Top 25 Most Read Inbound Marketing Articles in May 2017

Top 25 Most Read Inbound Marketing Articles in May 2017

Marketers are primarily interested in inbound marketing articles. Here’s our blog that contains the most exciting reads in May 2017.

2017 is almost passed the half and still you stuck with the marketing ideas for business then this article is only for you. In this digital-dominated world, marketing plays the key role in the businesses either its small or big empire. 

In this article, I will take you all of the depth of the marketing concept of the business with the top listed article. I will give the special importance to the whole terms of each marketing concepts. With this list of inbound marketing articles, you can boost up your business to the higher heights.

And it would not wrong to say that this is a meaty, valuable way to start planning for next year’s trends.

Check out top articles of May 2017 that covering the marketing and small business related topics. Give a plenty of time to read all of the articles you’ve missed this month.

1. Content Marketing:

  • Laura Forer represents the content marketing stats and trends in 2017. Also, she draws the whole visible data and statics are used by a content marketer in this tempting infographic.
  • Rimma Kats acquaints Facebook's Leaked Content Guidelines that every marketer should follow to raise awareness.
  • EIRINI PAN narrates the beauty of content trends for each lovely month with category insights and how to make your brands more effectively discover.
  • Sam Makad acquaintance the easy strategy when you are going to plan your content marketing ideas.
  • Dennis Williams presents the helpful and beneficial four content marketing lessons that you should learn from the Netflix to lead the spawn of an entire industry.

2. Email Marketing:

  • Mary Wallace’s blog describing the 12 fundamental premises to a newbie to beat the field of email marketing.
  • Learn how email marketing can become more ideal for the business in the last 5 years; what is the trending in email marketing and the most prediction in 2017 by experts in Jordie van Rijn’s blog. He is a specialist email marketing consultant. You can also learn how 10 marketing experts decipher the future of email marketing.
  • TheNextScoop Team experts appraise some of the advanced analytics features of email marketing that will not only maximize the marketing campaign but also helps to increase the ROI for your business in 2017.

3. SEO:

  • Garrett Mehrguth convinces to B2B companies why they need to think quaint way about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). He also gives some information on how SEO can optimize your website to rank for your basic keywords.
  • Candace Chapman makes round up to the conversation around SEO and Content Marketing. She explains the 3 articles with the brief idea.
  • Content is the king. TheNextScoop’s team experts highlight which are the 10 silly mistakes that you are done with the comprehensive blog posts that are also killing your site’s SEO.
  • Christopher Jan Benitez emphasizes to follow the SEO trends in 2017 for better ranking of your site and which idea can affect search ranking0020for the keywords in 2017.

4. Social Media:

  • Dennis Williams proclaims the five pro tricks to achieve, the more engagement and how to build up the audience more in your organization through LinkedIn.
  • Sawaram Suthar draws the special attention to the ROI from social media. Why every businessman needs to invest in Social Media in order to get more ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Michael Stelzner is revealed social media examiner's ninth annual social media industry report where they describe all efforts for social media and how marketers using the social media.
  • Emma Wiltshire publicizes the secrets of Facebook success in today’s world. She asked SocialMediaToday team behind this secret and you can check out these Facebook secrets in this article.
  • Kara Fox demonstrates her feeling towards the teenager's mind which how it affected by the Instagram or you may say social media.
  • Pete kallas compiled the top 15 lists of most popular social networking sites and apps that are based on latest online research.

5. Lead Generation:

  • If you wish to use automated marketing for your on growing business, then you must have to follow these Matt Mansfield’s 6 killer ways. He made a report on marketing automation 2017.
  • If you have good enough customers on daily basis, but if you want to transform those users from the website into a lead, then Chris Wright helping you out by listing the features of the lead generation process.
  • Learn how to generate the lead with the lead fuse. Josh Slone draws the whole process in the dazzling infographic in the article.
  • Delshya Selvaraj presents 8 credible lead generation strategies for the B2B. You can get Webinar recording and its question with answer in this article.

6. Digital Marketing:

  • Scott Langdon furnishes about the mind-blowing strategies for digital marketing agencies to stand out as a unique company and suggest improving their agency’s visibility and popularity in the market.
  • Elena gives direction to small business owners on how to use digital marketing that makes terrific growth in the business or product more and more profit.
  • Ayesha Saini’s blog explains how small business owners uncomplicated their digital marketing strategies for their business for an effective online presence instead of overcomplicating the marketing strategy.
  • Google Analytics plays the main role in the business marketing. Joe Turner illustrates the 5 simple mechanisms to make your best Google analytics and get the most out of your data.


  • Salesmanago editor provides you a list of top 10 articles on digital marketing that will help you to catch up more information for your organization.

I hope you enjoy reading these fanatics articles, if I missed anything, please mention in the comment. Also, stay tuned for next round top 20 inbound articles in June.

Krishna Patel is a Ex Digital Marketing Executive at Acquire and Jagat Media. She is also a blogger and writing about Digital Marketing and its new updates. She believes and always keeps trying to do something new. When Krishna steps out of office, she loves to spend time with loved ones. Feel free to follow Krishna on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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