10 Tips to Skyrocket your App Marketing Strategy

10 Tips to Skyrocket your App Marketing Strategy

The extension of mobile apps continues to roll on. Rather than just being standalone platforms, apps have been integrated into comprehensive mobile strategies. We have begun to rate it as an important part of the business, but we must also reassess how we market our apps.

According to Statista, Google Play Store has 2.46 million mobile apps whereas Apple Store remains the second largest store with 1.96 million apps. In other words, when users access these stores to download and install their favorite apps, they get millions of apps to choose from.

Now, you can imagine the stiffness of competition level and also how it’s tough for any new app to get noticed by users. So, if you are planning to develop a mobile app or already have an app that doesn’t get enough user engagement, then it's the right time to think about app marketing.

App marketing serves its main goal of increasing the popularity of your mobile application among your target users by highlighting its USP, attributes, benefits, etc.

Therefore, you need to focus on sketching out an effective app marketing strategy to get results in your favor and achieve your goal successfully. Let’s discuss here certain important tips that will give a boost to your app marketing strategy.

1. Research

A proper research work is required, no matter what kind of mobile app marketing strategy you are going to make. You need to spend enough time to get an in-depth overview of market, latest trends, user behavior, etc.to develop a right app marketing strategy that works in a better way.

Your research work should also be focused on your competitors and their strategies. In other words, you need to get details of what your competitors are doing to market their apps and also how they are successful. This will not only help you in making your app strategy successful, but also help you stay ahead of competitors.         

2. Define your Target Users

To ensure the success of your app marketing strategy, it’s highly important to define your target audience first. You can explore demography data to gather vital details about your target audience. 

You need to find out the age group of users who will use your mobile apps. Defining age group is not so tough as the type of your app already reveals it. For instance, if you have a music app, the majority of your target audience will be youngster.

3. Create Interesting and Viral Stories

People always prefer to read interesting stories rather than lengthy and boring articles. So, you can adopt this technique to lure users. Your story should be compelling enough to draw the attention of readers at the first glimpse. 

The story should be based on how you got the app concept, how you discovered the best app developer company, difficulties developers faced and how they averted the challenges or something like this. Reading such stories always compels users to download and install your app.

4. Press Release

When it comes to press release, the majority of you may be thinking about writing press releases for your app and publishing them on various related sites. Right? Well, of course, you can do it. Though publishing press releases is considered to be an old app marketing technique, it still has a lot of importance.

Apart from this, you can also target various other channels like print media, electronic media, etc.to market your mobile application. You can publish informative and interesting columns about your app on popular news papers, magazines, etc. Besides, you can also create video ads to run on television.

5. YouTube

YouTube is not only the best platform to watch popular videos, but also to market your mobile app. You may have written various blogs and articles to promote your mobile app.

Of course, these are the most important activities for app promotion. But, have you ever tried to market your app through YouTube? If not, then it's the right time to use this platform for your app marketing.

In order to use YouTube for app marketing, you need to create a vlog, which is a short form of video blog. Your video should include everything about your application from scratch to end, be it architecture, logo, content, functionality, features, etc. 

Besides, it should also include a ‘call to action’ at the end to encourage users to download and install. It’s advisable to request your audience to give ratings and write reviews for your application.

Your video should be informative as well as attention seeking, so users can watch it from starting to end.

6. Email Marketing

Majority of people believe that email marketing is dead or losing its charm in recent times. But, it’s not true - at least not for mobile app marketing. To ensure the success of your email marketing, make sure you are sharing the right content to the right people.

Since you have already details about your target audience, you can target them with the right content. It's a good idea to email them links of your YouTube videos, press releases, viral stories, etc.

7. Approach Influencers

No matter how dynamic your app marketing strategy is, it will not be goal-driven without influencers' contributions. While searching, you will find numbers of influencers. But, you need to opt for the right influencers who influence the majority of your target audience. 

As they have the power to catch the attention of their followers by their every word. So, their every statement related to your app will be listened to by their followers. And there are higher chances that their followers will be converted into your potential customers.

8. Create a Landing Page

Landing page of your mobile app is the first and the most important place where users can gather all the important information be it features, functionalities, ratings, reviews, important links (Apple Store and Google Store), etc.about your mobile app. 

So, you need to make landing page of your mobile app attractive with an eye-catching design, luring theme, etc. You need to also focus on content and presentation style to deliver a good experience to your target customers.

9. App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) increases visibility of your mobile app in the app stores. So, your app can be easily get noticed by users searching for similar apps like yours. ASO is just like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is used to improve a website’s ranking in the SERPs.

To do ASO effectively, you can consider various crucial factors including a descriptive title, relevant keywords, concise and informative app description, use app preview video, choosing the right category, app icon, etc.

10. Guest Post

To reap the maximum benefits of guest posts, you can approach some related websites that have a higher traffic and hold a better market position. Make sure the sites you have shortlisted for guest post have a better DA (Domain Authority), which should be above 50.

When you publish your blogs, people will read your post and if they find your app is interesting, then they will definitely download and install your mobile application.


Majority of app marketing strategies fail to deliver results without proper tips and plans. Above tips are based on the fact and deliver better outcomes. So, you can follow the above tips and do app marketing accordingly to get the guaranteed outcomes.

Author: Shobhit Saxena

This post was submitted by a TNS experts. Check out our Contributor page for details about how you can share your ideas on digital marketing, SEO, social media, growth hacking and content marketing with our audience.

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