How to Use Facebook Ads to Increase Your Ecommerce Revenue Fast

How to Use Facebook Ads to Increase Your Ecommerce Revenue Fast

Facebook gets much easier to target a particular customer and drive them back to your website, especially for eCommerce owners. So if you want to use Facebook to boost your e-commerce sales, you should consider Facebook Ads.

Are you a business owner struggling with how to use Facebook ads to increase your e-commerce revenue fast?

If yes, then you are in the right place. 

Facebook is a social media platform with several billions of daily active users. Knowing some of the Facebook advertisement statistics and social media statistics would make you understand how much of a differential method Facebook can be for marketing.

The question is then that of how well you have been using the platform. Also, how do you go about using Facebook to make short and long ads that convert?

This article will show you how.

Why Should You Consider Facebook Ads for Advertising Your Ecommerce Business?

Maybe you have tried different options and have concluded that Facebook might really not be a great advert tool to increase sales. 

That idea is wrong!

Here are some of the reasons why it is recommended to try out Facebook marketing as one of your business marketing strategies.

  • Facebook Offers You a Large Outreach: with an estimated 2.6 billion active Facebook users, your marketing ads would be potentially reaching out to a staggering one-third of the world's population
  • Cost Friendly Advert Rates: since it is a big marketing platform, it is advantageous to discover that you can be reaching out to more people than many other platforms just by spending the same amount of money and resources. The significance of this is felt more on the longer term
  • Easy Targeting Options: Preparing and creating product adverts for a particular group of people is quickly done on Facebook. Facebook also allows you to reach mainly ONLY that category of people you need.
  • Monitor Performance of Your Ads: checking out the successes of different marketing strategies on Facebook is seamless. Facebook offers you the opportunity to see real-time data on how specific marketing methods are affecting your sales. 

How to Set-Up A Facebook Advertising Account

Contrary to the idea that setting up a Facebook advertising account is problematic. It is a straightforward process you can do yourself.

All you need is what is called a Facebook Business Manager Account. Once you have that, the whole setup process becomes straightforward. To set it up

  • Navigate to the settings of the business manager account
  • Click on the accounts option
  • Next, select Ad Accounts
  • Click +Add
  • Pick Add Ad Account
  • Follow the remaining prompts and required actions

How Do You Then Use Facebook Ads to Increase your Ecommerce Revenue Fast?

1. Make Use of Quality & Attractive Images

The use of quality images for your Facebook ads cannot be overemphasized. No one would want to waste time trying to understand an image with low quality. 

Good images would likely lead to a higher click-through rate (CTR). These CTRs refer to the number of click-throughs compared to the number of impressions your ad achieved. 

Therefore, the right image is one that is catchy enough to stand out and generate clicks and impressions as well. 

It has to be very clear. In the cases of text-on-images, the text should not exceed 1/5 of the total image area. The fonts and text color should be legible as well. Also, ensure to use strong phrases that draw the reader's attention. 

If you happen to use images of people, it is best to avoid using stock photos as much as possible. Although, if you must use it, ensure you check out websites that offer free royalty images. Make use of close-by and familiar people. The pictures should be smiling and happy ones.

smiling and happy pictures by FounderJar

Source: Facebook

Furthermore, the picture has to resonate with the proposed audience. For the image above, we used a picture of a tech-inclined guy to talk about software applications. Photos of attractive and happy people will create an emotional bond for most customers.

The bond helps them to connect and see the need for your product on a more personal level. Therefore, images that would sell more are those that have more focus on the face and emotions rather than distant images. 

Remember, the goal is to increase your engagements for more sales.

2. Use Engaging and Interactive Videos

Implementing video adverts is one of the top creative advertising ideas. Facebook videos have the autoplay feature immediately people scroll over them. Hence, having a catchy intro to your video is vital in its success as a video advert. 

Customers would likely take a moment to see what your video is all about. The thing about good videos is they require less effort to understand. You only have to see it and decide if it's relatable to you or not, unlike texts. 

That's why many more companies are going into Facebook advertising these days. Like many platforms, videos have a way of increasing impressions over texts. Facebook prioritizes video content for marketing. 

The reason for this is not far-fetched. Videos have a way of communicating clearly to the buyer over the use of long boring texts. 

Quality videos similar to Microsoft's example below can be made using excellent video marketing tools.

Microsoft's example video

Source: Facebook

Asides from being engaging, a good video ad should be short. That does not mean you should rush or pout all the words together. Instead, as much as possible, only talk about essential details. Make it concise instead. 

3. Convert High-Quality Posts to Ads

This is one unique way to increase your e-commerce revenue fast. While most advertisements are always on doubts about whether the method will work or not, this one is different. 

The approach is to convert those high-quality and engaging posts that have high numbers of visits and turn them into ads. It is a guaranteed method that will work.

You know why?

Because you are only converting the purpose of the page, the fact remains that many audiences would interact with it.

Besides, Facebook has made things more comfortable with its "Boost Post" option.

With this option, you would be promoting the post to an additional audience. Options to promote are either to those that have liked the page before or to a new set of audience. 

The benefit of this "Boost Post" option is that you can narrow your targeted audience to a selected class of people.

4. AIDA Model

A good Facebook ad should be one that converts the viewers to customers. However, converting viewers to customers is not as easy as that. 

You will agree that high-quality posts and great videos are viable ways to get viewers' attention. However, there are some principles behind creating the most engaging ads. 

Everything is not luck. With some diligence and following some set of rules, you can be sure to make your next Facebook ad to be one that is engaging and converts. 

This set of principles are what is known as the AIDA Model. The AIDA model is an effective guide in running your marketing adverts effectively.

The acronym AIDA represents Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

The acronym AIDA represents Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.


Attention: When a viewer sees your ad, one of the first things that give the impression of what you are probably trying to say is the "headline." Ensure to always use a headline that commands attention. For instance

Interest: Unless the viewer sees the benefit your product provides, it won't be tagged relatable. Hence, "interest" refers to explaining the usefulness of your product. 

Ways of doing this involve providing detailed information about the product on your website or Facebook ad.

Desire: after getting the customer's interest in what you have to offer, the next step is really about creating the "want" for your product in the customer's heart. Use the pros of your offer over that of competitors to stand out. 

Try to get the emotions of the customer. Giving reasons for how your product serves to meet the customer's needs is a good starting point.

Action: the ultimate end goal is to make sales. The "action" phase is about converting the customer's developed interest and desire into making a purchase. Conversion of leads will depend on how strong your call to action is compared to your overall sales strategy.

Recently, the AIDA model is now often modified to AIDAS instead. The new "S" stands for Satisfaction. True leads conversion is perfect when the customer returns to make other purchases. 

Therefore, you have to develop proper work ethics to always satisfy your customers per order made. 

5. Use Facebook Pixels

Facebook Pixel is a small set of code that you can install on your website to allow Facebook to identify who and who checked out your page.

The insight here is that frequent visitors of your page are more likely to make an order if properly motivated or advertised. They already know what your brand stands for and only need to be convinced that your products are relevant to their needs. 

Installation of the Facebook Pixel is easy. From your page, go to the "Events Manager" followed by the Pixel option. You would then see a "create a pixel. Click on it and add the pixel so you can start reaching out to the right set of people.

This Facebook Pixel's advantage is that it allows you to target people based on their on-site activity or based on their email addresses.

To target people based on their activity while on your site, select the "Custom Audience" option when preparing an advert post. 

Taregt website traffic

Source: bitcatcha

From the screenshot above, the circled "website traffic" option is the next thing to select. By clicking on it, you would be able to set the post to appear mainly to those that have engaged with your website before. 

Another group of people to target are those based on email addresses. Again, the method is similar to that of the website visitors. The only difference is that you will be selecting the "Customer List" option this time around.

Once more, this method promises to bring more engagements and a higher click-through rate (CTR). Visitors whose email you have to go by signing up using mass email services are probably people that have bought from you before. With a little persuasion and leverage of your product's quality, you can get them to make purchases again.

6. Add Strong CTAs to Your Ads

One of the recent features of Facebook advertising is creating customized "Call-To-Action" buttons. 

To do this, simply scroll to the "text and links" section and choose from the drop-down menu. The options available include "Sign Up," "Shop Now," and so on. Facebook also allows the possibility of creating your own CTAs different from the available ones.

Example by Sleeknote

Source: wishpond

Like we said under "Action" for the AIDA model, using a strong CTA has the potential to boost your sales and e-commerce revenue. 

Also, the addition of borders to your CTA is one way to create a powerful advertisement. It has a significant effect on how well the advert converts. 

7. Focus on Only Qualified Leads

As much as Facebook helps to increase engagements and grow audience and leads fast, not everyone that sees your post is genuinely interested in buying.

This might look like a small issue, but you should consider that you also pay for the clicks these people make. Every click is understood as a potential buyer. To optimize the cost of advertising relative to your overall sales, you have to classify your leads.

Those you should be looking forward to separate are:

  • Those that are just checking online for fun sake. This set of people do not need your product.
  • Those that have no funds yet.
  • Those that only inquisitive with no purchase plan.

As a professional online vendor, one way to go about this is to declare your target customers accurately. Clearly explain what services you offer or goods you have for sale. So, whoever wants to make a purchase can already know if your store is the best option.

You should also put up your price on your advertisement posts. The effect of this goes both ways. Firstly, customers that have not set aside a budget simply move on since they cannot afford it. On the other hand, serious and prospective customers who appreciate the product would readily click the link for more details.

For the latter category, many buyers do not like the stress of having to send a direct message or visit your sales page before they can know the price.

Qualifying leads also involves displaying delivery destination options in case there are limitations. A limited payment option should also be stated in the advert copy. 

8. Make Offers/Incentives on Your Ad Posts

Like many of us, customers usually like to procrastinate on making a purchase. There is this general thought that you might just come across a better offer if you hold on a little. 

However, many customers keep postponing purchasing until they meet a deal they see as a lifetime offer. 

What type of deals are those? 

We are talking about deals with urgent incentives. Offering incentives in the form of promos or discounts would increase lead conversion rates, but adding some sense of urgency does it better.                                                                                                                                        

The average customers see that you are offering a 20% discount, and they are like, "wow, really great offer. Let's see if I can be lucky to get a better one today". 

In another scenario where you offer the same 20% discount but for a limited period, let's say 24 hours. The same customers see it, but this time their approach is different. While they hope to see a better one, they also identify that such an offer might not be there when they return.

Take a look at the offer above, the discount sales last from just 3-5 pm for that day. What that means is that any interested customer that sees it would most likely make an order immediately. That's the power of urgency.

flash sale by Airasia

Source: Facebook

Another way to make the offer more urgent is to display a countdown timer. Many people would react faster to an actual countdown clock because it is more realistic. 

Declaring limited available stocks is another strategy that brings about urgency. Now, this also converts, especially when the item has a little discount. The customers do not know how long it would take for the item to be out of stock. So, if they need it, they simply get it instantly. 

9. Host Referral Programs and GiveAways

Provided it is catchy, the Facebook ad remains one of the best ways to post engaging referral ads. The ad could be in the form of a short video or high visual image. The most important thing is that it must have clear instruction.

The idea is that people feel loved when they win something or you give it out to them at lower rates. It builds customer emotions with a brand. 

For example, let's consider the referral contest sample below.

For example, let's consider the referral contest sample below.

Source: salescamp

Huckberry's contest above promises massive reward bonuses to people who could refer the most significant number of friends. Choosing an exciting reward is one of the steps to launch a referral program successfully. 

Most of your customers would have probably been referring their friends before, but introducing a price tag makes them double their efforts. If everything goes according to plan, the number of people who sign up would be worth more than the prize money.


From what has been said so far, it is evident that Facebook Ads is still an effective way of increasing your e-commerce revenue. 

Therefore, if you have been experiencing issues with converting sales from your adverts, you are probably doing something wrong. 

However, by carefully following this guide, it is expected that you see areas to improve upon and learn how to increase your revenue rates.

Aadyasha is an experienced Digital Marketer at Acquire and a content writer specializing in marketing. Apart from that she enjoys dancing and loves to spend free time exploring nature.

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