6 Reasons Why Shopify is an Ideal Ecommerce Platform

/ June 11, 2020 | 6 Mins Read

6 Reasons Why Shopify is an Ideal Ecommerce Platform

Shopify is a popular ecommerce platform that helps you build your own online store, without needing any tech skills. Shopify is famous across the world, but here are the few important reasons that prove these words valid.

Today, online shopping is no longer optional; it becomes a priority, and for many shopaholics or big spenders, the first way of shopping. It’s not always because people have no time to visit physical stores. Simply, eCommerce has conquered the economy.

Due to the leap of Internet and technology development, the barriers to engage in eCommerce have progressively fallen for both sellers and buyers. The convenience of online shopping is irresistible. 

This move of the economy gives many business enthusiasts an incentive to start their own business. It’s incredible to imagine, and the opportunities are actually there.

Many eCommerce platforms can help you build up an online store with ease. Think about it. As the initial idea is to create convenience and satisfaction on shopping for customers, it would be best if you choose a platform where you can first enjoy the convenience before taking the plunge. 

So, what eCommerce platform should you use, and why? There are a lot of answers. But in case you have no time to read and research all about them, my recommendation is Shopify - the best choice for your business. Here’re 6 reasons why you must take a look at Shopify.  

What is Shopify? 

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms offering everything you need for your eCommerce store while having the easiest requirements to use. The platform empowers over 1,000,000 businesses selling products online worldwide. It provides you with a set of useful features that function your eCommerce website up to the par and effectively raise it to a higher level. 

If you want to have a business of your very own with full independence and no worries about the ownership, choose Shopify. This reliable eCommerce platform makes it easier for you to start, run, and grow a business.

Easy-to-use available tool sets allow you to easily set up your website and sell your products anywhere regardless of business sizes and product types. Shopify has you covered with the ability to set up product prices, payment methods, taxes, and customize your store design in your own way. 

Businesses have countless Shopify alternatives when it comes to creating an eCommerce website. However there are a myriad of reasons why Shopify is the best eCommerce platform for your business. Keep reading to figure out!

What makes Shopify an ideal eCommerce platform?

1. Easy to use

First of all, Shopify is a top-rated eCommerce platform because it reduces the burdens and complexities of creating an online shopping website from scratch. Even without any technical background, you can create a Shopify account and use the available toolset to set up an online store easily.

No matter where you start, as a newbie or already a retail store owner, Shopify can help you turn your retail store details into an online store, creating an online shopping experience for your customers. 

Once your store’s settings are completed, it’s ready to go live and start getting sales. At this stage, many business doers who suffer from nerve-cracking challenges from store management usually take it as a consideration factor when choosing an eCommerce platform.

Don’t worry! With Shopify, all these difficulties will progressively fall for you. It’s incredibly easy to manage and control your store and all entire data through a simple and neat dashboard.  

2. App-rich platform

Shopify is surrounded by an ocean of capable and handy apps. That’s what makes it the best choice for every eCommerce business doer. Users are more and more in love with Shopify as its app ecosystem offers any features and solutions they need for their online stores. 

For example, when it comes to Shopify dropshipping, many Shopify great apps can streamline dropshipping efforts. One of the most top-notch apps is Oberlo that works perfectly on Shopify. It offers plenty of features that cover all the aspects of your dropshipping business, including product research, inventory management, product customization, order, and sales tracking, and many more. 

Shopify apps can scale up with your business, whether it’s about management, marketing, sales-boosting, etc. Here are some recommendations. Have a look: 

  • Shopify apps for marketing and promotion: Omnisend, Sumo, PROOFO, OptinMonster, TrustPulse
  • Shopify apps for customer service: HelpCenter, Yotpo, Facebook Live Chat
  • Shopify apps for sales: Recharge, Smile, Catalog Maker, AVADA Discount Code Generator
  • Shopify apps for administration and management: Printful, AVADA PDF Invoice, Spocket 
  • Shopify apps for SEO: SEO Suite - SEO Image Optimize
  • Shopify apps for content: Social Photos, Pocket

3. Great support 

Shopify offers awesome support to its customers. Shopify’s customer service team is available 24/7 and dedicated to finding solutions for all kinds of problems related to this online shopping platform. If you have any questions or issues, you can contact and share it with them via email, live chat, and phone. 

The customer service team will address your questions/issues quickly and pass them to the professionals. They will handle the rest and solve your problems right away as soon as possible.

As I mentioned before, even if you are a dummy in this industry, you can set up your own online shopping store nicely with the help of Shopify experts. They will take care of your technical headache, and you can focus more on growing your business.

4. A huge collection of themes 

Shopify offers thousands of ready-to-use themes to its users. On the Shopify theme store, you can browse many themes with different style, design, functionality, and pricing to choose the best theme for your store. There are both free and paid options, so you can consider your choice based on the price as well. 

Shopify also categorizes its themes so that you can find a suitable theme quickly without difficulty.  It provides themes for a wide range of industries, from art & photography, clothing & fashion, jewelry & accessories, electronics, food & drink, health & beauty, to toys & games, and many more. 

Urbana Sacs is a beautifully handcrafted store powered by Shopify using the Brooklyn template - a responsive, mobile-friendly, and customizable Shopify theme trusted by over 1 million online businesses worldwide. With this theme, you can create a dynamic product grid, show multiple product images on the Homepage without messing it, and feature video from Youtube or Vimeo easily. 

5. Multi-payment gateway integration

If your customers can’t find their favorite payment methods in your store, they will probably abandon their cart and leave you. Even if they switch to another option and continue checking out, they’re more likely to hold dissatisfaction and might come to your store again. 

And the good news is? 

Shopify offers more than a hundred payment options, including almost all widely-used payments, such as Paypal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Stripe, and many more third-party payment integrations. If you don’t want to lose customers or create an awful experience for them, move to Shopify. 

6. Across-channel selling 

Last but not least, Shopify empowers you to sell everywhere you want and wherever your customers are. Selling on an eCommerce website is not the only way to make money. With Shopify’s function, you can effortlessly integrate your store with different other big and robust marketplaces to sell your products across channels. 

Now you have to pay the cost for only one platform, yet you can expand your business, and reach out to more shoppers from giants like Amazon or eBay. Besides, it’s irresistible to tap into social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, which now own one of the largest online customer bases in the world. Shopify can help you to do it right away. 

Bottom line

Above are 6 most agreed qualities that make Shopify the best eCommerce platform for any business. In case you still need more criteria to evaluate this platform, I would like to mention its pricing. Shopify becomes the best choice for start-ups and young entrepreneurs as it offers a pretty low price. The basic plan costs only $29 monthly and also has a 14-days free trial. 

If you’re planning to open your own business, Shopify is an ideal choice. However, it would be best to do some more in-depth research about eCommerce platforms before spending all your savings on your business. 

Please let me know in the comment section below if you have any queries, or you can share your own experience with Shopify; I would like to hear from you. 

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