9 Reasons You Should Have Business Mobile App [How to Develop]

9 Reasons You Should Have Business Mobile App [How to Develop]

The advantages of using a mobile app over a website, and how it enhances your business.

These days, almost every business that exists has a website. Sometimes when you want to tell someone about your business they won’t even listen. Most people would just request for your website URL to check about your business.

Now, this has enhanced a lot of businesses and a lot of people that are setting up one business or another now make sure they have a website for it.

But in this 21st century, another massive way to help push your business to the next level is through the use of a mobile application by hiring a mobile app development company in Dubai.

Almost everybody today makes use of a smartphone, and entrepreneurs can do more to utilize this opportunity. Having a mobile application for your business would benefit you more than having a website.

Also, mobile app development for your business is not as expensive as some people think it is. Be that as it may, we are going to give you the reasons why you should build a mobile app for your business, as well as the advantages it has over the use of a website.

1. Mobile Apps Are Fast

Since the mobile app would be on the phone, it means that a lot of data about the mobile app would be saved on the phone already. With this, launching the mobile app on the phone would be very easy.

Also, mobile apps benefit from their JavaScript makeup, and this enables them to run very fast. Now compare this to the use of a website; a website cannot be as fast as a mobile app. Sometimes, mobile apps are almost twice as fast as a website.

Naturally, customers would prefer the use of a mobile app, and if peradventure you do not have it yet, you might lose customers to rivals who have it.

2. Personalization

Mobile apps enable customers to choose their preferences, and so the app can be personalized. The ability to personalize a mobile app thrills customer, as preferences can be set based on language, culture, behavior etc. All these would want the customer to make use of a mobile app than a website.

3. Getting Updates

When you use a business mobile app, you can send updates to customers, making them aware of the latest developments in the business.

Take for example you deal with clothes, when you get new stocks of male clothes, you can send the update to your male customers. They won't even have to check the mobile app to receive the update, they will get the notification directly on their phone.

This would make customers place orders for them. If you only have a website to do this, then the customer must have to visit the website before they notice any update.

4. Making Use of Device Features

Mobile apps can be developed in such a way that it can use phone features like camera, GPS and even a fingerprint if available. All this helps elevate user-experience of the mobile app.

Mobile apps currently are the most popular and effective ways of delivering services and content. There is the need to make them user-friendly and appealing.

On that note here are some practical tips to consider when developing mobile apps:

5. Minimize Cognitive Load

To attract and retain more users, reduce the chances of confusion and friction encountered by the potential users when interacting with the app.

The less the hurdles, the higher the probability that the app will be accepted by many, hence it will stay around.

6. Optimized User Flow

It is essential to understand how the users interact with a mobile app in order to optimize it. For a mobile app development company, it is prudent for them to understand the goals of the users in the entire user flow context.

This knowledge aids in the identification of the most common points of friction during task completion.

Some of the effective and popular ways to optimize user flow include:

  • Dividing big tasks into smaller steps and actions (subtasks). Always make sure you limit the number of actions a user is required to complete in order to boost comprehension.
  • Use the information that you have already obtained about your users in a proper way.
  • In a case where the user is required to complete a given number of steps, show the next step automatically.

7. Minimize the Clutter

Good UI design entails the delivery of relevant information (signal) while concurrently avoiding irrelevant information (noise).

Cluttering an interface will in the long run overload users with a lot of information: every added image, icon, button, makes the screen crowded and more complicated.

Tip: To minimize clutter show only the most necessary items on the current step.

8. Ensure Navigation is Self-Evident

It is good to note that regardless of the compelling content and cool features in your app, it would not matter if people cannot access it. Navigation rules include:

Tip: It is far better to use navigation patterns that are standard — such as the Navigation drawer and the Tab bar that majority of the users familiarize than getting sophisticated as simple solutions always work.

9. Consider Designing the Thumb Zone

There is a territory entailing a third of the screen that is genuinely effortless. It is referred to as the natural thumb zone.

Consider including various zones when designing a mobile app:

  • Green thumb zone is well suited for the call-to-action buttons e.g. the “share” button.
  • Red thumb zone (hard-to-reach) is good for options that are potentially dangerous such as the Delete or Erase buttons. This will reduce the chances of users accidentally triggering such options.

Get Help:

You may also consider designing for the interruption, creating a multichannel experience, and using intuitive gestures among others.

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