Mobile App consultation: Why your Brand should have an App? Here’s Why

/ August 31, 2018 | 4 Mins Read

Mobile App consultation: Why your Brand should have an App? Here’s Why

This article elaborates on the main reasons as to why entrepreneurs should have a mobile application to get more profits and sales.

Start-up companies are often faced with the challenge of having their name out there. To curb this, many of them result in various ways to popularize their product. One of the most outstanding steps to achieve this is through the mobile application.

Nonetheless, not many business owners have optimized their enterprises to feature on mobile devices. Well, this article elaborates on the main reasons as to why entrepreneurs should have a mobile application.

1. Capitalize on the increasing mobile users

According to Statista, the number of mobile users is anticipated to grow to 4.68 billion by the year 2019. Majority of these users engage with mobile users on a day-to-day basis. Business ventures that are alert on this will see the opportunity presented here.

Essentially, there is a need to create a brand app to benefit from the increasing mobile users. Remember, the users may be going through the application store and fancy the brand. Moreover, the entrepreneur can get to expand the horizon of the brand beyond expectation.

2. Enhance user engagement

In the quest of providing exemplary business services, entrepreneurs are expected to guarantee customer satisfaction always. One of the renowned ways of achieving this is via mobile applications. So how is this possible? Well, the brand app will be able to get the message out there easily.

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Apart from doing this, the platform enables the brand to learn about the customers’ needs. This is guided by the feedback retrieved from the app users. It is fundamental to note that is virtual user engagement is crucial in popularizing the brand name.

Another aspect to look at is the number of user interaction achieved through the application. Essentially, the application gives the business an upper hand in engaging millions of potential clients at ago. This is regardless of the type of activity been undertaken on the application.

3. Increase the visibility of the brand

After establishing a given brand such as Spa, the next goal is to make more people aware of its existence. This is a daunting task that may be frustrating especially when the process is slow and falling below target.

It is thus recommended that the team takes an innovative approach to become visible. It is here that the mobile application comes to the rescue. Having a unique brand makes it easy for potential customers to identify and access the services offered.

Nonetheless, it is crucial that the entrepreneur familiarizes with mobile app optimization.

4. Improve the profits accrued

When it comes to business success, the main factor considered is the profits made. Well, there are multiple ways to maximize the output for the enterprise. However, it has been proven that the mobile application can aid in generating more profits.

It should be noted that the profits achieved are a culmination of the mobile engagement strategies pushed by the brand. Essentially, the more satisfied with the products the more benefits accrued from the merchandise.

For instance, Dominos managed to attain more profits. 28% increment, after they came up with their mobile application.

It is thus important to develop a customized brand to help in driving more profits to your company.

5. Serves as a direct marketing channel

There is a myriad of marketing platforms that can be used to put the brand out there. Moreover, the existence of a business app can aid to directly link to the customer users. Aside from physically contacting the customers, the entrepreneur can make use of the mobile application.

This entails relaying information such as pricing, products on sale and discounts available. In this case, the brand has a leeway to maximize this application to their benefit. Subsequently, one can use pop messages on the application to reach out to dormant users.

Furthermore, one can incorporate mobile analytics to achieve better results with a mobile application. Here, there are alternatives such as identifying the users in terms of their location and scope.

6. Aids to push new products

According to Flurry analytics, 86% of mobile users access mobile apps on a daily basis. That said; any smart business owner ought to take advantage of this and market new products. Remember, marketing strategy is vital in determining the success of the products.

Moreover, the brand app gives the entrepreneur the liberty to use ads and pop messages to reach out to clients. Here, it is easy to let people know that a new product has been launched. This also entails the details and how to access it.

One can also look at it as a more pocket-friendly way to advertise the market. Well, the beauty here is that the existing platform is what will be used to publicize the new commodity. This implies that you do not incur extra costs in marketing on other channels.

7. Get loyal customers to the business

The success of any business venture greatly relies on the existence of loyal customers. Nevertheless, getting these numbers is no walk in the park as it calls for thorough strategizing. Conventionally, businesses use banners, billboards, flyers and social media ads to drive more people to their brand.

Notably, integrating business services on the mobile app can enable the owner to achieve this easily. By narrowing down to the target user, the business can convert these users into loyal ones.

Here, one can make use of mobile analytics to pinpoint the activity of users. Some of the esteemed platforms include AppsBuilder and BuildFire.

Once identified, the next step is to provide eye-catching services to these loyal customers. This includes special offers and rewards to appreciate their continuous support for the brand.

Additionally, the loyal customers, in one way or another, help in marketing the business brand to other people. For instance, their friends can enquire about the merits of getting products and services from the specific brand.

Despite knowing the importance of mobile applications, one may find it cumbersome to develop a unique app. However, there is no need to worry as there are professional app developers out there.  It is up to you to contact one and reap the benefits of this platform.

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