Top 11 Best Cyber Monday VPN Deals

/ November 23, 2020 | 9 Mins Read

Top 11 Best Cyber Monday VPN Deals

Here is a list of Top 11 Best Cyber Monday VPN Deals to look out for this Cyber Monday Month of November 2020. Grab the best VPN deals now.

Cyber Monday is one of the most awaited days for all the tech-lovers looking to cash-in on the best deals on all things technology. 

Virtual Private Network or VPN is a technology that helps you leverage the power of the Internet removing governmental restrictions and adding multiple layers of privacy and security. Cyber Monday or the entire month of November is when people can find the best VPN deals that can otherwise not be found. 

Here is a list of best VPN service providers along with the massive Cyber Monday discount they are offering to save you time.

Note that these best VPN deals of Cyber Monday do not require any other VPN discount codes. Grab these best VPN deals of Cyber Monday VPN now! 

1. ExpressVPN 

ExpressVPN was launched 11 years ago, in 2009. This British-Virgin Island-based VPN service providers are top-rated and that too consistently for many years. 

PCMag, a leading publisher of all things technology on ExpressVPN, stated, 

"ExpressVPN's dedication to privacy is impressive, and its fleet of far-flung servers outclasses much of the competition that comes at a hefty price, and many may not need its worldwide access." 

As per their website, they are the No. 1 trusted VPN services globally, and rightly so. A single ExpressVPN subscription lets you secure every device you own like Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, routers, and others. 


Express VPN scores 4.7/5 from 6,167 reviews on Trustpilot as of 24 Nov 2020


  • ExpressVPN has its 3000+ potent servers at 160 locations across 94 countries. 

  • ExpressVPN uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256-bit encryption as used by the US government and security agents worldwide

  • Speed Test available for ExpressVPN used on window and Mac devices

  • Network lock kill switch lets you stay anonymous even if your VPN connection drops suddenly 

  • Allows Split Tunneling so that you can access foreign and local internet services simultaneously, also access LAN devices while you're connected to the VPN


$99.95 for 1st 15 months, then for 12 months

$59.95 for 6 months 

$12.95 for 1 month

ExpressVPN's Best VPN Deal for Cyber Monday

Get 3 months free on a 1-year plan and save 49%. 

2. FastestVPN

FastestVPN promises the best security when it comes to saving your data from hackers on public WiFis. Their website states from airport lounges to a restaurant to a hotel room, they keep your data safe while using the public WiFi on all these spots. 

One another factor this VPN service provider is starting to gain an upward trajectory of love is that the company is situated in the beautiful Cayman Islands. The Cayman Islands are not only famous for calming beaches but also for the secrecy and data safety the region provides. 

Another safety feature this VPN company provides is that it lets you pay with Bitcoin like several other best VPN companies to help you furthermore conceal your identity. 


Fastest VPN scores 3.8/5 from 234 reviews on Trustpilot as of 24 Nov 2020


  • Grants VPN access for 10 users
  • P2P optimized servers let you download & stream HD video w/ zero buffering and complete anonymity
  • Supports USA Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Disney+ 
  • Utilizes military-grade 256-bit AES encryption on all of its 550+ servers
  • Unlimited server switches and bandwidth
  • NAT firewall provides an additional layer of protection
  • Malware protection ensures the sites you visit are safe to access
  • Ad blocker prevents unfavorable ads from popping up on your screen
  • Internet kill switch protects your IP from being exposed if your connection drops
  • No logging policy guarantees nobody will ever have your private information
  • Split tunneling grant you access to choose which app to use through VPN tunneling
  • Smart Connect lets you connect to the fastest server


$40 for a 5-year-plan 

$25 for a 3-year-plan

$10 for 1 month 

FastestVPN's Cyber Monday/Black Friday Best VPN Deal 

93% OFF on 3 and 5 year plans with additional 3 months.

3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost VPN is another best VPN service provider operated by CyberGhost SA in Bucharest, Romania. Cyberghost is one of the highest-rated VPN services. It is an approved virtual private network solution by 

Cyberghost is a fairly decent VPN service, with the only con being that it doesn't work in China (but this con is common with mostly all VPN providers). 

You should use CyberGhost if you want a simple and easy private browsing experience. It allows you to unblock streaming sites and other geo-restricted content. It is a good VPN option for beginners, thanks to how user-friendly they have made their apps. One can enjoy their favorite Netflix series and access shows that aren't released in their location. 


CyberGhostVPN scores 4.8/5 from 11,197 reviews on Trustpilot as of 24 Nov 2020


  • It's NoSpy data centers located in Romania, where legislation doesn't support mass surveillance or data gathering to give you security beyond 256-bit encryption.

  • Their NoSpy servers combine premium hardware with a dedicated uplink. 

  • NoSpy data center includes specific servers dedicated to torrenting to ensure that your downloads are 100% safe and anonymous.

  • Promises to bypass all censorship and restrictions

  • One CyberGhost VPN subscription can secure up to 7 devices simultaneously.

  • Under its no logs policy, it doesn't store: 

  1. Your IP address
  2. Your DNS queries
  3. Your browsing history
  4. The web content you accessed
  5. Your connection timestamps
  6. Your disconnection timestamps
  7. Your session duration
  8. Your bandwidth usage
  9. The VPN servers you connect to


$87.75 for 3 years and 3 months

$83.76 for 2 years

$47.88 for 1 year

$12.99 for 1 month

CyberGhost's Best VPN Deal for Cyber Monday

Save 83% on 3 years+3 months plan 

4. PureVPN

PureVPN is a commercial virtual private network service owned by GZ Systems Ltd. (famous for creating a sports app for Android). Founded in 2007, the company is based in Hong Kong.

PureVPN is one of the most popular VPN services available in the market today. Pure VPN is compatible with more than 50 devices. It prides itself on supporting every internet-abled device. 

It prides itself on supporting every internet-abled device. With overall positive reviews, there are certain negative reviews about its erratic speed. 

For instance, PC World's Ian Paul gave PureVPN mixed opinions; he criticized it for using virtual servers and praised it for having "fine" speeds and having "most of the features you need in a VPN.” 


PureVPN scores 4.8/5 from 11,391 reviews on Trustpilot as of 24 Nov 2020


  • Provides military-grade data safety it offers 256-bit encryption to secure your data

  • Helps automatically trigger the VPN as soon as you connect with any unsecured WiFi

  • Provides IPV6 and Web RTC leak protection

  • Has dedicated servers for super-fast streaming that support a 10Gbit connection 

  • VPN kill-switch to shut the Internet automatically if you get disconnected with the VPN


$49.95 for 1 year 

$49.98 for 6 months 

$10.95 for 1 month 

PureVPN's Best Cyber Monday VPN Deal 

Get 62% OFF on YEARLY PLAN after 7-day FREE TRIAL.

5. NordVPN 

NordVPN is a wildly popular VPN service. It delivers one of the best mobile experiences. It is compatible with all devices and operating systems.

This VPN service provider is based out of Panama, conveniently so since the country has zero mandatory data retention laws and does not participate in alliances like the Five Eyes or the Fourteen Eyes. 

Nord VPN is very popular because of its host of elite features. In November 2020, it launched a Dark Web Monitor feature that scans the whole dark web to see if a user's credentials have been exposed. When the Dark Web Monitor feature finds any leaked credentials, it shoots an alert instantly, warning the user to change the affected passwords immediately.

Tom's Guide in October 2019, the reviewer concluded that "NordVPN is affordable and offers all the features that even the hardcore VPN elitists will find suitable.” 


NordVPN scores 4.7/5 from 4,973 reviews on Trustpilot as of 24 Nov 2020


  • Has robust security protocols in place that offer solid encryption for mobile devices.

  • Has 100s of secure P2P servers.

  • One subscription helps you secure 6 devices simultaneously

  • Allows you to change your IP twice for double protection while surfing the web

  • NordVPN's app has a smooth User Interface 

  • They provide round-the-clock support 


$89 for first 2 years 

$59 for first 1 year 

$11.95 for 1 month 

NordVPN's Best Cyber Monday VPN Deal 

Save 68% on 2-year-plan and 58% on 1-year-plan. 

6. IPVanish 

IPVanish has been a trusted VPN service provider for more than 8 years now.  This VPN company was founded in 2012 by Mudhook Media Inc., an independent subsidiary of Highwinds Network Group in Orlando, Florida. 

They always press hard not only on the quality of their service but also their customer experience, therefore giving round-the-clock customer support.

In 2016, IPVanish was awarded the Silver Award for Startup of the Year from the Info Security PG's Global Excellence Awards, and Lifehacker AU rated the service as its #1 VPN

Tom's Guide in January 2020 reviewed that the lack of a kill switch on the mobile application "may be a downside for some.”


IPVanish scores 4.7/5 from 6,317 reviews on Trustpilot as of 24 Nov 2020


  • Finest VPN app for Firestick & Kodi

  • Easy service for anonymous torrenting

  • Prevents data leaks and assures 100% privacy 

  • Over 40,000 anonymous IP addresses to choose from 

  • One subscription helps you secure 10 devices simultaneously 


$34.99 for 1st year 

$26.99 for 3 months 

$10 for 1 month 

IPVanish's Best VPN Deal for Cyber Monday

Save 76% on a 1-year plan and 17% on a monthly plan.

7. Private Internet Access VPN 

Did you know that the founder of PIA (private Internet access) VPN comes from a royal bloodline? 

American-born Andrew Lee, the company founder, has been named the official successor to the throne of the House of Yi (Lee), the Joseon dynasty’s ruling former house. Lee dropped out of college before graduating and started his own online business, which eventually became Private Internet Access. 

On 18th November 2019, Private Internet Access made an announcement that it would merge into Kape Technologies, which also operates two competing VPN services, Cyberghost and Zenmate.


Private Internet Access scores 4/5 from 6,281 reviews on Trustpilot as of 24 Nov 2020


  • Enjoy Integrated advanced firewall and filtering capabilities of the Netfilter Project never to receive any unwanted connections to your devices 

  • Get instant access to thousands of latest content on Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, HBO GO, and more.

  • Access P2P torrenting and keep your downloads private 

  • Block all ads, trackers, and malware

  • Bypass censorship and access content you don't have access to. 

  • Secure 10 devices simultaneously with one subscription


$69.95 for 2 years and 2 months 

$39.95 for 1 year 

$11.95 for 1 month 

Private Internet Access's Best Cyber Monday VPN Deal

Get 77% off and 2 free months on a 2-year-plan.

8. VyprVPN 

VyprVPN is a VPN providing daughter company of Golden Frog. Golden Frog was founded by Internet Veterans Ron and Carolyn Yokubaitis, who have owned and operated Internet businesses since the dawn of the public Internet in 1994.

According to its website, Golden Frog was created in response to the nefarious Room 641a in San Francisco, where the National Security Agency was conducting surveillance on AT&T's networks. 

The founders reached out to the FCC to bring this to their notice but in vain. So, rather than waiting for the government to protect Internet user privacy, they found Golden Frog to create tools that will help individuals access the internet without tampering with their privacy. 


  • WireGuard®, secure DNS and other encryption protocols used by VyprVPN ensures safety and privacy

  • Blocks any third party from accessing your data 

  • Enjoy lightning-fast and reliable connections 

  • Their Chameleon™ protocol helps you access blocked websites, apps, and streaming services

  • VyprVPN Cloud is a user-friendly VPN server-deployment solution that offers an added layer of security while you're accessing cloud servers

  • Offers over 200,000 IP addresses 


$60 for 2 years

$45 for 1 year 

$12.95 for 1 month 

VyprVPN's Best VPN Deal for Cyber Monday

Save 80% on the 2-year-plan and 71% on the 1-year-plan.

9. Surfshark

Surfshark is considered to be one of the best VPN services for Netflix. Surfshark also has special discounts for students. This VPN works on all browsers from Chrome to Firefox to Tor. 

Surfshark is famous for its browsing in torrenting speed. Users appreciate Surfshark because they can access private browsing at very high speed regardless of their location. Surfshark is also loved more by users because it reportedly works in China as well.


Surfshark scores 4.3/5 from 6,429 reviews on Trustpilot as of 24 Nov 2020


  • One subscription helps you secure unlimited devices at the same time

  • You can let the websites you want bypass VPN like banking sites, etc.

  • Its Camouflage Mode lets even your ISP not track that you're using VPN.

  • The No Borders Mode helps you access the Internet in restrictive regions


$59.76 for 2 years and 3 months

$38.94 for 6 months

$12.95 for 1 month 

Surfshark's Best Cyber Monday VPN Deal 

Save 83% on 2 years and 3 months plan, and 50% on 6 months plan. 

10. PrivateVPN 

PrivateVPN is a VPN service providing company based out of Stockholm, Sweden. The full company name is Privat Kommunikation Sverige AB, and the company was originally named

It is a decent VPN service that provides decent security and privacy levels, stable connections from anywhere in the world. Users love it's customer service as they provide uninterrupted customer service. 

PrivateVPN is one of the most cost-effective VPN services. They have the reputation of giving great streaming speed. They run well across OS and have unlimited bandwidth & server switches. 


PrivateVPN scores 4.8/5 from 661 reviews on Trustpilot as of 24 Nov 2020


  • Gives you optimum speed on local connections

  • Has dedicated servers for Netflix in 32 countries

  • Easily runs on apps desktop & mobile apps 

  • Runs well even in China

  • Gets deployed in 1 click and takes 60 secs to start running 

  • Very cost-effective


$47.52 for 1st 2 years, then for 1 year 

$12.69 for 3 months 

$7.12 for 1 month 

PrivateVPN's Best VPN Deal for Cyber Monday

Save 82% on 2 years plus 3 months plan. 

11. StrongVPN

Originally founded in 2005, StringVPN is based out of the USA. The VPN has now been acquired by J2 Global, a trusted company that controls some of the world's leading VPNs.

StrongVPN is one of the most popular VPN service providers across the globe. It is easy to use and has an interesting and fun User Interface. 

The fact that this VPN only has a kill-switch Windows OS limits the potency of this VPN substantially. It is certainly not recommended to use this platform for torrenting on any platform other than Windows. 


StrongVPN scores 4.8/5 from 1961 reviews on Trustpilot as of 24 Nov 2020


  • One subscription allows you to secure 12 devices simultaneously 

  • Has a 'Best Available Location' feature

  • WireGuard®, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN, IPSec, and IKEv2 safety protocols

  • Works well on all OS


$69.99 for 1 year 

$10 for 1 month 

StrongVPN's Best Cyber Monday VPN Deal

Save 42% on 1-year plan 


We hope this list of best Cyber Monday VPN deals have helped you find the right VPN service provider at the best possible rate. Also, know that mostly all these services have a 15 to 45-day money-back guarantee. Cyber Monday or Cyber Month is the best time for you to buy premium VPN services, since it is rare to find a price free-fall anytime across the year. 

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