Cutting-Edge 2021 Digital Marketing Transformation Strategy

Cutting-Edge 2021 Digital Marketing Transformation Strategy

Digital transformation can potentially affect a vast spectrum of business operations and marketing activities. Widen up your sphere to know the Digital Marketing Strategy that can bring markable impact to your business in 2021.

The digital marketing industry was gradually revolutionizing earlier this year. However, with the outbreak of COVID-19, it gets on a fast-paced transformation in ways nobody ever predicted. New marketing channels and avenues begin to discover along with improved marketing techniques.

Technology like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data play a prominent role in creating connected and immersive experiences for the end-users. Unlike earlier, marketers are more focused on providing an engaging and progressive experience to the target audience.

They are striving to come up with ways to appeal to a user and to keep him indulged all along creating a prosperous path for their brand. As the end of the year lurks around the corner, it’s high time to create your digital marketing strategy for the year 2021. Below mentioned are the essential aspects you must focus on:

1. Interactive Content Creation to Drive Excellence

As per the statistics put forward by Hubspot, brands spend around 46% of the total on creating the highest quality content for promotion and brand awareness. Not only is this, around 83% of web traffic navigated through blog posts, which are referred to as the prominent marketing tactic. It's not only about creating static content, you can also create interactive videos or captivating infographics which is a perfect blend of content with graphics.  

Content is undoubtedly the most important tool to position your brand in the market. It helps you connect with your target audience. However, to dig out better outcomes, you must create a compelling copy indexed with the most searched keywords to ensure greater accessibility.

Apart from this, keep up your hunt for unique techniques to create content. Around 15% of marketers create 360-degree videos for brand awareness. Online users are inclined towards visual content due to the appeal it carries. The target audience is more likely to share visual content as per the Wyzowl report of 2019.

The use of voice search boomed with the creation of products like Google Home and Alexa. What we are experiencing is the voice search revolution, where applications, websites, and search engines are all getting improvised to enable voice search features. As per the statistics, around 60% of marketers have begun using voice search.

Not only this, almost half of the population, across the globe, uses voice search in some form. By the year 2021, the stats are expected to boost. In addition, around 71% of users prefer to browse using voice search.

Optimize for Voice Search
Source: Oberlo.com

The aim to provide convenience gave rise to the widespread use of voice search. People are too consumed with work that they get more inclined towards making voice search, which is easy and swift.

3. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation forms a foundation for progressive branding. It covers all the specific region that helps to reach out to the target audience. It involves email marketing, monitoring and regulating campaigns, and discovering the most targeted avenues to capture.

With the help of marketing automation, you qualify your visitors turning them into the prospective lead, which ultimately turns into a most targeted customer. 70% of brands have stated the benefits of using automation technology in bringing quality lead generation. Email automation is one of the most commonly used tactics to connect with the prospect.

Around 50% of small and medium scale companies use email automation tools to increase traffic and conversions. Automation allows brands to create a more personalized and customized experience for users. It helps to spread brand awareness and garner attention. Companies who have been using it have found a notable change in the revenue generation with an upsurge in sales leads.

4. Opt For Micro-influencer Marketing

Influencers with millions of followers have boosted the branding outcomes up to a great extent. Within seconds of promoting a service or products, businesses received a massive change in the visitor's count to the websites. However, now a new sub-trend has emerged named as micro-influencer marketing.

Previously it was believed that the bigger the influencer the massive would be the outcomes. But according to Markerly Study, an influencer having 10k to 100k followers can ensure greater engagement and boost prospective lead generation as well. Hence, “the fewer the richer" became the new mantra of marketers nowadays.

Furthermore, you need to hunt the most efficient platform for influencer marketing. Around a billion users actively interact with each other on Instagram, which is, nowadays, the richest place to carry out influencer marketing.

You can come across influential content creators having millions of followers to promote your brand. Today, the famous app Tiktok provides a rich ground to engage and activate the target audience as well.

5. Use Video Advertising

Video marketing, the most favorable, and preferable marketing tool, is filled with countless attributes. An engaging video can add colors to even the most mundane idea. Now just imagine its impact in the world of branding. As per the eMarketer report. The use of video ads is likely to grow up to $14.89 billion by the year 2021.

Videos allow brands to convey their story that helps engage viewers, which ultimately leads to increased engagements. Around 95% of marketers credit a video to increase product awareness and understanding among the audience. Moreover, 83% of marketers have gathered leads through engaging video.

Among the many different videos created to spread brand awareness, a sales video, product ads, animated videos, expert interviews, how-to-videos, 360-degree videos, AR, and VR videos are the most used ones. Furthermore, the promising platforms preferable to promote video marketing are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Social media platforms make it easier to increase engagements through organic traffic. Facebook has over 32 billion views per day, which makes it the best platform to enhance branding outcomes. Create shareable video posts and the response from your target audience overwhelms you.

Use Video Advertising
Source: Oberlo.com

6. AI-Integrated Chatbots For Improved Customer Support

Chatbots revolutionize customer care by providing quick, easy, efficient, and rich responses to the users especially in the eCommerce industry. This AI-integrated technology offers a wide variety of suggestions and helps buyers discover products easily. The chatbots operate like a human brain and make a decision effectively like a real person. The use of Chatbots has served over 85% of customers in the year 2020.

Users want to interact with humans than robots. Chatbots fulfill that need and act and respond like a human. It gives your brand a voice and tone. In the eCommerce retail industry, Chatbots is serving as the most significant tool to lead generation and enhanced conversion rates.

The bots act according to customer behavior. It reads the behavioral pattern and comes up with targeted suggestions. The improved customer care boosts the revenue generation and increases overall ranking as well. The widespread use of chatbots is predicted by the year 2022 when over 79% of queries will be answered via chatbots.

7. Beware of Ad Blockers

The appearance of ads is one of the most annoying things that viewers disregard. The sudden bombardment of advertisement the moment they navigate to any platform to click a video to watch irritates people.

To get rid of these ads, online users use some kind of ad blocker. These ad blockers will stop ads to appear no matter if it’s a paid campaign or an organic search. Therefore, if you are about to run a PPC campaign you must first check if your audience is using ad blockers or not. It will save you from wasting your investment.

 If they are using blockers, it’s better to opt for different marketing channels. You must not completely eliminate search engine advertising as it has great benefits, but in times of need opting for different channels could be a clever move.

8. Pace Up With the World of Technology

Have you heard about Facebook’s new feature- the Facebook shop? If not yet, it’s time you learn about its amazing features and how to ensure to increase the productivity and accessibility of retail companies online. Just after the outbreak of COVID-19, Facebook initiated its new feature that allows creating a built-in shop on the platform having all the necessary features to support eCommerce business.

Facebook shop gave a progressive avenue to the retail owners who showcased their products and services effectively on the platform. With multiple payment gateways, interactive UI/UX, and a minimalist interface, these Shops became the best tool for entrepreneurs.

Similarly, the use of 5g is increasing. Recently, Apple Inc. has launched 5g supported iPhone series- the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini. According to experts, the use of 5g technology is going to transform how users access online content in the digital industry. All of these advancements are a must to follow if you want to take a leap to success and stay positioned at the top.

Winding Down

As the world is digitalizing with every passing hour, it impresses the need to have an online identity. If you are still relying on your brick-and-mortar store you are missing out on a greater scope of business. Step into the digital realm to widen your horizon and prosper at double the pace.

Gerry Wilson is trend researcher by passion and developer by profession, He transform complex ideas into innovative approaches for app development. Currently he is associated with Retrocube.com one of the top leading mobile app development company.

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