Effective Advertising: The Power to Make Your Brand a Household Name

/ October 27, 2016 | 4 Mins Read

Effective Advertising: The Power to Make Your Brand a Household Name

Do you want to make your brand a household name, then try effective advertising? Here's a look at the tips to achieve this feat.

“The man who stops advertising to save money is the man who stops the clock to save time”: Unknown

Advertising is here, there, and everywhere! Companies use the potential of the channel to communicate with their customers and inform them about what they can offer. Effective advertising has the power to grab the attention of people so that you can educate them regarding your product or service.

Adverts that are effective should correctly capture the prospective of any person and convince them to use or purchase what you are offering. If a company successfully persuades a customer through advertising, then we can certainly assume that the advert has delivered the goods.

Outdoor Advertising Spending in the year 2015: 309 Million USD

Apart from enticing the viewers, effective advertisement also has to produce one more result for companies and organizations. Any promotion has to enrich the customer about your brand and your organization. Yes, through effective adverts, companies can easily make viewers remember their name!

Any advert, which is unique, genuine, credible, fact-filled, and memorable, will automatically stick in the minds of people. And, in turn, your company’s name would find a formidable position into the customer’s thoughts. Of course, the positioning of the advertisement has to be correct along with a complementing strategy. Regardless of how you want to highlight your name or your brand, your advertisement should correctly convey what you coherently want to showcase to the world.

1. Importance of traditional adverts

Despite digital and online advertising’s massive growth in the last decade or so, traditional adverts are still effective and useful. In fact, estimation says that there will be a 10% bump in outdoor media spending in India by the end of this year.

outdoor advertising

Companies all around the world use Outdoor hoardings, newspaper and Print Media, Outdoor Promotions, and Mainstream Media Adverts, to woo their customers. Effectively, traditional media still generates a wider reach and possess a huge list of clients and viewers—and that’s why the companies still prefer them.

A mere hoarding by the roadside can leave a greater impact on the mind of a user, rather than a post or status on Twitter or Facebook. Traditional adverts can serve to all markets at once because every single person can have access and view to a billboard. Apart from that, the medium can precede other forms of advertisement at first. It is a known fact that traditional advertisement gets the ball rolling before other forms of adverts pick up on it.

And, finally, to build trust and to gain the confidence of the customers, people depend on traditional adverts. Once they physically see an advert, for example, upon a hoarding or at a billboard, they understand the commitment the brand is displaying and offering. A traditional advert always provides that touch of realness which digital or internet marketing cannot. Hence, companies find it easier to promote their brand name through this medium.

Now that you know the importance of the medium, let us take a look how you can maximize the potential of traditional advertising by correctly implementing a strategy around it so that people remember your brand name.

2. Keep the advert simple yet attractive

For instance, if you are moving in a car, the chances are that you will get to see a hoarding for a finite amount of seconds. Hence, it is vital that your advert must not contain many words. Keep it short, and convey your message in as minimum words as possible.

Use the traits of K.I.S.S principle to enhance your advertising program.

Also, there is an old saying, with traditional advertisements, it’s better to show rather than to say—thus, using pictures and images should be your priority. The formula can make your billboard, newspaper clipping, or even pamphlets, more attractive. By keeping the message attractive and simple, people would easily remember your ad and in turn keep your brand in mind the next time they shop.

3. Put up a professional advert

It is vital that your advertisement, when displayed to the public, should look professionally done and neatly manufactured. It must not look like a makeshift job, as it will give your brand name a bad reputation.

If you want to maximize your adverts—so that people remember your product/brand—then you have to produce top quality content. Most advertising agencies prefer to handcraft traditional adverts professionally to create the maximum impact in the eyes of the viewers.

Even you can take help from these ad agencies and art studios to innovate the perfect advert for your viewers.

4. Convey a quick and a simple message with your traditional advert

Traditional advert options are useful if you want to beam a message quickly to your viewers. The tip is vital for hoardings especially, as you are trying to grab the attention of the pedestrians and motorists. These commuters do not have the time to decipher your message if you believe you need to stump your audience. Even Radio adverts cannot be long and complex, as people will ultimately forget what you want to say if the message is just too long.

Hence, a simple message is very pivotal if you want people to acknowledge your brand.

5. Putting in Multiple adverts

Be it a billboard, radio messages, or even newspaper advert—it is always better if you effectively promote your brand with several mediums and at multiple spots. A single hoarding around the corner will never generate enough buzz. You would need several hoardings—and use more channels and mediums of adverts— just to make your brand a household name.

Publishing multiple adverts is one of the most effective marketing strategies that you can rely on. You just cannot hope that one single hoarding will bring you the audience; you have to think about multiple hoardings across the city, state, or country.

Of course, if you know who your target audience is, then you can narrow down your locations. You can easily guesstimate where your audience may reside and where they might work or even what radio channel they may listen to what newspaper they might read. So, putting in multiple strategic adverts can easily help your cause, as the more your feature in front of your customer’s eyes and ears, the more they would retain your thought.

It is vital that you must make use of your traditional adverting budget wisely. Your ultimate goal must always be to get maximum exposure for your brand so that you can effectively catch the attention of your viewers.

Sam Makad is a business consultant. He helps small & medium enterprises to grow their businesses and overall ROI. You can follow Sam on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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