7 Worst Online Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

7 Worst Online Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

We are currently living in an era where almost everything includes technology. Even in our daily tasks, we simply cannot do without the use of it – cellular phones for communication at home and at work; receiving news via television, radios, or computers; and even having our quick meals prepared by a single click of a microwave oven.

And with this era came the birth of online businesses. Thousands of businesses now opt for online marketing strategies in the hope of acquiring new customers and clients without the hassle of printed ads such as flyers and posters.

It’s not all glitz and glamour though. As Spiderman had said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” And sometimes, unavoidable circumstances such as bad choices can lead to disastrous outcomes, especially in the online marketing industry. Lots of businesses have fallen into these hands of catastrophic fate. Since most of the companies thrives in the online community, you should avoid these 7 worst online marketing mistakes to save you from probable humiliation (and wasting precious money).

1 Being Tactless

We simply cannot emphasize how extremely important this is. Numerous big brands (and when we say big, we mean BIG) have fallen into this trap by posting advertisements on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and their respective websites that are completely insensitive and offensive to certain groups and events.

Posts that imply racism, alcohol-fueled date rapes, sexism, violence, and insensitivity about what other places or countries are going through – these are only some of the worst online marketing posts that you could create and we strongly suggest you avoid them.

2 Not Investing in an Online Marketing Solution

There are numerous ways to get your business out there in the online industry. SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click), SMM (Social Media Marketing) and even simple blogs can help you market your business online. Most of your competitors probably already utilize these strategies so don’t miss out and get at least one for yourself.

3 Sending Unwanted Emails

People view their email inboxes as important storage for necessary and important news and letters.  And sometimes, when you include them in your email subscription even if they didn’t sign up for it, they will think of you and your business as probably fraud and a spammer – obviously because they don’t know and trust unknown senders.

An issue with this is that most of the time when people receive emails from unknown senders, these contain viruses and unnecessary ads; if you put yourself in the place of the receiver, surely, you do not want to do anything with that.

So tick unwanted and unnecessary emails off of your list because it causes nothing but trouble (and even so, a bad tag to your business’ name).

4 Web Designs and Content that are Out of Sync

Every person has an innate taste for art. It is embedded in our nature that we like seeing or better yet, devouring what’s beautiful and pleasing to the eyes – beautiful sceneries, pretty paintings, gorgeous men & women. And so what happens if a customer opens your website and sees the monstrosity out of your rainbow-colored page? Sure it looks nice to have some color in your page other than the usual black and white, but sometimes, simplicity is beauty – especially if you don’t have a knack for color coordination.

However, if you really want the vibrancy of what colors have to offer, why don’t you go study the web designs of other major brands? You can also search for good templates in the humungous treasure chest of the Internet. This will help you choose better designs that have been already tried and tested.

Proper grammar is also vital to your web page. There are vicious Grammar Nazis out there ready to point out on your every mistake! So be prepared and have a friend, lover, family member or, even a stranger to proof-read your content before placing it all out on the open for the Grammar Nazis to feast on.

To simply put it, we suggest that you invest in a good custom web design and at the same time have your content re-read over and over again. By doing this, you might just get a sudden spike in your web page views and hopefully in the number of your customers as well.

4 Hiring Substandard Agencies Just Because They’re Cheap

Quality over quantity. We all know that money is important and that saving is an integral part of survival. But being too frugal might just lead to the downfall of your business rather than an advantage. Instead of choosing online marketing agencies because they’re affordable (with not so good services), invest in an agency that provides quality services.

It’s like buying a new pair of shoes. You don’t buy a pair of boots for a dollar just so you can only wear it for 5 minutes because the sole instantly just fell off, you buy good quality shoes because it’ll last longer and will definitely lead you to greener pastures. Same goes for us. We always see to it that when we make our project done, we make ones that you’ll be proud to show off.

5 Not Minding Your Data

The data never lies. The data tells it all. All these marketing data are here to be your guide on whether you’re on the right track so don’t ignore them. Always act according to what the statistics are saying. If you really want to insist a strategy but has been proved to fail for countless times already, open your eyes and move on to another one. This might just save your company.

6  Not Making Great Offers

The Internet has given you a great opportunity by opening up another world of marketing that is accessible to almost all. Why not take advantage of it by putting up great offers for everyone to see? Your customers are vital to your business and it’s about time you offer them something in return. It’s also a great marketing strategy because great offers (especially freebies) easily catch fire.

7 Refusing to Invest Time in Proper Customer Service

Customers are the core of your business – the backbone, to be exact. Without them, you wouldn’t even have a name in the industry. So why not invest time by attending to them, by answering their simple queries and comments in your blogs and social media accounts? This will not only boost traffic on your website, it will also make your customers feel appreciated as well.

The Final Tip:

Always keep in mind that the Internet is a jungle filled with dangerous vultures – hiding in the woods; watching your every move; only waiting for you to make that tiny mistake then…BOOM! You’re everyone’s prey.

So do think before you click. Because once it’s out in the Internet, it stays there forever.

Darvin Tocmo is a Digital Marketer, working at Proweaver, a web development company specializing in Custom Web Design which helps sole proprietors and small companies increase their sales and grow their business

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