Where to Learn Really Useful Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

Where to Learn Really Useful Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

Do you want to learn content marketing tips as a beginner? If yes, here's a blog that talks about the different ways you can achieve this feat by getting most of the subject.

When we hear the term “content marketing”, it sounds like a modern trend employed in big companies. However, the notion of content marketing has been around for years. It just keeps evolving and incorporating new techniques. New marketing professionals join the race, and they need to master the latest content marketing techniques to keep afloat.

The list of resources is endless, and it will be confusing for a beginner to start learning content marketing without at least a basic guide. Whether you are up to social media, blogging, or email marketing, constant learning is crucial. Depending on what areas you are planning to concentrate on, here is where you can grab some useful tips and instructions.

1. Content Marketing Blogs

A lot of experienced marketers gladly share their best practices and their tried and tested strategies with others. Very often, they promote their content marketing courses by showing themselves as industry professionals in their blogs. Unlike lots of courses, the blogs are absolutely free.

Copyblogger – is a good source of content marketing materials for beginners. It requires registration, but it’s absolutely free if you apply for a basic membership. In addition, upon subscription, you will get tons of useful content right in your email box.

Contently –  Useful tips and recommendations from an experienced content strategist who is focused on improving your existing content strategy. Successful user stories, exemplary cases, and helpful tips can be found here. The blog is suitable for both beginners and experienced content marketers who look for extra inspiration and the latest trends to follow.

Content Marketing Institute – One of the most reputable content marketing resources that even highly experienced marketers refer to in their posts. They produce traditional blog posts and infographics that give beginners large portions of knowledge about content marketing.

2. Webinars

For those who find it easier to learn through listening, webinars work perfectly well. Live discussions streamline concentration and help users to focus on details. They are becoming increasingly popular due to highly-experienced industry insiders involved and huge portions of valuable information shared.

Content Marketing Institute webinars

Their webinars feature the most pressing content marketing topics and are held by some of the most reputable content marketers willing to teach beginners. The loveliest part is that the majority of webinars featured on this recourse are free.

Curata Webinars

The website features lots of different learning resources where a lot of attention is paid to webinars. Users will find tons of information related to various content marketing topics and levels.

Vertical Measures

It is another powerful resource that features the best content marketing webinars on a regular basis. You can easily find a recorded version of any webinar you failed to watch live. Each entry goes with a detailed description and information about the presenter.

3. eBooks

Post-Production Game Plan: How to Distribute, Promote, and Repurpose Your Content for the Win

Creating valuable content is only a half-way done job. This eBook will teach you how to make sure your content gets noticed by the readers and thus gets the desired exposure. You will learn how to expand the reach of your writing and choose a suitable audience for your content.

 The Big Fat B2B Content Marketing Strategy Checklist 

The ebook is focused on content marketing tactics that work undeniably for B2B audiences. The checklist will be highly useful for those who need to reach out to business customers and don’t want to spend time on countless attempts.

Business Blogging Secrets Revealed

Blogging is an indispensable content marketing element. The eBook is based on a survey of 428 marketers who shared their best practices, recommendations, and mistakes. It will help you build and maintain a high-performing business blog that attracts and retains readers.

How to Attract Your Customers via Facebook

Facebook is a good place to market your business. However, only a small percentage of marketers manage to succeed here. This eBook will let you look at Facebook from a different perspective and create content that is tailored right for this particular audience.

The Smart Guide to Email Marketing Conversion

Powerful email campaigns are going to give you a good ROI. You will learn how to use landing pages properly, build a list of subscribers, and turn your subscribers into buyers. This eBook will show you how to create effective campaigns and what to include in them for maximum exposure.

4. Slideshows and Infographics

Remembering large portions of information might be hard, especially when we talk of huge bulks of text. Then it will be wise to learn things from the resources that combine text with graphics. Infographics and slideshows are the best ways to learn content marketing strategies, principles, and new trends if you are fed up with bare text. Consider these resources:

5. Slideshare

The majority of reputable content marketing resources have their own Slideshare channel and feature new slideshow presentations on a regular basis. Content Marketing Institute has been really active on Slideshare recently. Check out what they have.

Michael Brenner has lots of useful content marketing presentations in his channel too. Find useful tips from a B2B marketing insider with the record of delivering astonishing results in the marketing environment.

6. Pinterest

Even though companies usually publish their new infographics to their blogs, they don’t miss a chance to get their infographics noticed by Pinterest users. As one of the largest image-based social networks, it stores tons of creative and informative stuff on the topic of content marketing.

7. Video Training

Video courses and tutorials have been proven to bring good results to learners, especially when they need to master certain content marketing tools. Lynda features hundreds of video training courses related to different aspects of content marketing. Users adore it that they can either choose broad and basic topics or concentrate on some narrow ones, like press release marketing or blogging.

One more popular resource that learners often use for their study is the Online Marketing Institute. It features dozens of video courses that are focused on content marketing and its different aspects.


Mastering content marketing is not an easy task, especially if you don’t have a plan. Knowing what and how to learn will facilitate your study and bring you closer to becoming a skilled content marketer, even if you are just a beginner now. Beware of mistakes and deal with them before they occur. Knowing the most painful content marketing mistakes will help you to be alert. Reach your learning goals step by step, and you will soon realize your content marketing expertise has grown significantly.

Christine Allen is young writer and blogger. She believes that you can get everything that you want. You just need to be sure in what you really want and be patient. You can follow her on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+

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