6 Fantastic Facebook Ads Tips & Tricks to Improve your Sales

/ June 25, 2018 | 6 Mins Read

6 Fantastic Facebook Ads Tips & Tricks to Improve your Sales

With more and more brands competing with each other to earn people’s attention, you have no option than to stand out of the crowd by following some tips and tricks to market your product on Facebook.

Facebook is not just a Social Media dealing with likes and comments. The befitting adjective for Facebook is ‘Social Market’- A market that provides a platform for everyone to get in contact with each other and start a virtuous cycle of promotion, liking, sharing, and profit.

The Facebook market is crowded with a myriad of advertisers fighting neck-to-neck to please one billion people that connect every day on Facebook. The question is how many of them succeed in their task and for how many does this virtuous cycle ends up turning to be a vicious one?

With more and more brands competing with each other to earn people’s attention, you have no option than to stand out of the crowd by following some tips and tricks to market your product on Facebook.

Facebook carousel ads are the perfect medium to engage the targeted audience in the funnier way to promote your business. The format allows the advertisers to showcase multiple images, and links or calls to action in just a single unit of the ad.

It is an interactive ad. So there is huge scope to add a dose of creativity in it to witness an increase in click-through rate. You can make use of creative graphics and copies to make it more appealing and compelling.

The resourceful carousel ads provide an excellent opportunity to market your product in a number of ways:

  • To promote or highlight products.

To promote or highlight products.

  • To highlight your brand’s uniqueness or illustrate how to use a product.

To highlight your brand’s uniqueness or illustrate how to use a product.

  • To tell a story.To tell a story

Stories are a highly effective way of sharing your brand's message and engaging with your customers.

2. Video Advertising- It fetches attention, increases retention and boosts the sales

Creating a marketing video is a cumbersome task which demands an enormous amount of time and hard work. But the invested time, money and hard works pay off when your video reaches the targeted audiences. Moreover, Facebook’s algorithm actively prioritizes video content.

Video Advertising

Videos are widely used by 74% of social media marketers & today videos plays important in company’s SEO & in its social media marketing. And it is estimated that Videos will attract 79% of all the online traffic in 2018.

Why is Video the best source to attract visitors on Facebook?

Did you know that more than half of daily Facebook users watch videos on the platform every single day?

The biggest advantage of using video to promote your product on Facebook is that it instantly starts playing your video when you scroll over it. Hence, customers are more likely to stop and watch a video. This is the reason that you should go ahead with short, engaging and precise video to attract and retain visitor’s attention.

3. Facebook Events-  Target specific audience, engage them and hit the bulls-eye

Did you know 700M people use Facebook Events each month to market their events?

Hosting an event with no audience around hurts your confidence and definitely hurts your business too.

However, creating events these days is not a huge challenge for a company. Thanks to Facebook, where events are free and easy to create. Investing time, money and efforts to design and promote an event is worth the investment when high return starts to knock the doors of your business.

With 35M people viewing a public event on Facebook each day, events become a source of help to connect with your targeted customers and provide them an experience that will make your brand unforgettable.

While creating a Facebook event, just follow the following tips to engage more visitors:

  • Choose the right event name;
  • Choose the right cover image for your Facebook event page;
  • Add important event details.

Facebook Events

4. Target Right Audience- Saves Money, Saves efforts and Brings profits

Whether it’s your Facebook campaign or any other marketing campaign, building a funnel is a key to its success. The funnel basically is about ‘targeting the right audience with relevant content so you can convert people who are unaware of your brand into paying customers or any other desired goal.’

When you advertise your services on Facebook, you have the option to find and reach the specific group of people based on their location, demographics, interests, and behaviors. With help of Facebook Ads, you can use targeting in following 3 ways to extract information about:

  • Audience Insight

Target Right Audience

  • Specific Targeting 

Specific Targeting

  • Advanced Targeting

Advanced Targeting

5. Ads Optimization- Get more results at a lower price

Advertising on Facebook is not a hard task to perform. You just need to put in some money and you are ready for your advertisement. But are you sure, your ad will work?

Advertising an ad on Facebook is easy, optimizing it and getting an amazing return is totally a different story that should be focused.

The major reason for your failed advertisement is your incessant failure to improve and maintain your Facebook campaigns which pave way for declining results.

To get excellent results at lower budgets in this highly competitive Facebook Market, you have just one weapon- Optimization of your Facebook ad Campaigns.

Be it a billboard or a Facebook advertisement, attention is the foremost step put forward towards the journey to engage maximum customers. And if you follow AIDA approach in your marketing strategy, you guide consumers through the experience funnel. In marketing field, it is said that if your marketing or advertising is missing just one of the four AIDA steps, it will fail and will hurt your company’s profit by a huge margin.

AIDA is a ‘traditional marketing model that allows you to understand the cognitive process we go through when making a purchasing decision.’  AIDA stands on the pillar of start to finish approach, consisting of four major elements.

  • ATTENTION- An advertisement must fetch the attention of a potential customer.
  • INTEREST- Next step is to keep the potential customers interested in the advertisement.
  • DESIRE- Give birth to the desire in potential customers to have or use a product/service.
  • ACTION- Closing the deal is the last step of the AIDA principle.

Coca-Cola consistently follows AIDA approach to pool in more and more potential customers, making it world’s 3rd largest brand after Apple and Google, with an estimated value of $73.1 billion.

6. Chatbot Marketing- A bot that will market your product 24x7

One of the new additions to the family of marketing is Chatbot. If you adopt the Chabot technology as early as possible, you will always be at an upper edge over all other competitors. Moreover, the stats foresee that by the end of 2020 about 80% of business will adopt chatbot to increase their Business revenue.

So, if you are not taking the advantage of Facebook bots, you are definitely missing an opportunity to target your potential customers.

Facebook bots come only with advantages that will be a real boost for your company:

  • Automate your customer service and marketing efforts.
  • Helps you to engage more effectively with potential customers.
  • They are easy to build and maintain.
  • They are so good that many users may not even realize they are talking to a machine.

Majority of marketers get tired of losing money on Facebook ads when they see no results coming out from their hard work. Being blindfolded and swinging the bat, the ball hardly goes out of the stadium. If you wish to succeed in this highly competitive digital era, you will have to embark your journey based on the philosophy of Darwin- ‘Survival Of the Fittest.’

Varun Sharma is a Co-Founder at KVR WebTech Pvt. Ltd, one of the fastest-growing Digital Marketing company in India. He analyses digital marketing strategies, trends, and practices emphasizing mobile, SEO, social media, and content marketing. You can follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

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