Build a Content Brand And Outgrow Your Competitors

/ July 24, 2018 | 4 Mins Read

Build a Content Brand And Outgrow Your Competitors

How exactly does your content help you outgrow your competitors? Here are the six ways how content can help you grow fast.

Regardless of your business domain, there is a tough competition in the market. To stand out from the crowd, you should proactively employ the best marketing strategy to outgrow your competitors.

However, the traditional marketing methods are losing their effectiveness as most people have become marketing averse. The best marketing strategy nowadays involves reaching out to prospective customers, delivering value to them and turning them into your customers.

And one of the best ways to do it is through content. Content marketing, by its virtue of helping your prospective customers make the right decisions, leaves a lasting impact on your customers’ mind and makes them loyal to your brand.

But how exactly does your content help you outgrow your competitors? Well, that is what I am going to discuss in this post today.

Without further ado, let’s dive in:

How Building A Content Brand Outgrows Your Competitor

Here are the six ways how content can help you grow fast:

1. Content Helps You Reach A Large Audience

Through a compelling piece of content, you exchange valuable information with your audience. And you reach a large audience by promoting this content. Always keep the tone of your content informal. Conversational tone lets your customers feel that you are actually having a conversation with them.

From social media channels to news websites, relevant forums to RSS feeds, you can promote your content across various online platforms and reach a wide group of audience. The more value your content can create, the better way you can enhance your business brand and yourself.

You can also do guest posting to widen your reach. Write useful posts on leading websites in your industry.

2. Content Helps Your Customers

Your prospective customers never buy a product unless they know everything about it.

As a website cannot provide face-to-face conversation to the customers like brick and mortar stores, content is the key thing through which a website can educate them. Not only can you provide information about your products or services through content but you can also explain ‘how to use products/service’ through interactive content.

Some of the major types of content that help customers by educating them about something and resolving their possible queries are:

So, becoming a content brand means helping your audience through content, which goes long way.

3. Content Generates Leads

No matter what type of a business is, content is the king, and thus content marketing should be a business’s primary goal in order to generate leads.

Research says, instead of trusting the traditional marketing plan, 93% of B2B firms opt for content marketing to generate leads.

Moreover, B2C companies choose to blog as an important avenue, according to HubSpot Marketing Statistics. Those who blogged more than eleven times a month received more than four times better leads as compared to those who blogged only four to five times a month.

And the best thing about generating leads through content marketing is you don’t have to break the bank. It is more economical to generate leads through content marketing than any other marketing method. And the results are long-lasting.

4. Content Builds Leadership

Developing and promoting content with a sole purpose of meeting your target audience’s need create authority, build credibility and above all shape you as a thought leader. Content that makes your customers feel empowered by your knowledge and consider you as an industry expert, builds leadership.

What are the benefits of having leadership in any industry?

Your audience will come to you to clear their doubts and you will get more qualified leads. Moz has become an industry leader by sharing relevant, useful information on SEO and online marketing.

Remember, people always go to leaders. If you are a leader in your industry, you will have an audience.

What are you waiting for?

Start creating useful content to help your audience and become a leader.

5. Content Creates Loyal Customers

No matter what they are going to buy, all customers go through a buyer’s journey. There are typically there stages: awareness stage, consideration stage, and decision stage. And needless to say, they need helps at each stage of the buyer’s journey. When you create content for all these stages and share it with your audience, it will be easier for them to make buying decisions.

Content, focused on the requirements of your customers who want to buy your products or have already bought, can create loyal customers, especially the how-to content pieces, which are related mainly with shopping, post-purchase and between purchase stages, can build loyalty.

The simple funda is your customers have questions and you have all the answers. Share your knowledge with them so that they can make the right decision, and you will get their loyalty in rewards. And they will come to your brand again and again.

6. Content Makes You Stand Ahead Of The Crowd

Content helps you get noticed online. You can start blogging to share fresh ideas with your audience. The more informative, engaging and educational your content is, the better way it can drive traffic.

Instead of copying what your competitors are doing, trust on your own expertise and share how your products or services can remove the pain points of your audience. Write step-by-step guides, create how-to videos to help your audience, and run webinars on hot topics in your industry.

When your content reaches a large audience and adds value to their lives, it shapes you as an industry expert or thought leader. And your prospective customers will look at you when they need any assistance.

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HubSpot and the Content Marketing Institute have become industry leaders by sharing useful content only. Both the platforms have tons of information on their respective domains. If they can do it, why can’t you?

What about you? Do you want to add anything to these points? Please share it in the comment section. I’d love to know about it.

Author Bio: 

Kamalika is an independent writer and a journalist who regularly contributes to Entrepreneur IND, Your Story and many more leading digital platforms. She loves writing persuasive content. She is currently associated with Enuke Software.

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