5 Easy Steps to Create Custom Greeting Cards

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5 Easy Steps to Create Custom Greeting Cards

If you wish to become a great custom greeting card designer or invitation wedding card designer then here are some steps that you need to follow!

How does it feel when you and your competitor send the same type of greeting card to your customer? I am sure it is awkward and embarrassing!

This can be a big possibility if you try sending a card from the online galleries. It is because thousands of businesses would be searching the same galleries.

So, what is the solution?

The solution is to create custom greeting cards.

Creating custom greeting cards is very easy and can be done in very less time. It is even fun and interesting to create custom greeting cards for your customers. All you need to have is the basic understanding of various aspects involved in the process.

Even, custom greeting cards is a great way to present your business exclusivities in an interesting and creative way to your clients. You can use these cards to greet your customers and at the same time make them aware of your business products, offerings, solutions, and more such stuff. For all such reasons, custom greeting cards are a far better option than using greeting cards available online.

So, if you wish to become a great custom greeting card designer or invitation wedding card designer then here are some steps that you need to follow!

But before you follow these steps, you need to have a graphic design tool installed on your laptop or desktop. If in case you are not sure which tool to get, then you can begin with Photoshop, which offers you enough scope to create an awesome custom greeting card with ease!

Now, let’s head towards the steps!

1. Select a Greeting Card Size and Format

When you need to design a custom greeting card, then there can be endless options to size and format.

Select a Greeting Card Size and Format

From single opening to the embossed window, double doors, multiple windows, and more, you can give a unique essence to your card by selecting an exclusive format. Besides the format, the size of the card also matters. Rectangular, portrait, square, landscape and more such formats can be selected in order to get desired results.

Hence, make sure you pick an appropriate card format and size that is enough to fit the content well into space.

2. Create a Design layout with Different Blending Modes

The layout of the greeting card is the next prominent step that you must follow.

The layout of your card is going to make a huge difference. Remember, you are not building a blueprint, and this card can generate a great impression on your customers. You can go beyond the ordinary sketch cards by considering the prototypes and distinct blending options.

The graphics on a card can be a vignette. With a proper blending mode, you can remove unnecessary elements and make sure your greeting card holds the perfect layout with proper layers and effects.

3. Pick a Greeting Card Art

You can use your imagination and creativity to the fullest in order to create a highly impressive greeting card. For a greeting card, it is best to employ elements and art form that adds to its meaning and gives it an in-depth meaning.

Even if you are planning a simple picture, you need to use it in a way that it is helpful to solve the ultimate purpose. Just try to transform your picture into art. Use your techniques to give it an edge and form.

If you are not able to think anything, then you still have a scope. You can always consider using the online tools in order to make a card that plays with other elements and adds creativity to the overall format. Check for all sorts of graphics and shades online, which you can use in order to enhance the beauty of your greeting card.

4. Keep things intact to bring out textures

Now, once you are done with layout and format, it is now time to bring out the textures. This is a really fun part, and you would love doing it!

But before you move ahead with it, just make sure you keep all your stuff intact. Play around with textures and blending modes to ensure that your greeting card reflects the effects that you want to display.

A great way to start is to create the checklist and place all stuff in one folder. Then you can try experimenting with different stuff from the checklist to confirm that you ultimately get the design you were looking for.

5. Place the message Beautifully

The last step is to place your message in a beautiful and readable way. Remember, you need to focus on both the aspects. This is another field where you need to be more creative. From simple words to phrases, poems, and rhymes, you can include text message that you feel is appropriate.

Once you have shortlisted the words, the simplest way is to put it down perfectly and patiently. You need to be careful while selecting font size, color, texture, and type. The font size must be readable and at the same time look attractive.

Remember it is fun!

Though you are creating the card for your business purposes, still it is something that is creative.

Just consider the whole process more fun. Try to add humor and create funny cards, if your business allows you to do so. Greeting cards are sent on special occasions, but they allow you to be as creative and unique as you want them to be. Too much rigidity can spoil the overall essence of your greeting.

Bonus Tip!

Once you are done with your greeting, you can share it with others in your team. This would offer you with more suggestions and feedbacks. Might be even there is still scope for improvement, and you would be able to achieve it with feedback from your peers.

Just try to create a greeting card with as much ease as possible. With some enthusiasm, fun attitude, and interest, you can definitely create a custom greeting card that stands out from others.

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