Brand Story Telling: A Modern Approach of Brand Story Telling Through Logo Designs

Brand Story Telling: A Modern Approach of Brand Story Telling Through Logo Designs

Good brand stories help in building a connection with the target audience. In this blog, we discuss a modern approach of brand story telling with the help of logo designs. Do not dare to miss it!

Good brand stories leave a lasting impression upon the audience. It evokes emotions among the audience while giving them the information that they need to trust your brand. Marketing trends have passed way past the trends that stated: “we sell the best products. Therefore, you should buy it!” The audience now wants a story that tells them why your brand is the best, what’s the procedure behind it and who are its creators.

With a perfect story, the audience will remember your business to be trustworthy, even though they do not remember the details of your business. Brands with a good story make a long term impact on the audience as a good movie or story. On the other hand, a boring story can have a similar effect as a flop movie, that is, it can easily be forgotten and swapped.

Brand stories don’t necessarily have to be overly elaborate. It would be best if you had something simple yet captivating. It doesn’t matter if you are a newly established entrepreneur or the one rebranding, storytelling can enhance the business interaction with the audience comprehensively. Here’s how you can exploit the power of storytelling.

1. Branding and storytelling

Stating in simple words, a brand is an image and an idea that people have of your business, products, and services. By telling a compelling story, you can help you audience tie together the image and idea together.

Consider this, a historical person is still remembered not just by learning them in history classes, but they have a story attached with them that people love to share. Similarly, with a good business story, you can admire your audience to become your regular customers who just do not consume your products but talk highly of your business. Storytelling can help in elevating your market expenses along with more conversions.

As said above, people love great stories along with great designs. Branding works best when there is a company name, a compelling image or logo design with amazing visuals and colors triggering and evoking emotions and feelings to trust in your business. Brand storytelling and logo designs work together to communicate your business message along with guiding them the way of interacting with your business.

To tell a captivating brad story, you first need to identify the essential facts about your brand and then start elaborating them in an intuitive and fun way. Here are the four things that you need to consider before being the author of your brand story. 

2. Identify your story

Information that you gather while researching the five “Ws” and an “H” of your story will help you better understand the vision behind your brand. Think about the inspiration for creating a business and what inspired you to start your business. Integrate your passion, your vision and your inspiration in your brand story.

Furthermore, summarize your values and turn them into your mission for your business. For example, it should consist of the products and services of your business, your audience, your industry, competition, and what sets you apart from them. It is not necessary for your story to have all these facts, but it will help you in setting a mark while expressing your story. However, you must include the details that can help to spread out the word and evoke emotions of your targeted audience.

The apple bite is a perfect example of brand storytelling. Apple defined their core values of user-friendliness, good looking designs, and simplicity through their simple logo design, product design, packaging, UX and UI.

3. Research your competitors

Know your industry. This will give you an insight about which companies are competing with you in line to reach the top and how can you outshine them in the competition. A well-researched brand story will be memorable and help the customers to remember your business in good words, along with influencing their decision to trust your brand.

4. Think about your assets and your approach

Figuring out what your assets can help you in building a brand story. Make a list of things that you require and think about the current position of your company. Being strategic while figuring out the mediums channels you’ll be using to tell your story can be helpful. Your image should stay true to your brand. This can helps in creating trust among the audience. Brands that tell a story control the narrative of the engagement of the audience with the business and products.

5. Tell your story through look and feel

After you realize what you need to establish your brand, you need to figure out what will you require to tell your story. Pictures, keywords, logos, symbols or colors all need to inspire the audience. All the above-mentioned names are different types of marketing strategies, which helps in successfully communicating with the audience. You need to be very vigilant while making your own logo with the online logo creator because every color and symbol evokes a different emotion and can result in making a negative impact on the audience. 

From here you can work with a professional designer to successfully tell your brand story via a logo design. The audience is in search for consistency. A compelling and robust logo design will have the potential customers believe that the brand has gone through a comprehensive research process to present itself with standard images and symbols to match with their story.

6. You are the author of your brand story; designers can make it a reality

Being a business person, you know what you stand for. You have researched your business and your industry, and you are aware of your competition. You can make a rough design of your logo via free logo design maker and hire a designer to enhance further or modify the design.

The brand story is incomplete without a perfect design. Your designer can work magic on your story and help you make your brand memorable and versatile. People who can relate to your brand story that can provide you with a strong foundation for your loyal customers in the near future and many more years to come.

Jessica Ervin is a professional UI UX designer at Design Iconic& She is a passionate tech blogger with enthusiastic writing skills and also brand researcher as well, having a good reader Jessica is contributing to the Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, VR, Gadgets, Tech Trends and much more.

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