Here’s How Digital Marketing Is Revolutionizing The Fashion Industry

Here’s How Digital Marketing Is Revolutionizing The Fashion Industry

Keeping the current trends in mind and check out how digital marketing can revolutionize the fashion industry.

It is a widely accepted fact that fashion trends change every year. What remains stationary is the need to stay relevant in the minds of discerning target audiences.

It is interesting to note that retail is alive and kicking and the boundaries between the brick and mortar stores and online shopping portals have already blurred. This is where one can find the importance of omnichannel marketing.

With the omnichannel experience hogging all the limelight, it has become imperative for retailers and industry specialists to focus on digital methods of marketing. Also, the retailers are showing a keen interest in comprehending various forms of technologies that are revolutionizing the retail sector.

Keeping the current trends in mind, this digital transformation can be categorized under the three varieties.

1. Technologies to watch

This usually refers to the forms of technology which the retail world would experience in the near future. For instance, Bluetooth Beacons, Artificial Intelligence, in-store push notifications, and much more would form a significant chunk of the decision-making process in the retail industry.

2. Digitizing operations

Digitizing operations refers to online access to various types of inventories, communicating the needs of a particular kind of stock well before its arrival and mobile wallets. It is also worth mentioning here that dynamic pricing in stores would be an integral form of marketing for the retailers.

3. Bringing digital technologies to the store

As the primary focus of the retailers on the in-store experience of the customers, it has become imperative for them to create a multisensory experience for the consumers. With predictive analysis and enhanced customer support, bringing digital modes of technology to the stores have now become possible.

Sprucing up the tech standards in various retail stores

It is foolhardy to assume that customers want to order products online without visiting a store. It is a commonly observed fact that a majority of individuals would instead walk into a store, physically touch the product they want to buy, before implementing their purchasing decisions.

This is where as a retailer you can take the help of digital marketing to attract a lot of your target audiences. In offline retail stores, the retailers are increasingly using technology to facilitate multisensory experiences for the in-store customers.

Retail stores from across the world have begun to take help of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things to render a fantastic shopping experience to the customers.

Fashion Digital Marketing with the help of digital tools

In a crowded fashion online market, it can be tough for your consumers to pick your brand from the pack. This is where digital marketing would render that much-needed uniqueness to your brand. Fashion digital marketing not only improve the presence of the brands, but it also increases the awareness of the brand.

Interestingly, these digital marketing strategies are easily traceable so that you can always have instant feedback at your fingertips. It is also interesting to note that digital fashion marketing, when implemented in the right manner, can get your product in front of your ideal audience so they would be aware of your brand.

When they are aware of your brand, it translates to the fact that they would give your brand greater importance which augurs well for your retail business.

Style guides to show customers how to wear a particular outfit

Since the last five years, a lot of brands have designed style guides on their specific websites so that it is relevant to their customers. On the other hand, the fashion brands who sell a variety of outfits are putting together a style guide for their website.

In this manner, the visitors and subscribers of that particular site are getting ideas on how to incorporate appropriate apparel in their everyday life. In this context, it is interesting to note that in their endeavors of creating a style guide, they are not creating a single guide.

Instead, they are opting for season style guides and the kind of outfits that goes best with various types of season. Interestingly, if you sell blazers, you can list it under formal dresses. For style guide, you can opt for winter and spring. You can also try to tell a story with the help of these style guides.

Customers, community, and your brand

It is important to note that you should always encourage your customers to share the content that is based on the values of your brand. In this manner, you can foster brand engagement alongside customer engagement.

For instance, a large number of retailers as a part of digital marketing strategy are organizing contests on Facebook and Instagram where they are asking their community to share a picture of something in which your brand has sound belief.

In this manner, you can always involve your online community of shoppers.

Blogging is becoming the way forward

Blogs the best way in which you can provide valuable information to your audiences. Besides, having a blog would also help your customers to be engaged in your site. This is the reason that a lot of current brands are taking help of blogs to make their customers involved.

There are times where your brand would require a long content and this requirement can be satiated with the help of blogs. You can also include numerous photos and videos to make the content more engaging.

A blog section is a mandatory section and symbolizes that the brand is aware of its customers.

Harsh is the co-founder of Fynd, a first-of-its-kind, e-commerce fashion platform dealing with a live inventory of 8K plus stores catering to more than 8 million customers. Fynd is a central online shopping destination for fashion, offering clothing items like blazers, trousers and other accessories for Men, Women and Kids. Harsh is an engineer from IIT Bombay and has 7+ years of experience in the field of Fashion Retail, Hospitality, Management Consulting and Human Resources. He is currently working on expanding Fynd's presence on the global radar.

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