8 Best Windows VPS Providers In 2021

/ August 2, 2021 | 5 Mins Read

8 Best Windows VPS Providers In 2021

Read the article below for detailed reviews of the VPS hosts mentioned. Learn about the potential downsides or weaknesses of these providers and what makes each one a good VPS hosting option.

It is always fascinating moving from a tiny apartment to a bigger house because you get your own space where you can do anything.

VPS gives you that space and lets you have access from anywhere! 

VPS stands for “virtual private server.” It is regarded as a stepping stone between a shared hosting and a dedicated hosting setup where your website runs on its server. 

VPS hosting provides you scalability, space, and a secured channel to run your website freely. Here are the top picks for the best windows VPS providers in 2021. 


AccuWeb Hosting provides featured-pack windows VPS hosting services with remote desktop access connecting your computer with the VPS server and pre-installed applications. It gives you full root access to perform your administrative tasks. You will have your dedicated IP address along with cloud infrastructure. Starting at just $7.99/month, you can run your websites freely.

Let’s know more..

AccuWeb Hosting provides

  • Windows VPS
  • Windows VPS SSD 
  • Windows VPS Cloud 

Under Windows VPS hosting, you will get the brilliant resources that includes

  • 1GB - 8GB guaranteed RAM 
  • 500GB - 1TB bandwidth 
  • 40GB - 125GB storage 

Additional Features

Reasonable pricing: AccuWeb offers you the most reasonable charges for hosting services under its classic VPS opal plan at $7.99/month, Classic VPS Pearl plan at $18.99/month, Classic VPS Diamond plan at $37.99/month, and Classic VPS Emerald plan at $75.99/month.    

99.9% uptime: With advanced machine learning, AccuWeb Hosting provides the best uptime for their users who can run their websites freely without any problem. 

Backups: AccuWeb offers free backups to all Classic VPS plans regardless of the duration of service. It also provides paid backup to save data loss, and an unlimited data protection plan starts at $10/month.

Presence: AccuWeb has its presence in over fifteen countries and its network handling is commendable. 

24/7 live support: A dedicated team works all around the corner to provide day and night services to resolve any issue. 

100% customer satisfaction: AccuWeb is considered a user-friendly hosting provider. It offers services to distant corners without any hassle. 

Money back guarantee: Users have their money assured with AccuWeb hosting. You can get your money refunded within 7 days if any service doesn’t appeal to you well.  


Interserver is a leading Windows VPS provider which gives an excellent pricing policy as well as friendly support.  

Interserver provides you

  • 2048MB memory
  • 2TB bandwidth 
  • 30GB storage 

Additional Features

Hosting packages: Interserver windows VPS plan starts at $10/month and its pricing policies vary under cheap, fast, reliable, and guaranteed packages. 

99.99% uptime guarantee: Interserver pledges to give you guaranteed uptime so that your website will be up and accessible online. 

Remote access: You can access windows VPS hosting from any location. Applications will continue to work even in remote areas. 

High tech data center: With high-efficient technology and infrastructure, Interserver protects your data without any redundancy. 

Cheap renewable cost: Now you can renew your website without any worry because Intersever provides renewal cost at $84 for 12 months which is less than what other providers charge. 

Money back policy: Interserver issues a refund within 30 days if their service does not satisfy you well. 

24/7 support: An all around and dedicated team is instant at resolving all of your issues.


Kamatera offers the best Windows VPS hosting service, which is reliable and remarkable. In addition, Kamatera also offers unparalleled advantages such as affordable pricing, flexibility, and best uptime rates.   

Kamatera provides

  • 256MB - 512GB RAM
  • 5TB Bandwidth
  • 5GB to tens of terabytes storage 

Additional Features

Budget-friendly: If you are looking for an affordable Windows VPS plan, then Kamatera must be on your list. Kamatera pricing starts at less than $5 per month. 

99.95% uptime: Kamatera guarantees 99.95% uptime with the advantage of adding new resources both manually and automatically.  

State-of-the-art data centers: Kamatera operates 13 data centers with purpose-built facilities spreading across North America, Asia, Middle East, and Europe.  

24/7 technical support: An all-around team of experts provides you technical support and responds to chats, emails, and calls promptly.

Money-back guarantee: Kamatera offers a 30-day free trial for any services upto $100 and has an easy money-back policy. 


If you are looking for top-rated virtual servers with Windows OS then Liquid Web is a good choice to go with. 

Liquid Web fulfills your demand by offering

  • 4GB - 16GB RAM
  • 10TB Bandwidth
  • 100GB - 200GB SSD storage  

Additional Features

100% uptime:  Yes, you heard right!! Liquid Web offers 100% uptime to all of its users. 

Off server backups: Liquid Web provides off server backups by default, this feature exudes Liquid Web’s potential as the best service provider.

Multi-level DDoS protection: Liquid Web Windows VPS infrastructure is engineered with customer priorities in mind. 

Reliable server options: One can get reliable server options that Liquid Web offers -  

cPanel or Plesk fully managed, Core-managed, Self-managed service.

24/7 available service: Liquid Web has teams designated to help Windows VPS users all the time. You will be instantly connected to a knowledgeable, mentored technician. 

Money back guarantee: N/A 


This particular Windows VPS provider is known for using virtualization technologies. 

If you want a provider with features to make your website run faster, GoDaddy is the platform for you!!!! 

GoDaddy offers

  • 512MB - 2GB RAM
  • 100GB - Unlimited storage 
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Additional Features

Easy to use with suitable speed: GoDaddy is an easy going hosting provider, one can install common applications in mere minutes.

Convenient pricing policy: GoDaddy is very economical at every level starting with -

  • Economy plan at $2.99/month
  • Deluxe plan at $7.99/month
  • Ultimate plan at $11.99/month

Backups: GoDaddy offers paid-on backup

24/7 support: With extensive online help center, GoDaddy delivers best and reliable service to their users.

99.05% uptime: Usually GoDaddy does not support uptime up to the standard limit but still it provides good speed especially when you install applications.

Money back guarantee: Within 30 days, you can refund your money if GoDaddy’s service does not match your need.

Overall, GoDaddy is a good Windows VPS provider with excellent technical support.    


My Hosting.com is a known Windows VPS provider and has made hosting easy with its simplified features and cutting-edge software. 

Myhosting.com provides

  • 1024MB - 4096MB RAM
  • 300GB - 3000GB Bandwidth 
  • 40GB - 80GB Storage 

Additional Features

Powerful built hardware: Myhosting.com provides high-performance network components that let your VPS run faster. 

Cutting edge software: With the latest software and Windows versions, myhosting.com helps your website work smoothly.

100% uptime: Without any hassle you can download, upload anything as the server stays up and running. 

24x7 free support: A dedicated team of technicians replies to your query instantly.

Money back guarantee: Myhosting.com provides you a 30 days money back guarantee if the service does not fulfill your need.

Backups: Myhosting.com offers you paid backup 


MilesWeb is known for its decent features, it has a rich knowledge base and offers plenty of affordable plans. 

MilesWeb is an easy going Windows VPS provider which offers

  • 2GB - 24GB RAM
  • 500GB - 2000GB Bandwidth 
  • 50GB - 300GB SSD Storage 

Additional Features

Hosting plans: MilesWeb W1, W2, W3, W4, W5, W6 Windows VPS plans which start at ₹1260/month. 

Latest technologies: To keep your website running, MilesWeb ensures that every Windows VPS is pre-installed with the latest technologies. 

Affordable access: You can have full administrative access to your website with the affordable plans of MilesWeb.

Easy VPS upgrades: Without changing the assigned IP address, you can easily upgrade your VPS anytime. 

24/7 support: A team of skilled professionals are available 24/7 to respond to all the queries.

Backups: MilesWeb offers paid backup.

Money refund guarantee: You can have your money refunded within 30 days. 

Overall, MilesWeb has a solid international presence. 


Router Hosting is an excellent platform, perhaps the most affordable Windows VPS provider. 

Router Hosting offers

  • 2GB - 16GB RAM
  • 3TB - 10TB Bandwidth
  • 30GB - 250GB storage 

Additional Features

Hosting plans: It has interesting hosting plans which are cheap as compared to other hosting providers starting at $7.95/month.

Global data centers: Router Hosting has a presence in more than 15 locations all over the world.

99.95% uptime: You can get reliable, stable connectivity with guaranteed 99.95% uptime. 

Money back guarantee: Router hosting offers you a 7-days money back guarantee, in case you did not like the services. 

24/7 support: An all around support team is available to resolve the technical issues.


If you want to run your website effectively, you have to choose wisely a proper hosting plan. 

A VPS hosting offers you greater control over your site and server. It provides you scalability, higher level of security. Windows based plans are quite popular as they provide high technical support and efficiency. 

Keep worries aside, choose a plan, and get started!!!!!

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