Role of Technology in Turning Knowledge Sharing into a Global Currency

/ January 6, 2018 | 5 Mins Read

Role of Technology in Turning Knowledge Sharing into a Global Currency

What role does technology play in transforming knowledge sharing into a global currency? Let’s find that out in this blog.

With technology progressing at a rapid pace we can see new changes out there in the world almost every day. In every scenario of life, the contribution of technology is immense. Today technology plays a crucial role in how knowledge is shared and processed. In fact, we can’t wait but look forward to the times when sharing knowledge is going to be even more convenient and easy.

Today, in this blog, we will discuss how with some clicks, knowledge can now be easily accessed on any topic, owing to the social media and the internet, which has an immense contribution in changing how we lead our lives. It has given a whole new perspective to it and this is one fact that can’t be denied. People nowadays find knowledge sharing pretty easy, like you can easily start a blog in just 15 minutes or so, or maybe less. Could you have imagined this few years back?

With constant developments in the corners of digital technology, it has now become possible to start discussions and to work hand in hand with people irrespective of their location. Technology makes it feel like that person lives just beside your working place. And this is great, isn’t it? Sharing knowledge is vital as only when our collective and individual experiences, know-how, and skills are shared we can actually make this world a beautiful place. Isn’t it what we all strive you attain?

Now as we are progressing, there will be new techniques and ways to deal with things. Same is the case with technology knowledge sharing. Like the conventional arenas pertaining to knowledge sharing are going to persist to a certain extent, but in order to make sharing, analysis and knowledge-collection faster and more effective, the industry is certain to incorporate new and sophisticated knowledge tools. With Digital innovation, knowledge will be instantly served via the text messages, videos, infographics, social media platforms, podcasts, review sites, video-streaming sites, and through lot more emerging options.

Here let’s discuss how knowledge sharing is an immensely beneficial:

1. Lots and Lots of Information

The Internet has a massive role to play in making communication and information a lot better. It does a great job of delivering messages in a few seconds time while it also enables us interactively communicate with the sources such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Skype, forums, blogs, etc.

Don’t we often head to Google to find everything we need to know, be it how to bake cupcakes or how to remove stains from your white attire? Regardless of what filters your search needs to pass through, you can find something really appropriate with all your search parameters and this owes to Google’s multimillion lines of code.

Hence, it doesn’t matter what your search criteria’s are -, age- or industry-specific, you will always capture something really meaningful indeed.

2. Enhanced social media inspiration

Spur-of-the-moment inspiration has a huge role to play in development. How? Well, aren’t you aware of the fact that it is this kind of inspiration that has led to the invention of millions and businesses and great business ideas? It may sound funny but in most cases, behind this light-bulb moment is inarguably social media. The credit should be given. Internet keeps of inspiring people in million ways, whether it means collecting images, sharing an article on LinkedIn, a tweet on Twitter, posting an ad on Facebook, creating a mood board of Pinterest.

social media inspiration

In fact, most often than not, even a simple conversion that you are having on social media has the possibility of turning into a substantial eureka moment that might offer you a fresh idea or maybe add-on to the existing one. Other than social media, you have a myriad of a source of inspiration and knowledge repositories, but as it is almost everyone is out there on social media, be it for personal or professional reasons, it makes all the sense in the world to make the most of this opportunity.

3. Better productivity at workplace

It has become a current trend that in order to boost effective workflow between the employees and the external parties, most businesses nowadays head towards enterprise collaboration software. It is most evident at the time of employee onboarding.

increase the productivity

Needless to say, every business is keen to explain its work processes, industry and business to its new employees. But they desire that the knowledge is shared via a complete online authenticated ecosystem. This way it is easier controlling the relevance, flow, idea of the information, these new joiners are being enlightened with.

This ensures that everyone is on the same page as employees share their thoughts, no matter from which physical location they are associated, hence giving no space for confusion. Also, as there is proper motivation and they are armed with right knowledge, it is possible for them to work well with each other and head in the right direction. Hence, the employees don’t require spending the 10 hours per day to 50 hours typically required per week, making efforts to collect information related to the industry online. Everything they need will be available at the collaboration platform.

4. Better Collaboration

Though the information found on the internet is in abundance, truth be told, major of it is unreliable. This is the reason that myriad of internet users who are keen on learning a new language, get a professional counseling session or desire learning a creative skill, go for platforms that are particularly designed for that purpose. However, it requires more than a simple search engine query for these kinds of searches.

Better Collaboration

Today we can easily find a number of knowledge-sharing platforms out there. A searcher may choose a forum-style platform like Quora or maybe a teaching website presenting a catalog of videos for learning. Then for specific skill sets, there are other platforms as well, like Skillshare, providing online learning opportunities on topics such as writing, crafts, photography, etc. All in all, there is something for everything and this can’t get any better.

Final Words:

Knowledge is everywhere, it is just that technology that is making the processes lot more easily, to find and use it in with a captivating approach, despite our situations and individual requirements.

Author Bio:
Arun Goyal is Managing Director of Octal IT Solution, a leading Web Mobile App Development Company offering platform to hire dedicated developers for your development requirements. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook.

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