vital to avoid losing time and money targeting the wrong audience on irrelevant platforms.

Knowing the above factors helps advertisers select the suitable platform to boost influencer marketing efforts and maximize the benefit from marketing budgets.


We may reach a point where everyone is a social media influencer; at that point, the few people with no followers will become notable influencers. But, until then, ride the wave and utilize influencer marketing tools according to your requirements, social media platforms, industry, and budget. It’ll bring the whole business to the next level and offer advantages that can’t be achieved in traditional marketing approaches.

Gohar is a content manager and an SEO expert. She helps in creating and spreading content in a marketing niche. In her free time, she likes touring, sightseeing, and taking landscape and minimalist pictures. You can connect with her on Linkedin.

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