Factors that Might Have Negative Effects on Your Company’s Marketing Efforts

/ May 13, 2021 | 5 Mins Read

Factors that Might Have Negative Effects on Your Company’s Marketing Efforts

Use of new marketing strategies, and adapting the radical market changes, has a huge impact in today’s marketing world. However, not necessarily the results have been pleasing to customers and marketing as a whole always. Know the factors that may have negative impacts in your marketing efforts.

You work hard to promote your business. You also utilize different platforms to ensure that more people know what you offer. However, despite your efforts, some things might have adverse effects on your company's image. Instead of doing well, you end up with terrible results. Here are some factors that may harm your efforts and why you should be careful.

1. Poor product quality

When you offer products of poor quality, you can expect people to say something terrible. They will discourage others from buying the products. Words of mouth can spread quickly, and you will lose more customers in a snap. The key is to look for better suppliers to guarantee product quality. 

Have a remarkable quality assurance strategy so that only the best will be available to the public. You don't want people to view you as a cheap brand with poor quality. Even if you wish to sell your products at a low price, you can't compromise quality.

2. Social media influencers 

Working with these social media influencers is an excellent way to promote your brand. It allows you to reach the target audiences. These influencers have thousands or even millions of followers. When they say something great about the brand, you can expect people to come over and buy. 

Sometimes, a single tweet is enough to convince followers to consider your brand. The only problem is that these influencers don't have a stable image. There are times when they project a good impression, but they also end up doing crazy things. They do it to attract more attention and increase views.

While it works well for them, it doesn't work for your brand. You don't want people associating you with what they do. The key is to be more careful with whom you partner with. Check all previous posts. Find an influencer who shares your values. Don't forget to craft a contract once you chose an ambassador. If the influencer violates the agreement, you can terminate the partnership. You need a way out if the influencer no longer serves the purpose.

3. Workplace accidents and the lack of business liability insurance

If workplace accidents happen, everyone will know about them. Whether the local news company picks it up or someone posts about it online, your reputation is at stake. Once something wrong happens, you should handle it right away. Attend to the needs of your employees. Don't make it hard for the victim. 

Pay the hospital bills and provide temporary assistance to the family. If you think it’s too much, it helps if you have business liability insurance. It covers the entire expenses. Even guests and customers who had an injury at the workplace can also benefit from the insurance. 

After finding the right insurance company, keep the certificate of liability insurance. It will be easier to file claims once you have them. Find a reliable company that will be around when you need the coverage and won't make it challenging to get the claims. If you don't have this insurance, dealing with accidents can be a problem.

4. Employee complaints

Apart from workplace accidents, there are other reasons for your employees to complain. It can be how the company treats them. Low wages are also another reason to complain. Companies should treat employees like family members. Otherwise, they will decide to leave. They might even rant about their experience online. 

Once other people know about what they went through, it will adversely affect the company's image. No one will trust you anymore because of how you treat your employees. Finding people to work with you in the future will also be a challenge. The employees are the backbone of your company. Do everything you can to make them satisfied.

5. Negative reviews

Once your company receives negative reviews, it's damaging to the brand. Even if you try your best to promote your business, these reviews will take things in a negative direction. You should invest in reputation management software. It helps spot negative reviews online. You can immediately take action based on what people say. 

Some of these reviews are accurate, and you can apologize for what happened. However, others hold no truth, so clarify them to the customers. Some businesses can't even recover after a barrage of negative reviews.

6. Terrible website

Your website is the first thing that people will see if they want to know more about their business. It needs to be of top quality. If they didn't feel impressed with the website, they might look for other options. 

Make sure it's easy to navigate, and there are no confusing tabs. You can also hire someone to create a more professional website. Note that web design isn't only about appearance. It's also about the functionality and convenience of using the page.

7. Business partners

Companies work on specific projects. Some of them are long-term, while others are only for specific purposes. Either way, you should be careful in determining who to partner with. You don't want to work with companies with a bad reputation. People might associate you with these brands and feel turned off. 

Take your time to know the company before deciding if you will pursue the partnership. Make sure you have the same vision and values. Otherwise, you have to look for other partners. It doesn't matter if the other company intends to fund the partnership. If it poses long-term damage to your reputation, you should look for other companies to work with.

8. Poor handling of controversies

There are times when the company gets involved in a controversy. It doesn't necessarily spell the end of the business. People don't drop the brand because of the controversy alone. They look for other choices because they didn't like how the company handled the problem. Therefore, it helps if you have an excellent reputation management strategy. 

Find a way to prevent severe issues from blowing up. Instead of sweeping the problems under the rug, you should confront them. Besides, these issues won't get hidden for a long time. At some point, you have to be answerable to your customers. They deserve to know the truth. Otherwise, the lack of transparency will hurt your reputation.

9. The reputation of company leaders

The people running the business should also maintain positive values. If they do something terrible, the company would suffer. It's even more challenging for leaders who have already become the face of the brand. 

Rebuilding after what happened might be impossible. The good thing is the business can continue if the other leaders know how to handle the problem well. It doesn't help to defend the indefensible. Allow these leaders to face the consequences of their actions. Of course, they deserve due process. You can host an independent investigation to determine what happened. 

If proven guilty, you have no choice but to let them go. Never take the side of the powerful and influential people over ordinary employees or customers. Decide based on the results of the investigation.

10. Lack of originality

Businesses in the same industry might end up with the same ideas. Therefore, it helps if you always look at what your competitors are doing. Find a way to stand out instead of being a copycat. You don't want people thinking that you can't come up with original ideas. They will also know it if you only copied what other existing brands have to offer. It's challenging to win them over, especially if they already trusted the other brands. 

Even if you have an excellent marketing strategy, it's not enough to convince people that your products and services are better. Make the most of your employees in thinking of the best ways to stand out.  

11. Lack of diversity

Diversity is vital in the success of many businesses today. If you don't have a diverse team, it will hurt your brand. It's not only because people are clamoring for diversity but because it affects your point of view. For instance, when marketing products, you should know what your customers want. If you're advertising to women, there should be a seat for a woman on the table. 

Otherwise, you will find it difficult to determine what they want. You might even end up with an advertisement that scares them away. Of course, you don't hire people based on gender or skin color. While it's important to promote diversity, you should give people a chance because they're competent in doing the job.

The point is that you have to be careful in dealing with every aspect of running a business. Even if you already did your best, you can't expect the best results. When there are problems, deal with them right away instead of pretending that nothing is going on. Be optimistic about what I would like ahead. Even if you encounter several bumps in the road, things will get better. Keep doing the right thing, and don't let anything stop you.

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