Top 4 Apps for Boosting Productivity in the Modern Workplace

Top 4 Apps for Boosting Productivity in the Modern Workplace

Here is a list of the best productivity and safety apps that every user should integrate in their modern workspace.

Coping with the rapid digitalization can be difficult. Stress, burnout, and poor time management all lead to productivity loss. Also, cybersecurity and privacy problems cause anxiety, preventing people from working confidently. Luckily, there are apps that can help you beat unproductive patterns and work with confidence. 

Are you still looking for a way to boost your productivity?

The most efficient and most straightforward technique to increase productivity is to have the appropriate set of productivity applications and tools on hand. However, choosing the proper one may appear to be a challenging task with hundreds of alternatives available.

Moreover, productivity is not enough; securing your data is equally important. Some applications can protect your data from all kinds of online threats and keep your data cent percent secure. 

In this post, we'll go over some of the best productivity and security apps that every freelancer, startup, small business owner, and company should consider integrating into their arsenal in 2021.

Why Bother Using Apps? 

There is an app for everything, right? Some people know this better than others. After all, your device might soon run out of space if you install any app you find. However, you should always follow the quality over quantity rule. Your device does not need to have too many apps, just those that matter. With particular security and productivity applications, you can make a difference. 

Nowadays, people have shorter attention spans. Due to the tremendous amounts of information available, humans tend to focus on many things for short periods of time. This change, of course, directly influences our productivity. It becomes too difficult to concentrate and dedicate all your attention to one task. Thus, productivity applications are one of the easiest ways to define and complete tasks. To be fair, many factors contribute to this type of behavior. For instance, anxiety, burnout, or poor time estimation are significant variables to evaluate. Productivity apps can also help with the latter. 

The change in the corporate environment also does not help. Everyone seems to be rushing, moving at a breakneck pace. Thus, it becomes difficult to cope sometimes. For instance, digital privacy changes, with companies inventing new ways to track users and companies. Furthermore, regulations also shift, meaning that consumers and businesses should learn about them regularly. 

What is a Productivity App?

Productivity software is a type of program that allows people, teams, and organizations to complete their fundamental daily activities more quickly and efficiently. Consider any day-to-day activity you can think of; there's probably an app for it. Also, there are many reasons for struggling with productivity. Of course, an app might help, but you might need to change your routine to increase motivation and overall satisfaction. 

In recent years, this sort of software and tools has dramatically simplified the lives of many professionals in a variety of industries. The primary goal of a productivity program is to increase efficiency and make your working environment more pleasant.

Do Not Fall for Fraudulent Apps 

You can find many apps stating that they will perform convenient functions. However, not every application available is safe to use. For instance, there are many dangerous apps that could compromise your privacy and security. Surprisingly, one of the unfortunate sources for such threats is Google Play Store. 

Whether you pick a productivity app or a new game, follow certain safety tips: 

  • Reliable source. All apps you install should originate from a reputable source. It might be an official website or a store. Thus, you should never get programs from random websites that you find. One red flag to notice on questionable websites is noticing apps that are typically paid. Cracked software should be a clear indication that the website you’re on is not exactly respectable. 
  • Unknown apps. If you find a random app that seems intriguing, do not hurry to download it. Do some research instead. Does the app have enough reviews? Are they positive? Do users mention bizarre activities or interruptions? Pay attention to such details before installing any app. 

The digital world offers many apps. The following sections will provide some gems that will help you become more productive and safer online. 



Todoist is a task management program that promises to make complex to-do lists easier to manage. The apps' measurement and reporting capabilities may be used to create and manage tasks, set and change deadlines, prioritize them, set project objectives, and keep track of progress.

Key features:

  • A simple interface with many capabilities makes it easier for you to create and manage tasks, no matter how long your to-do list is.
  • Make a to-do list and stick to it. Prioritize your tasks by getting the essential activities out of the way first.
  • Set project goals and always make sure you’re on track.
  • Todoist's measurement and reporting tools may help you keep track of your progress.



Cortana is an intelligent virtual assistant from Microsoft. It's a voice-activated productivity app that will quickly help you complete different tasks on your Windows computer. Cortana can set reminders, plan a reminder for a date and time of your choice, keep track of packages and flights, search the web, publish content to social media profiles, etc.

The most important features:

  • It makes it easier to search the web or notebook for anything that crosses your mind.
  • Cortana allows you to set location-based reminders, so you'll be reminded about what needs to be done when you arrive at a particular place.
  • Quickly make notes using only your voice. No matter if your hands are busy or full of work, you can still set reminders for yourself.


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Communication is essential for collaborative efforts, and as the number of remote workers on your team grows, it becomes more difficult. While instant messaging is useful when everyone is accessible, arranging meetings, chats, video conferences, and group work sessions at a time that works for everyone can be challenging – especially if you have remote employees from various time zones.

Fortunately, Doodle’s collaborative scheduling software makes it simple to schedule meetings with the continuing email back-and-forth. It doesn't matter how large your professional team is or where they're located in the world; Doodle makes meetings happen.

Key features:

  • Make it easier to schedule meetings, video conferences, and collaborative sessions by eliminating email back-and-forth.
  • Team members can set their hours of availability, which automatically changes to match local time zones.
  • You can create reminders so that team members are always prepared for meetings.
  • Hide personal meetings, events, and activities from team members only to see the tasks they need.


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Toggl is an easy-to-use time tracker with strong reporting that keeps track of how much time you spend on activities. The goal is to keep track of how much time you're really investing on individual assignments, so you can ensure you charge the correct amount for your invoices.

Key features:

  • See how much time you (or others) are taking to get things done.
  • Examine if you're pricing yourself appropriately for the time it takes to finish tasks.
  • You can also access the reports to analyze how productive you are and how much improvement you need.
  • Toggl works on most platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows. This app is compatible with just about every operating system, allowing you to use it whenever you need it.

Apps to Secure Your Data

Every employee or company needs to evaluate how well they are prepared to deal with digital threats. From unsecured networks to data leaks, we constantly face numerous dangers online. Only if you know that you are safe can you be truly productive, right? After all, you might look over your shoulder or worry that someone captures the confidential corporate details you exchange. 

The following tools are beginner-friendly options for starting to care about digital data and accounts. Each will contribute to your safety and make you feel confident on any network. 

  • Antivirus. Choose a quality antivirus software that can protect you against all types of cyber threats, including ransomware.
  • VPN. A VPN for PC is the best choice for anonymous internet browsing and maintaining your security while surfing public Wi-Fi hotspots. This program helps you prevent data interception, monitoring, and other unsavory internet features. 
  • Password Manager. Password managers keep track of your passwords, so you only must remember one. A master password protects the encrypted data so no one else can access it.
  • 2-Factor Authentication (2FA). 2FA apps are the best way to prevent unauthorized people from accessing your online accounts. It requires two methods of authentication, something you know and something you have.
  • Ad blockers. This software helps block ads on web pages, so you won't be distracted as you work or browse the Internet.


So, there you have a list of the best productivity apps and safety apps that every user should have on their PC in 2021. As the advancement is progressing rapidly, our focus on technology will inevitably increase over time. We need to be careful how we employ new technology. The future looks promising with all these new and valuable features for users out there. Just make sure you are using them correctly so that they won't backfire on you. After all, digital privacy is a concern for many, and it might be one of the reasons you cannot fully concentrate on your tasks. 

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