Small Business Books That You Should Read

Small Business Books That You Should Read

Want to learn more about growing your business? Here are 7 more books that will help you skyrocket your company and to achieve financial success.

Entrepreneurship is a growing trend. Especially during this pandemic, people want to venture into an opportunity to earn money from home. 

Like any other investment, doing business requires knowledge and skill. Of course, you won’t be content with keeping your business small. If you’re going to make an enterprise, you want to rise with it to the top. If this is your goal, you need to understand the basics of starting your own company, such as customer service, management, and marketing strategy. These pieces of information are crucial to achieving success. 

Thus, the first step in starting a business is not looking for opportunities but instead gaining as much knowledge as possible and learning how to use it. As a start, you need to read small business books to broaden your mind.

How Reading the Right Books Helps You Start and Grow Your Business

When people talk about reading business books, they assume that all topics revolve around finding the right business. On the contrary, these small business books can give you more. 

These books discuss employee management, which can help you direct and guide your future employees to do their best to achieve financial goals. With this topic, you will learn about motivation, hiring, compensation, and much more! If you want your business to grow, having reliable and productive employees will help you achieve success. You need to know how to manage their performance. 

Another topic discussed in small business books is strategic management. This refers to the continuous process of analyzing, planning, and monitoring the necessities of a business. In this topic, you will understand how you can cope with various adversities and challenges. You can determine the strengths and opportunities of your business to know how you can use these to your advantage. You can also assess your weaknesses and the difficulties that may come your way and plan to control their impact. 

The next topic is sales. When you’re in a business, your goal is to entice as many people as possible to avail of your services and goods. If you read and internalize business books, you will learn good customer service, which is essential to gathering positive reviews and referrals. 

These are only three of the many topics discussed by business books. Are you ready to read some of the best books for aspiring business titans? Tune in for the best-selling entrepreneurship small business books that tackle the fundamentals of starting a million-dollar industry.  

The Best Entrepreneurship Small Business Books That You Should Read

There are millions of business books to choose from. We’ve culled the ones that will teach you the most about how to make your business succeed.  

Best Books on Starting a Small Business

As a starting entrepreneur, you need to start at level one. So, you also need books that can supplement the basics of starting a small business. Here are some of the best entrepreneurial books you need to have at home:

1. The Fire Starter Sessions

The primary problem of start-up entrepreneurs is battling their fears about investing. To resolve this, you need to read Danielle La Porte’s book, The Fire Starter Sessions. This outstanding read is full of anecdotes and motivational statements that will drive you to achieve your business goals. So, if you’re having a difficult time battling your anxieties, it's time to purchase this book to change your perspective and develop positivity. 

2. Will It Fly?

Written by Thomas K. Knight, this is one of the best books on starting a small business. The author offers the answer to the most asked question by start-up entrepreneurs: “Will my business soar, or will it fall flat?” In this book, Knight created a 44-item checklist based on his years of experience. From your score, you can assess whether your idea will achieve success. If not, this book will guide you to generate a more viable plan to make your enterprise prosper. 

3. Lucky or Smart?

Bo Peabody is known for being an internet multimillionaire in his late twenties. According to archives, he co-founded five companies in various industries. Because of his achievements, there is a never-ending debate of whether he, along with other successful business people, is lucky or smart. 

According to Peabody, luck, and intelligence work together. You just have to understand how you can use both to your advantage. In his book, you will learn when to use both chance and intelligence in business. With this knowledge, you can develop a smart and effective mindset to make your business prosper. 

4. Million Dollar Consulting

Last but not the least book about starting a business is Million Dollar Consulting. Written by Alan Weiss, this fantastic read talks about the technical concepts of entrepreneurship, including writing your proposals, setting up your office, delegating labor, and understanding networking strategies - all of which are crucial to the productivity and profitability of your business.

Best Books on Growing a Business

Once you have already started your business, it’s time to understand how you can make it prosper. Here are best-selling reads that can help you improve your strategies and skyrocket your profits. 

5. Tools of Titans

Many believe that having a business means you no longer have to work anymore. This is entirely false. In fact, when you own a business, you need to double or triple your efforts to make sure your company continues to grow. 

To learn more tips on how you can improve your business, read Tools of Titans by Time Ferriss. This 673-page book contains various interviews with successful entrepreneurs, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Reid Hoffman, and Maria Popova. From their interviews, you can learn tips on how to remain productive in your business. You can also pick up various ideas and strategies to keep your enterprise afloat. What better way to skyrocket your profit with this “toolkit” that can change your life?

6. The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It

According to multiple studies, 80% of businesses fail because they are not proficient in the business craft. Author Michael E. Gerber reiterates that being skillful does not grant you the ability to build a successful company. 

You need to learn effective managerial strategies. This includes knowing who to hire and how to manage their performance. This book tackles which skill set to look for in a person and where to position them in a company. With this technique, you can build a team full of experts to help you and your business prosper over time. 

build a team full of experts

7. High Output Management

The last but not the least book to read about business is High Output Management, written by Intel’s CEO, Andy Grove. He explains the importance of being an effective manager in improving a company. This does not only entail knowing how to lead and appraise your employees. Being an effective manager also involves building a foundation with your team and maintaining it to withstand challenges and threats to the business. 

Grove also emphasizes the importance of team reliance. If you were to build a business and expect it to grow, do not rely on your skills alone. You have subordinates to assist you in making decisions. And since they know more about the processes, you must hear them out and make them feel valuable in a team. This is an essential factor that boosts businesses from the ground up. 

In Conclusion

These are only a few of the best books to read when you want to start a business or when you want it to grow. Remember to invest in an opportunity only when you have enough knowledge about it. This will help you build a strong foundation, generate great ideas, and develop an effective managerial skill. 

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