5 Ways You Can Improve Your Twitter Page

5 Ways You Can Improve Your Twitter Page

Do you want to improve your Twitter page? If yes, check out this blog wherein we have put across 5 improvements that you can make to your Twitter page, which will help you to grow and retain your followers.

You might be wondering, why even write Twitter articles? Isn’t Twitter dead?

The truth is that Twitter has millions of daily active users and it is a platform that is excellent for you to build an audience and engage with your audience when optimized for success.

Twitter is more about you building a brand that people are willing to follow and a brand that people enjoy following. You want to bring valuable content, but you also want to do it in a way that is professional and in a way that represents who you are.

There’s a ton of information on the web about ways to help your Twitter page, but I’ve narrowed down the 5 biggest improvements that you can make to your Twitter page, which will help you to grow and retain your followers.

1. Share Your Story

What I mean by sharing your story is to tell your audience a little bit about yourself. A simple way to do this is to create a concise bio for your Twitter profile. A lot of big Twitter profiles do this by including their occupation, the city they reside in, or their hobbies. Twitter also allows you to display a website on the side, so include either your personal website or another social channel (Instagram, YouTube, etc...) for people to check out.

When writing your Twitter bio, there are a few things that you should consider:

  • Include targeted industry keywords into your bio so that your visitors know right away what you do and what your expertise is.
  • Avoid using a cliche and overused buzzwords that don’t add any value. Words such as Hustler, coffeeholic, and marketing ninja - the list goes on.
  • Include some social proof into your bio. Take the time to list a couple of your big accomplishments that also prove your expertise.

You want to be able to keep a focus and really consider your audience when looking at ways to write an effective bio. Make sure that you use your 160 characters wisely.

DennisTodisco_ Twitter Bio

2. Include Strong Visuals

Twitter has evolved into much more than just a micro blog with text tweets. You are now able to attach images and video to your tweets. Strong visuals are highly recommended and tweets with visuals tend to perform better than just regular text tweets.

Here are some examples of ways you can include visuals into your tweets:

  • Quotes can be turned into visual graphics
  • Infographics for statistics
  • Featured image for your blog posts
  • Short video for a YouTube teaser

This isn’t to say that regular text tweets don’t matter, but Twitter is filled with noise and a visual will help capture your follower’s attention.

Include Strong Visuals SamKolder_Visuals

3. Create a Memorable First Impression

The first thing that new and old followers see when they visit your Twitter profile is your Twitter cover photo and your Twitter profile picture. If you’re a professional, you want to look like a professional online and the first impression matters.

So with that in mind, start by creating a professional cover photo and profile picture for your Twitter profile. Keep your colors, fonts, and designs consistent with your brand and make yourself memorable.

If you’re not proficient in Photoshop, you can use tools like Snappa to create professional Twitter cover photos or thumbnail pictures.

Pinning a good tweet is also equally as important. The pinned tweet is the first thing that visitors see and it acts as a trailer or teaser for your account. Give the visitor a sense of what they can expect from your Twitter page and make sure that it’s a quality tweet that represents you. There are several great examples of the type of content you can pin. An inspirational quote or your most engaged tweet is usually a good place to start.

Create a Memorable First Impression

4. Engage with Your Audience

Twitter is meant to be a two-way stream. Start a conversation, don’t just tweet and log off hoping to grow your audience. Engage with your followers by tweeting at them, liking their tweets, or retweeting their content. People want to see a human side to your Twitter profile and this goes further than just tweeting out content. Connect with your audience and learn from them.

Twitter is also a good way to research content ideas. Read through your audience tweets and learn about the content they’re talking about. If you create tweets and posts around topics that they’re interested in, you’ll have more engaged viewers.

Don’t be afraid to join in on conversations outside of your followers as well. Search on Twitter for topics you’re familiar with and interact with new people. Instead of waiting for a conversation to start, go start the conversation.

MattKomo Engagement

5. Use Analytics to Tweak and Improve Content

Improve on your future content with your past content. Use the Twitter analytics to see how many impressions and views each of your tweets are getting and base new content off of these tweets. If a tweet with a red picture receives more impressions than a tweet with a blue picture, you should consider tweeting more red graphics.

Using analytics to track the ideal time of day to tweet is also a great way to increase engagement. If your Tweets get more impressions one week where you tweet in the morning compared to the tweets at night. You should consider moving your tweet schedule to the mornings.

Basing your content on the amount of engagement on your tweets is also another good way to improve and cater to your audience. Tweets with more replies, likes, and retweets should be considered for future content. If the people are engaging, then you should continue giving your viewers similar content to engage with.

Twitter Analytics Nick

Final Thoughts

Twitter is constantly evolving and adding new features that can really help make your content better and will help you grow your audience. Start by optimizing your current profile and improving your brand so that the first impression sticks and looks professional. Use the analytics to see what works and what doesn’t, in order to improve on your future tweets.

Finally, you want to make sure that you are interactive and proactive on Twitter. Don’t wait for conversations and engagements to happen, go out and create them yourself!

Nick Le is a growth marketing coordinator at Snappa. He works with businesses to improve their online presence and he has published several articles relating to social media marketing. You can follow him on LinkedIn.

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