Why Automation Can Improve Employee Engagement

Why Automation Can Improve Employee Engagement

Automation can improve employee engagement and boost their work experience. Here are some benefits of automation at work.

Technology has played a major role in businesses for several decades, but automation is one of the most inspired technologies to prevail in the business world. Even though the automation industry is still in its relative infancy, it'll likely generate hundreds of billions of dollars. Automation has been proven to save time, enhance efficiency and reduce costs - companies that employ RPA automation confess that automation can also improve employee engagement.

Over 85% of employees aren't engaged in work, and the economic consequences are a loss of $7 trillion worth of productivity. Many disengaged employees work consistently but aren't productive since they are drowned in mundane grunt work and repetitive tasks. This means they show up on time, put in 8-9 hours of work, and then head home without contributing any unique or creative ideas.

Finding, retaining, and engaging top talent is a major concern for every organization and although it might be a challenging task to behold, failing to do so is extremely costly. Nonetheless, introducing automation into the workspace can free up employee time to focus on more meaningful, critical tasks. For this reason, it can significantly enhance employee engagement and satisfaction within an organization.

What is Employee Engagement?

Employee Engagement


For a business to be profitable and productive, employees must be connected and committed to the organization. Your ability to create a positive workspace for your employees encourages employee engagement. This engagement comes through your organization's reputation, culture, internal communication, and management styles.

Why is Employee Engagement Essential?

Maintaining a high level of employee engagement helps reduce employee turnover and increases productivity: the higher your employee engagement, the greater the employee satisfaction. Employee satisfaction is the gateway to performance and innovation.

How Does Automation Improve Employee Engagement?


1. Effective Feedback System

HR is often responsible for viewing employee feedback processes manually, which is time-consuming, and there's a risk that some vital insights might be overlooked. Automated feedback tools provide data on every employee, therefore formulating ideas that can be utilized to measure staff engagement. 

Automation helps create a more engaged workforce, ultimately impacting the organization's profitability as its productivity increases. Automation offers tools that can encourage open and transparent communication, promotes collaboration within sections of the organization, and allows you to recognize and reward individual achievements. Organizations that actively pursue a culture of employee engagement by deploying emerging technologies will inevitably realize its positive impact on their bottom-line metrics.

2. Reduces Frustrating, Repetitive Tasks

Automation is designed to handle repetitive tasks. This point creates a sense of uncertainty for employees who think automation might put their job security at risk. In actuality, automation takes over repetitive, tedious tasks to give employees time to upskill and concentrate on more business-critical tasks.

3. Improves the Hiring and Onboarding Process

The most significant impact of automation in HR is streamlining the hiring and onboarding process. Implementing centralized onboarding software and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) decreases delays and redundancies, streamlining the hiring process.

Removing unconscious biases is yet another integral part of automation in the hiring process. Unconscious perceptions of gender or ethnicity don't influence automated onboarding systems; it focuses on data metrics.

4. Automation Compels Evolution in Leadership Practices

Another interesting component of automation relating to employee engagement is that it compels leaders to evolve. Task automation and data-driven decision-making also enhance efficiency at executive and management levels.

Additionally, it helps mitigate decision fatigue, making sure leadership decisions are in the organization's best interest without influence from internal or environmental factors. This frees up time for leaders to lead as efficiently as expected.

How to Help Employees Embrace Automation

1. Help Employees Understand the Benefits of Automation

It's natural to fear what you don't understand; to this end, your employees might be skeptical of introducing automation to the workplace as they aren't clear on its benefits. It's important to build support to make it easier for your employees to understand how automation can help with their daily tasks.

2. Encourage Employees to Seek Automation Opportunities

Since employees understand their challenges in their everyday tasks, department heads need to encourage them to seek opportunities to automate. Ask them to identify processes that could be enhanced by automation - take things up a notch by rewarding employees that suggest the best processes to automate.

3. Make Automation a No-Code Process

Your IT department can't be solely responsible for automating every process within the organization. It would put too much burden on your IT team and confuse the entire automation process. Instead, implement no-code workflow solutions that help non-technical users easily automate the process and transform them into a structured workflow.

Utilize Automation to Promote Employee Engagement

Technology is driving changes in the consumer market and within organizations. Business owners need to deploy technologies that promote efficiency, improve employee engagement and increase productivity.

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