Adapting Paperwork in Digital Marketing Campaign

Adapting Paperwork in Digital Marketing Campaign

Web marketing, like any other activity, involves much paperwork. Find out what documents you need for an effective campaign and how using e-forms can significantly improve the entire process.

The transfer of information to electronic media and the use of digital technologies have already become an integral part of our daily lives. The introduction of paperless workflow and e-forms can significantly increase the efficiency of any business or advertising campaign.

You can save on paper and other stationery and office equipment, speed up data processing and work with clients. In this article, you will learn how to tailor your workflow when launching and promoting a digital marketing campaign.

Internet marketing is a rather broad term that includes various aspects and areas of activities. Since it does not involve physical contact with potential customers, partners, and resellers, it is better to keep all documentation in electronic form.

For example, you can fill out a PDF online and send it to the appropriate department or organization within one minute. Since a signed electronic document has the same legal force as regular paper contracts, you can be confident in this format's reliability.

1. About Web Marketing

Web (or Internet or digital) marketing is a set of actions to promote and sell services or products and work with clients. It is divided into many types, among which there are several categories such as SEM (search engine marketing), SEO (search engine optimization), content, affiliate, email, and social media marketing.

Regardless of whether you use a B2B or B2C business model, each of these areas requires careful documentation. That is where online tools for creating and editing proposals and agreements come to your aid.

2. About Marketing Campaign

It is common to distinguish three key marketing terms of today's market: plan, strategy, and campaign. If the first two are, figuratively speaking, "theoretical" in nature, a campaign is a concrete action plan to implement the derived strategy. It could be an advertisement for a new product or a general awareness raising about your project.

Usually, the campaign's documents describe clearly who and what exactly is doing and what time is allotted for that. In contrast to the plan and strategy, these actions are planned in a shorter time frame.

3. Web Marketing Documentation

Although a web marketing campaign is conducted using digital channels and does not imply face-to-face meetings, it does not mean that no documentation is required for its implementation. It is a known fact that about 65% of successful marketers have a documented strategy. It allows for consistency and alignment of interactions between different teams.

Besides, the action plan is a flexible and changing set of documents, depending on consumers' needs. Of course, they are easier to edit electronically.

As a part of promoting a product or service, a different set of documents can be used according to the specific activity that your business is conducting. However, some forms are required for any marketer.


It is the most critical document that sets the rules for running a campaign and describes the specific actions that should be performed within its framework. It also prescribes what result should be reached at the end of this process.

What is especially important for copyright is that this agreement defines the terms of use of your brand's name and logo, the names of its products, and the form for the exchange of confidential information about your organization's activities.

The following types of agreements may be used as part of a marketing campaign:

  • SEO Service
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Blog Advertising
  • Pay-Per-Click Management

Requirements document

The format of this document implies a detailed description of which product is currently relevant on the market. It helps you determine the demand for your product or service, identify the target audience, its needs, calculate the possible income, analyze competitors' activities, and so on. With this document, you can not only develop and promote a new product but also revise the effectiveness and relevance of old ones.

As a rule, a marketing expert is responsible for the development of such a paper. By creating one such file specifically for your company, you can make a universal template for subsequent marketing campaigns.

Typically, your target audience and your customers' needs can remain the same for a long time. Therefore, such a template can be perfect for your other products. If necessary, an electronic version can be modified to accommodate changing consumer sentiment or the previous campaign's mistakes.

Content schedule

Planning to place a specific type of content on a particular platform or resource is the key to an effective marketing campaign. The schedule includes a description of the kind of content, the sites on which it should be posted, a list of employees responsible for this or that part of the work, as well as the preparation time and date of publication.

In developing this document, it is essential to pay attention to special events that may occur during your campaign period. For example, international holidays or global sales like Black Friday.

Calendar of company publications

It is an essential aspect, which is by and large part of the previous paragraph but of particular importance. Any marketing campaign will be more successful if an organization or company shows that it is close to its audience and is willing to engage in direct dialogue.

That is why it is necessary to schedule conversations, regularly speak on behalf of your brand, and make announcements and important statements by talking directly to your buyers.


This document clearly spells out all the activities that relate to a campaign to promote a specific product. It is individual for each business, organization, and company, and, therefore, the exact format of a document is difficult to determine.

It usually contains information about milestones and final results to be achieved, responsible persons, meeting dates, and more. Typically, the action plan is a collaborative effort between product developers and marketers.

Press release

Information published in the press or any other resource is also an important part of a marketing campaign. A catchy headline and lead paragraph can attract even a non-target audience's attention and raise brand awareness. You can post an announcement about an upcoming event, talk about something that has happened, or inform readers about forthcoming changes.

Since there can often be a lot of such events during an advertising campaign that you want to talk about, you should prepare templates. When creating them, take into account the requirements of a platform on which the information is published.

Other documents

Of course, the documents listed above are not all that you may need as part of a marketing campaign. They are just the main and most frequently used by almost any organization. Among other things, you may also need marketing, research, advertising, and branding proposals.

4. Adapting Your Paperwork

Creating marketing documents and filling them out can be tricky for anyone. That is why it is best to do it using online platforms and tools that will help you customize any file to suit your needs. The introduction of electronic document management has a number of advantages:

  • It saves you money as you don't have to spend on stationery and office equipment.
  • It also saves time. Workers do less paperwork, which means they have time to complete more important tasks.
  • All interested parties can work remotely. No matter where you are, you will always have access to important documents due to the Internet.
  • It also allows multiple people to edit one document at the same time. It is crucial because several parties are involved in drafting agreements.
  • You can store all created documents and their numerous versions in a cloud archive. This way, you will avoid data loss since any file can be quickly recovered.

Given the scale of modern web marketing campaigns, virtually every document requires creating templates for later use in similar situations. You can take the necessary PDF file, edit it quickly depending on the specific product, and send it to the recipient.

5. Make Web Marketing Paperwork Easier

The transition to electronic document management has undeniable advantages. While it has its drawbacks (for example, it takes time for all participants to get used to a new format), they are most often temporary. Maintaining documentation during the preparation and execution of a marketing campaign is the key to success in promoting your product.

Regardless of the result in terms of profit, you can always use the gained knowledge to work on mistakes. Analyze the developed agreements and proposals to improve your performance.

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