4 Strategies For Improving Client Acquisition in 2020

4 Strategies For Improving Client Acquisition in 2020

Customer acquisition is the process of getting new customers or clients to your business. Having a proper customer acquisition strategy in place is essential to achieving sustainable long-term growth.

Get a jumpstart on the New Year by strategizing on how to improve the performance of your website.

A review of the most influential factors that generate traffic and produce leads eventually leads to implementing effective backlinking strategies and improving the personalization of content for users.

Avoid the most common small business SEO mistakes and use what’s already working for your company, as well as the many business sites already thriving with traffic. 

Incorporate the following tactics to the development of your website to drive more traffic and increase the rate of client acquisition your website produces.

1. Improve and update your content

As one of the most powerful assets to your business, your content can greatly impact the traffic and conversions your site generates.

With every passing year, search engines become increasingly more aware of the true intent of a search as well as how well a website can satisfy that search intent. A review of the content your site offers will start the year off in the right direction. 

Optimizing your content is a continuous process that is never fully complete. Start with the oldest blog posts and work your way to the newest. Assess each page for its ability to satisfy search intent.

Add images and content and improve the post to be more accurate and up to date. You can use a plugin such as the last modified timestamp to show the last date your blog post was updated. 

Updating older posts and can have a dramatic effect on the traffic you receive. Hubspot was able to improve traffic by 106% by simply updating old blog posts.

The significance of including an updated timestamp varies from niche to niche, but the overall effect will create positive ranking signals as fresh content for specific topics is preferred among search engines.

2. Expand your personal influencer network

It should be no surprise that backlinks play an integral role in the ranking ability of every site-especially in competitive niches. Link building is one of the most difficult aspects of ranking a website and can be made exponentially easier with the help of a PIN (Personal Influencer Network). 

This concept is essentially assembling partnerships with people who are actively publishing and linking to content on similar and relevant sites to yours. Build your PIN through an outreach campaign in which the goal is:

  • Find those you can collaborate with on link building.
  • Guest post on their website.
  • Have a well-known author guest post on your site.

 Start the process by identifying the right people who will be able to link to your content and which you can also link to theirs. Establish an agreement on how to swap links to create a mutually beneficial link building relationship. 

Venngage competes with many infographic designers and was able to increase their traffic by 400% by collaborating with websites within the digital marketing space. Their outreach campaign offered to provide an infographic to an existing blog post that got them a link on many different domains.

Find an equitable arrangement with a few different writers and site owners and explore the potential of a group effort to build links as opposed to your solitary efforts. Collaborations and partnerships can significantly improve the speed at which your site acquires backlinks.

3. Explore additional sources of traffic

As of June 2019, more than half of the total searches made on Google resulted in zero-click searches. Despite the robust future Google still promises, there is a decline in the available traffic that goes to the organic results. Consider diversifying the sources of traffic in order to maximize the most leads and new clients you acquire from your website.

Capitalize on SERP features

The steady emergence of SERP features that absorb a good percentage of the available traffic would suggest optimizing the features that exist for your keyword.

Although SERP features like the local pack, PAA boxes and featured snippets are decreasing the share of clicks to the organic results, they can also serve as a way to brand your company and recover a portion of that lost traffic.

The featured snippet is the best spot on the SERP, which can be a source of branding and additional traffic-should you be the lucky winner of that particular position. The local pack and PAA boxes are features you can use to your advantage that will provide your site with additional streams of targeted traffic.

Leverage the power of YouTube

As the second most visited website in the world, YouTube will continue to be a source of traffic that 87% of marketers incorporate in their strategy. The demand for product reviews has increased and almost 50% of people will search for a product review before making a purchase.

As the percentage of traffic to the organic search results declines, the available traffic from this source of traffic has risen. As a way to hedge your losses in organic traffic, YouTube is a viable option that is currently trending with accelerated growth.

Build your email list

Building an email list is a no-brainer for every business that wants to sell more products and services. The numbers don’t lie and email marketing provides the best ROI in the business and offers more opportunities to build relationships with your clients and future clients.

If Google were to disappear tomorrow, your email list would serve as a source of traffic and revenue. Focus on building your list to provide an additional boost in traffic and conversions.

4. Analyze and execute data-driven strategies to increase personalization

Create measurable goals and analyze results to execute data-driven strategies that accelerate the growth of your business. Without knowing the statistics your website produces, you can’t possibly plan how to improve it, which is why analytics is more important than ever. Use the data you collect to assist you in creating more personalization for your audience and better click funnels for the visitors you drive to your site.

For example, learn how to use Mailchimp to generate statistics from an email campaign to your current subscribers. Use two different headlines in the email that goes out to compare open rates.

Higher open rates will indicate the subject lines that drew more interest from your subscribers. You can use the very same subject lines as the headline to blog posts to create similar interest in articles on your website.

In the same respect, high click-through rates from the content of the email will indicate the type of content that your audience is interested in reading about. You can use this data to publish content your subscribers seem to have more interest in reading and improve the click-through rate on your website.

Get a head start in 2020

Start the year off by putting more effort into the aspects of your digital marketing strategy that are proven to make an impact on your revenue. Publish content that is in tune with what users are looking for by creating in-depth solutions that keep them coming back for repeat visits and encourage sharing on their websites and social profiles.

Expand your network of personal influencers by making it a point to reach out and collaborate with businesses that have a similar mindset. With these aspects of growth lined up in the right direction, get ready for a solid start to 2020 with improved traffic, better ranking and increased client acquisition.

Christian Carere is an avid contributor to the digital marketing community and a social media enthusiast. He founded Digital Ducats Inc. to help businesses generate more leads and new clients through custom-designed SEO strategies.

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