Driving Customer Experience: Know How Digital Marketing Can Help You to It

/ February 13, 2020 | 6 Mins Read

Driving Customer Experience: Know How Digital Marketing Can Help You to It

Digital Transformation Right Strategy to Follow to Enhance Your Business Models and to Opt for New Market Reality. Explore How It Helps to Meet Customers' Demands in the Most Accurate Way.

Customers purchasing behavior has changed in the past few years. More customers these days are starting and often ending their purchase journeys online. This digital shift in the way of customer's purchasing behavior has given a boost to digital marketing

And businesses that aim to provide excellent service to their customers and want to compete in the modern marketplace need to consider digital transformation for their business. Businesses need to develop an adequate strategy, they can use digital tools and impressive digital campaigns to engage more audience with their business.  

Customers Experience is Vital for Business: Explore Reasons That Justify the Statement 

When it comes to beginning a digital journey to enhance customer experience, numerous questions strike in the customer's minds. These questions include:

  • From where enterprises must start to develop a digital marketing strategy? 
  • What must be included in the digital marketing strategy?
  • How can this marketing strategy help them to win the market?
  • Whether the developed strategy is capable enough to provide the digital experience to their targeted customers?

According to the Econsultancy and Adobe latest Digital Trends report, almost 39% of company respondents that excellent customer experience has opened the biggest opportunity for their organization.

Providing excellent customer experience is more valuable for B2B marketers as almost 20% of them responded that customer experience is one of the effective ways to grab various opportunities while compared to that only 19% of B2C organizations agreed with the same. 


Customer Experience: Biggest Opportunity to Bagged To Position

According to IDC research, more than two-thirds of companies globally have stepped ahead and have shifted their focus from traditional strategies to digital strategies as they know it well that it can help them to enhance their customer experience. 

While another report by the state of digital business revealed that more than 47% of companies have yet not shifted to digital transformation, while 59% consider that it's too late to start with digital transformation.

But they need to understand it's not too late to start with digital transformation, they can opt for it whenever they want and can enhance their customer experience to a great extent. There are various advantages that businesses can leverage if they consider digital marketing strategy for their business. 

1. Modern Technology

Entrepreneurs need to choose the right technology for their business as it helps them to power up digital strategies. Most of the customers these days are adopted to use smart gadgets and technology in their day to day life.

Thus it can be considered as a fundamental asset to businesses, which helps them to satisfy all the demands of their customers. But, more than 45% of executives strongly believe that companies lack using modern technology when it comes to developing a digital marketing strategy for their business. 

They can use modern chatbot technology to improve their customer's experience. Chatbots can help businesses to answer all the queries of their customers in real-time.

They can use modern technology like artificial intelligence, machine intelligence, or any other for developing a mobile application for their business. This technology can help businesses to provide an excellent experience to their customers whenever they demand it. 

2. Content Marketing 

In the same survey, more than 14% of respondents responded that creating compelling content to boost the digital experiences of customers have opened numerous opportunities for businesses presently. Around 28% of businesses prefer to go with content marketing for their business, while 15% of businesses to businesses find that digital content creation has opened a huge opportunity for them in comparison to that of only 13% of B2C marketers use the content marketing strategy.

Content marketing can be considered as one of the primary tools which has much to offer to businesses and marketers. If businesses want to enhance their SEO performance, then they must definitely content marketing strategy for their business.

It offers various opportunities to businesses like developing confidence in customers, solves their issues, showcases your business offering, helps to craft successful conversion, and much more. 

3. Personalized Customer Experiences

Today almost all businesses aim to provide excellent service to their customers. Thus they make sure that they collect each and every information related to them like their purchase history, search data, and much more.

According to an Accenture report, more than 75% of customers responded that they are more likely to make a purchase from those brands who try to provide them with excellent  experience in all sense, they expect that:

  • Must know what they are more likely to purchase. 
  • Businesses must Recognize their name.
  • Recommend their products or services based on their previous purchases.


4. Data-Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing can be considered as one of the most exciting opportunities for businesses these days. This can help them to focus on individual customers to make them loyal ones. Data-driven marketing is still considered by many of the entrepreneurs these days who want to focus on any of the individual groups of people or according to the categories.  

According to a recent report, more than 21% of B2C marketers choose data-driven marketing for their business as it offers more opportunities to them in past years. While compared to that, 12% of B2B marketers agree that data-driven marketing offered them numerous opportunities in 2019. 


But businesses need to understand that using data to develop marketing campaigns, they can easily deliver a personalized experience to their customers across all channels, not only that they can also anticipate a customer’s needs in an accurate manner and can provide an excellent solution to them based on existing data.

5. Multi-Channel Experience

Modern technology has empowered customers to get everything with a single click of the button. They can easily search for products or services they want, they can make a purchase of the product they want, explore information about the service any of the business products or services as per their wants.  

This modern technology has increased expectations of the customers to a great extent, more than 50% of customers these days expect that they must get a response within one hour from the business. They also expect to have quick responses for their feedback or review which they place about any of the businesses after leveraging their business service. 

And the increasing demand of customers has forced businesses to stay accessible for their customers 24*7. They need to solve all the customer's demands in real-time and must try to offer accessibility, immediateness, and personalization to the customer to make them happy.

These happy customers will definitely share a word of mouth for their business, which can prove to be beneficial to businesses as it helps to drive more customers for their brand.  

6. Develop IT Environment 

In this tech world, if businesses want to drive their customer experience, then it becomes necessary for them to develop an IT environment at their workplace. They can adopt modern technology as it can help them to improve their working environment, it can help them to answer all the needs of customers in a more accurate way. 

Most of the entrepreneurs these days have recognized the importance of agile systems. More than 80% of businesses strongly believe that modern technology such as cloud can help to opt for digital transformation in the most accurate way.

Cloud technology can help them to operate all the business functions in a flexible and dynamic way, it also helps them to answer their customer's requirements in a fast manner. They can enhance their ability to test and develop new projects just by implementing any of the modern technology. 

7. Track Your Marketing Effectively

One of the biggest challenges which businesses are facing this day is that they don't know which tactic they must follow to track their marketing effectively and speedily. This tracking can help them to know which strategy actually proved to be worth to their business and proving them with a high return on investment (ROI). 

Businesses can use numerous tools and techniques to track and know which marketing was more beneficial for their business. It can also help them to develop an effective strategy to provide excellent service to the targeted customers, it can also help them to come up with a more accurate way to advertise and reach more customers in no time. 

Wrapping It Up

In this evolving world, it becomes mandatory for businesses to adopt an effective digital marketing strategy for their business. It helps businesses to engage more and more customers with their business and deliver them their best service, which satisfies all the expectations and requirements regardless of any of the channels or places. 

And when it comes to driving customer experience, then businesses have to consider collection data to leverage various opportunities that are coming on their way. They can collect data using multiple platforms and can later use it to boost customer experience. They can develop an effective marketing strategy after considering this data in the most accurate way.

Manoj Rupareliya is a Marketing Manager at AppEmporio - Mobile App Development Company. who has been writing for various blogs. He has previously covered an extensive range of topics in his posts, including Business, Technology, Finance, Make Money, Cryptocurrency, and Start-ups.

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