Email Translation: A Key Part of a Global Marketing Strategy

Email Translation: A Key Part of a Global Marketing Strategy

In case of business enterprises and other organizations that have a presence in multiple continents and countries with different native languages, communications including the ones through email become a nightmare. An effective solution to this problem is professional email translation services.

What Is An Email Marketing Campaign – An Introduction

Internet Marketing is in itself, a very broad and vague term, though it essentially encompasses virtually any means of marketing online. This is generally accomplished through the creation of a website for the purpose, though such is not always the case. 

Efforts are then made to promote the website at the same time as promoting the specific interests of the business. One of the most popular means of conducting online marketing is through the use of email marketing campaigns. 

Email marketing consists of a wide range of marketing campaigns for both online and offline or “real-world” businesses. From generating business leads to creating a list of customers who will routinely purchase the products being sold, email marketing is one of the most popular niches of internet marketing for good reason. 

One thing that is often overlooked, however, is the ability to take the email marketing campaign to the next level through the use of translation services or other ways to translate an email into any number of relevant languages. 

How Many People Use Email?

According to a 2018 study by the Radicati Group, a technology market research group, “Email remains the most pervasive form of communication, while other technologies such as social networking, instant messaging (IM), chat, mobile IM, and others are also taking hold, email is still the most ubiquitous form of business communication. 

In addition, email is integral to the overall Internet experience as an email account (i.e. email address) is required to sign up for any online activity, including social networking sites, instant messaging and any other kind of account or presence on the Internet.” 

It should be considered that the actual number of email accounts does exceed the number of email users, as indicated in this article. Still, this does indicate that more than one-half of the population of the world does currently use email as one of their primary resources for the exchange of information. 

In short, more than one-half of the world is open and likely responsive to a well-directed and managed email marketing campaign, but not all of those people speak English.

1. Professional Translation Services vs Machine Translation or Automated Email Translation

How do I translate an Email? This question is often asked, but there is no simple answer. Email translation may be as simple as using the email translator for Outlook or hiring a company that provides professional translation services for email. (Note: The email translator works a little differently when using the Outlook App in Windows 10) 

In some cases, it may be perfectly viable to use a universal translator or other automated language translators. This is generally held to be true when the scope of the email translation is more limited in nature and serves an equally limited purpose.

It should also be noted though, those machine translations are largely limited to quite literal translations so it may be prudent or even necessary to still utilize someone to edit the email translation to ensure that it is appropriate for the intended audience.

There are cases where a native speaker may fit this bill nicely, and be fully capable of ensuring the accuracy of the email translations. Consideration must still be given to the local idiomatic differences in language, the use of colloquialisms and vernacular and even slang terms.

What is appropriate in one variant of a language may have negative connotations in other areas, even when the same language is the native tongue for both locations.  

Translating Dutch to English or English to Dutch may seem simple enough in theory. However, consideration should be given to the local idiosyncrasies as well. The modern variation of Dutch spoken by the Dutch in South Africa will be substantially different from the Dutch spoken in the Dutch Netherlands. 

Even among native English speakers, local variations may be so great as to seemingly be different languages. English spoken by the Scots with their heavily accented Scottish brogue will often have a difficult time understanding someone from the United States but may be fully capable of understanding an English email translation written for an American audience.

In cases where the emails are more involved, the product or service being promoted is more complex and in other types of email marketing campaigns, the use of a professional translation company may very well be a better option and actually create a substantially better ROI or Return On Investment, offsetting the relatively minor costs initially involved. 

A Professional email translation service is far better suited to the more advanced email marketing campaigns. The professional translator will most likely be certified in some form, having met certain qualification standards for the translation company. 

Turnaround times for the email translations are generally very specific and quick in most cases. This is especially important when dealing with holiday and other time-sensitive marketing techniques. As seen here, even without email translation involved, their Black Friday email marketing campaign alone was challenging.

Email translations can also be more localized, ensuring that the local variant of the mother language will be utilized for more specific targeting of potential customers and clients for the business being promoted. This is especially important when working to localize a global email marketing campaign as will be demonstrated here. 

2. Localizing A Global Email Market Through Translation

There are as many different ways to translate email as there are reasons for doing so. For the email marketing campaign to be truly effective however, it should actively seek to target local audiences in a local voice. This often means more than just the professional translation into a native mother language, but specifics that locals will recognize and react to accordingly. 

This is just as true when targeting a specific industry with specific language among those who are an integral part of that industry as it will in emotional appeals that may rely on more specific translations and the inclusion of local references that will induce an emotional response in the reader. Learn how to avoid emails going to “Spam” here. 

The best translator for industry-specific email marketing campaigns will be someone who is at least familiar with the industry and the industry-specific language. Some examples of this can be readily observed in medical translation and legal translation where even minor errors in translation can result in irreversible harm or liability. 

A “Kant Hook” (or “Can’t Hook” more accurately) will not be a recognized term to an oil driller but would be readily recognized by anyone who has worked in the logging of timber industries. It is merely a tool to roll large logs, manufactured in such a way that it cannot hook on to the log taking the person moving the log along with it, risking injury or even death.

Adding such subtle inclusions that are unique to the intended markets for an email marketing campaign are likely to generate a much larger and more proactive response from the readers. 

Likewise, when targeting specific geographical locations in an email marketing campaign, referring to local features, especially ones that are not largely known to outsiders, will also help to generate a more positive response. The ability to make people feel as if they are being spoken to directly is one of the key aspects of any marketing and sales campaign and should not be overlooked by the internet marketer. 

When generating leads for an email marketing campaign, or building up an email list for internet marketing purposes, there is what is commonly known as an “Opt-In Form” to capture the relevant information from the individual signing up for an email marketing list.

The simple inclusion of a section for the location should never be left out of this form as it will allow for the list to be broken down and used more efficiently for a more successful email marketing campaign.

The general knowledge about what country the individuals are responding from will allow the savvy email marketer to have the emails for that nation translated into the local language. This practice alone will again, help in the improvement of proactive responses from the email recipients. 

A further breakdown, for anyone who is serious about building their online marketing campaign, will allow for this list to be broken down even further to include local regions. A wine producer in the Burgundy region of France is probably not going to be impressed with references to producers of White Burgundy in Northern California but may respond very favorably to rare and largely unexplored treats from their local vineyards. 

3. Expanding Beyond Email Translations into Full Internet Marketing Globalization With Professional Translation Services

When expanding the email marketing campaign to a more global scale using email translation, there should be at least some consideration given to the potential to expand the rest of the online venture into the global markets as well. This can be equally true for localized markets as well though, and that should not be unnoticed either. 

According to the US Census Bureau, there are nearly four million families who speak more than two hundred languages other than English in their homes. 

A company that is marketing locally in Los Angeles alone would greatly benefit from the use of professional translation services, but translating the emails may not be enough on its own. 

There are many facets to running a business, including customer service and support, customer support representatives who may or may not work directly with the customers or clientele and other means of marketing and customer interaction that may be best served with a professional translator or someone fully fluent in more than one language. 

Websites should be made available in as many different languages as will be reflected in the local and global (or online) marketplace being targeted.

Again, depending on the market being targeted, localization through professional translation services can make all of the difference between failure and success. How much of the marketplace remains completely untapped because of an easily overcome language barrier? 

One of the most common forms of digital marketing is in the sales of informational products. These are often accomplished through affiliate marketing tactics, including email marketing campaigns and using email lists that have been built up, in some cases over the course of years. 

Many of these affiliate marketers also include very gracious rewards for their top affiliates. In such cases, what better way to reach the top of the hill than to gain exclusive resale rights in additional languages? 

Most digital marketers are always on the lookout for truly ambitious internet marketers to help increase sales and income. The professional translation of informational materials into additional languages is a very small investment, and the savvy internet marketer can then, with a little bargaining, gain exclusive rights to informational products in that particular language. 

Internet marketing campaigns, whether conducted via a website, an email marketing campaign or any other means, will always stand to benefit from further expansion into an increasingly global marketplace and economy. The use of professional translation services only makes the transition that much quicker and easier. 

4. The Importance of Long-Term Strategies for Email Marketing Campaigns

When venturing into the realm of Internet Marketing, whether for a local retailer or an avid Internet Marketer trying to earn money from home, the importance of the Email Marketing aspect cannot be overstated.

The email marketing campaign should be one of the first steps in any internet marketing campaign and should continue for as long as the internet marketer is in business, no matter what business that may be.  

Email is currently a prevalent means of communication for more than half of the population of the world. As time goes on and as technology progresses, these numbers will only increase. This means that email marketing campaigns are one of the best means of reaching a larger, more global audience. Discover other ways besides email to more effectively communicate with clients here. 

A universal translator or translation services online may be adequate for many of the more simple requirements of an email-based internet marketing campaign, though, like any business decision, this should be constantly evaluated and updated as necessary. 

As the internet marketer seeks to expand its customer base and increase its ability to earn a living online, the business must be built piece by piece the same as any other. There may come a day, especially given the speed with which technology is progressing, when machine translations are quite sufficient for the needs of most internet marketers. 

For the time being, however, there is still a very important role for the professional translator in terms of internet marketing and most notably, those all-important global email marketing campaigns.

Author: Shiela Pulido

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