How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Digital Marketing?

/ July 19, 2018 | 5 Mins Read

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Digital Marketing?

We are in digital era. Right? Check out these 8 areas of Artificial Intelligence that can transform your digital marketing strategy and also check out how Artificial Intelligence playing a role in Business organizations to make your lives easier.

These days, “Artificial Intelligence” is becoming the revolutionized innovation in almost every industry like self-driving cars, spam detecting, our personal assistants like Siri, Alexa, etc. As days passing on, AI becomes ever more integral to our world. In fact, digital marketing is one of the exciting potential use cases for AI.

AI - Artificial Intelligence playing a role in Business organizations to make their lives easier. Marketers and consumers depend on AI technology tools to automate their work and reduce manual effort. AI makes the process of searching and analyzing consumer behavior easier through big data and information. So, learn Artificial Intelligence today to have a great career ahead.

How Artificial Intelligence can Transform Digital Marketing

The AI - Artificial Intelligence can transform digital marketing into new heights. Digital marketing has become the best choice for the business owners to build up their brand image, to reach targeted customers faster, and to cope up with the high competition in their respective fields. As usage of the internet growing rapidly, the search volume of customers on search engines to find their desired service or product increasing.

Thus, search engines opt to “Deep Machine Learning,” which enables search engines to understand the user situation and give them significant data and further building up the extent of artificial intelligence. Through artificial intelligence, the buyer’s personal information can be obtained. Digital marketers can predict the buyer’s wants & needs and effectively reach their targeted audience by obtaining the buyer’s personal information through artificial intelligence.

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Here are a few areas that Artificial Intelligence can transform Digital Marketing.

1. Effective Advertisements

Artificial Intelligence presents effective ADs on the basis of user behavioral history such as likes, video watching history, previous orders, etc. Facebook uses AI technology to show ads on the basis of user likes, and e-commerce sites use AI as the main tool to display products on the basis of user previous orders & search history. And even the video streaming service providers like Netflix & Amazon video use AI to show recommended videos on the basis of user tastes in the past.

With the help of AI, marketers can improve their quality of ads, new user engagement, and positive brand perception. Customized and personalized advertising is an ongoing trend. Through AI,  personalization on the basis of customer preference will continue to generate and serve people’s wants & needs in the future.

2. Smarter Search & Content Creation

Search engines also using AI technology for their algorithms to show better & smart search results, i.e., providing more accurate information for the user in a shorter period.

For example, when a user types specific words for the information - the algorithms analyze information like context, location, time of day, and search history to show the user with a list of results. Here marketers can create content that Google considers valuable.

AI can help you in content creation. AI can convert raw data into well-written content or article in different formats through specific tools and programmes. AI can create 2000 article per second. According to one survey, it is estimated that and 20% of the business content will be through machine only. Many MNC companies like Samsung, Yahoo, Associated Press, etc. are using this AI provided automated content creation system.

3. The Evolution of ChatBots

Chatbots are created to engage with your human clients through computer programmed messaging platform over the internet. The magnificence of the chatbots is the way that they can be integrated into an enormous group of platforms from informing apps (Messenger, Skype, etc.) to proficient tools(Slack).

Users can easily use Chatbot to engage with the service providers like Uber, Hipmunk, etc. Chatbots can help in promoting your brands, or you can provide relevant data on your audience to market specific products. The existence of chatbots is still at the basic level. There will be a significant update in the near future.

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4. Targeting the Right Audience

In traditional marketing, it was extremely hard to reach to the correct focused on individuals physically because of the huge geographic structure of our planet. But now in the present digitalized world, the AI can penetrate into the large data which is accessible through different sources and help digital marketers to reach the right audience through segmentation and based on various preferences like gender, age, interests, education, profession, etc.

targeting the Right Audience

As digitalization growing, the browsing rate of consumers on their devices like smartphones, desktops, tabs is increasing significantly.

5. Building an Effective Marketing Strategy

AI isn't just about personal assistants and chatbots. There are other different types of AI which are helping digital marketing to make progressively better decisions about their marketing and strategies. In view of data, settling on digital marketing best practice can overpower for standard humanoids looked by an abundance of estimations.

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In view of data, settling on digital marketing best practice can overpower for standard humanoids looked by an abundance of estimations. Machines are incredible number-virtuoso and can crunch the subtle elements to give shrewd information about conceivable "next steps."  There are tools like Quill which can make Google Analytics report right away and are getting to be valuable in digital campaigns, showing issues and specifying the areas for plausible changes to be made.

6. Improved CyberSecurity

As a rapid increase in internet usage, the security issue has become a crucial thing. All companies are protective of their data and brand image as any virus can harm their reputation. AI tracks any abnormal movement in the algorithm, that is unusual with a regular pattern and alerts the digital marketers of a risk.

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7. Smarter Sentiment

As the rise of social platforms with users posting about their preferences and desires from brands, it turns out to be humanly challenging to deal with every one of the things being posted. Marketing is about inclusion – stepping into your customer's shoes. At the point when the quantity of shoes is raising day by day, digital marketers are moving to AI to enable them to sort this raising issue.

For instance, Facebook is using deep learning to identify human faces better. And also with their DeepText program, Facebook is deciphering the code of computers to understanding the nuances of language.  For advertisers, this implies more division that is precise and targeted for promotions.

8. Predictive Marketing

Predicting sales in traditional marketing is just inconceivable as there are such huge numbers of traits and factors, yet AI can do this quickly, and it approaches extensive information which is required for this process.

AI can be used as a part of various strategies like analysis of inbound communications and decipher them to make activities as indicated by the past practices. AI can help filter the large measures of information to center the probability of a conversion, which a human can take a very long time to do.


Artificial Intelligence is gradually crawling into our lives. Expanding the number of marketers is using AI to escalate their campaigns and give the clients better experiences. AI is helping advertisers to establish the connection of the vast information accessible, find out about the changing patterns of business sectors and clients, create leads, advance campaigns and streamline tasks.

At the point when the age of digital marketing is making new open ways for marketing, the movement of Artificial Intelligence brought marketing to entirely new heights. However, without a doubt, AI takes away the workload of individuals doing things significantly faster and precise with accuracy.

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