How To Boost Content Marketing Strategy if You’re Dead Broke in the Process of Writing

How To Boost Content Marketing Strategy if You’re Dead Broke in the Process of Writing

Are you facing writer's block? If yes, here's a blog that talks about different ways to boost content marketing strategy if you're dead broke in the process of writing. So, even if you're not a master of writing you can use these tips to excel in the writing field.

It was estimated that only approximately 30% of all B2B marketers possess a documented and approved content marketing strategy. Among them, almost the same percentage believe that their chosen path is valid.

Many businesses today underestimate the role of content & copywriting. They undervalue SEO optimization and SMM. Not all people can boast an innate talent for writing, but, in the age of new tech opportunities, you can write minimum to produce maximum. The tips below will give you a clue how to acquire target traffic and hit other goals of your business.

What Is Content Marketing and How Can Process Essay Examples Help

Content marketing is a strategic method to market goods and services based on establishing and distributing up-to-date, informative, credible, and relevant content to gain the attention of the determined audience. The objective is to drive profitable client action. Three significant reasons to use content marketing exist:

  1. Increased revenues
  2. Significant cost savings
  3. Expanded customer base and loyalty

Other ideas are defined in this post. Anyway, without understanding the process itself, you will not be able to develop a useful content plan and implement it successfully. One has to follow the way social media marketing (SMM), search engine optimization (SEO), public relations (PR), and other significant forms of marketing work. You need to know which tools to use. You can learn more from the process essay examples related to this topic, or keep on reading this post full of expert recommendations.

1. Target the Audience Properly

Defining the audience is the initial step to success in business. One should think about various factors. Those are demographics, age, gender, occupation, interests, and even marital status. The point is a business should help the customer to solve the specific problem. If you show how you can be useful in improving the lives of the potential clients, they will become your real ones.

Think about the purpose of every post. Should it drive conversions on the particular web page or target referral visits and inbound links?

2. Incorporate Social Media Marketing

Social media does not require you to type a lot. The texts should be concise. It instead stands for the small, to-the-point posts with something to catch an eye of the target audience. It can be a single sentence with an attention-grabbing image or video.

Every time you create a post for your website/blog, think about how you can tie it to one or several social media networks. Instead of offering the entire article of 1,000 or more words, attach the link and provide a brief excerpt of the post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and add a relevant, original image to finish the masterpiece. Examples from real life and real photos will help. Avoid copy-pasting texts or images from other platforms.

3. Play with Various Types of Media

Who said that content is all about written texts? It is possible to add interesting front infographics and interactive elements of the websites to Facebook and Instagram accounts. That is why these social platforms offer stories and lives. An exciting tale or colored graphics will motivate the potential clients to move on and continue reading the post.

Except for the visual content like pictures and videos, businesses can try creating some microsite to share valuable, fresh information on a single topic. Such a tactic draws in many visitors interested in a narrow issue. The list below offers different formats of content to mix:

  • How-to guides (Explains how
    to do something)
  • Listicles (Reminds of the
    bullet-point lists)
  • Surveys & polls (Choose
    between an embedded or linked form)
  • Opinion pieces (Tells what
    the author thinks about something)
  • Explanatory (Defines the
    object or process)
  • Why pieces (Reasons for
    something to occur)
  • Profiles (Offers in-depth
    info about an individual, organization, etc.)
  • Q&As (Questions-answers
    form of content)

4. Teach Them Something Useful

Most of the users like studying something new. The point is they tend to trust only professionals. Pick an area you are competent in even if it is not directly related to your business, and post something fun and curious about the relevant topics. Share a life story that made you better at something. To remain original, try to stand out from the rest of the bloggers who educate others by:

  • Starting a podcast
  • Creating Slides
  • Launching online webinars
  • Etc.

5. Use Different Marketing Tools

A/B testing is another useful strategy to evaluate what works better for your blog. Set up the campaign to see how people react to various types of content. A/B testing allows assessing click-through rates (CTRs), open rates, and conversion rates. This tool is useful in estimating the return on investment (RoI).

Improve Writing Skills Using Process Essay Examples and Other Samples

The last piece of advice might be the most challenging, but it is worth trying. The good idea is to start working on personal writing skills trying to improve both them and research. Attending traditional or online writing classes might be the first step to success. This post tells how to become a better writer in details.

Once you master the art of writing, there will be no need to hire freelance writers or content managers for the long run - it will result in plenty of saved costs. Having examples of successful marketing content will help. You can get inspired by the ideas of others, but make sure to offer 100% unique content without any duplicates.

Many different platforms like the mentioned in this article can help businesses with their content marketing strategies. It is a good idea to hire assistants (professional content writers, freelance marketing experts, SEO specialists) at the initial stages. After productive cooperation, a business owner can learn how to create engaging, relevant content without extra human resources.

Sam Makad is a business consultant. He helps small & medium enterprises to grow their businesses and overall ROI. You can follow Sam on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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