12 Marketing Podcasts That Will Uplift Your Business

/ March 14, 2019 | 6 Mins Read

12 Marketing Podcasts That Will Uplift Your Business

This method of Podcast to reaching customers is often more affordable than traditional advertising methods because you can do it on your own and effectiveness of this method is much higher that will surely uplift your business.

Business and marketing world is a harsh jungle to survive in let alone thriving. It is even tougher for marketers who have to be extra creative and always up-to-date with marketing trends. Digital marketing trends are constantly evolving. In as little time as overnight’s sleep, the marketing world can dramatically change. As a marketer, podcasts are great resources to keep up to date with the ever-changing world.

Surprising, podcasts not only give you valuable insights, but they are also entertaining and fun to listen. Their effectiveness and informative nature have made them undeniably popular among marketers who wish to improve their marketing strategies.

Here are some of the podcasts that you are sure to find useful information that will surely take your business to the next level.

1. The Science of Social Media

The Science of Social Media

A team of experts from the buffer hosts the science of social media show every Monday. Join these experts as they unveil the secret to digital marketing strategies. They will feature new social media marketing stories, essential insights, experimentation, and inspirations in an entertaining and informative way.

If you value your business, you can't afford to miss these episodes. Whether you are a beginner, a marketer, a business owner or just someone interested in marketing, the Science of Social Media is the place-to-be.

The Science of Social media is live and available on iTunes and Google Play. You are sure to find something useful and actionable in every episode of the Science of Social Media.

2. Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn’s reveals his online business and blogging strategies to his listeners every week on his podcasts. Join him to get useful insights on income sources, multiple passive income generations, and secrets to content marketing.

You will also learn essential and actionable quality contents on what works and what doesn’t in areas such as affiliate marketing, Search Engine Optimization, niche sites, social media marketing, and outsourcing among others.

Every week, Pat Flynn ’s will help you expand your marketing strategies with digital marketing pros such as Michael Selzer. If you want to get ahead with your online business or blog, then passive is a must-catch-show.

3. The Influencer Podcast

Meet Julie Solomon, a digital marketing expert on Influencer Podcast from New York as she explores the secret behind the ever changing trend of influencer marketing. She will also help you up-level your influence, purposefully connect and increase your influence.

Every week, Julie will feature elites and bloggers in interviews and conversations to share how they engage, persuade and grow their different influence behind the scenes. She will also let you into the secrets of how to strengthen, monetize and strategize your digital marketing tactics. Stay tuned at iTunes and learn how Julie Solomons became the best-selling influence and publish.

With as little as 10 minutes, get the best actionable marketing advice form marketing school. Every day, Neil Patel and Eric Siu will give useful tips that will take your business to the next level.

4. Marketing School

Just like a school, Marketing school will offer a series of actionable digital marketing lessons. Stay tuned and learn how to structure your content marketing team and more ways to lead generation.

Additionally, you will get inspirational and motivational tips for your digital marketing tactics. Marketing School is available on iTunes and Google Play. It’s the perfect show to uplift your business right away.

5. Marketing Over Coffee

Marketing Over Coffee

Every Thursday morning, the hosts will record the show in a local coffee shop and give actionable tips that you can only access over casual conversations while taking coffee. 

John wall and Christopher will discuss strategy implementation that can improve sales, SEO and marketing strategies over morning coffee every week. Make sure to catch the 20 min of interactive discussion on online digital marketing that could change your marketing perspective. They will answer important questions form guest and listeners as they uncover the secrets of successful bloggers and marketers.

The show will also help you stay up-to-date with social networks and top social pros. Essential aspects of email marketing, multivariate testing, copywriting, SEO and among others will also be discussed as you enjoy your coffee.

6. Small Business Big Marketing Show

Meet Tim Reid as the host of this remarkable business podcast. With over 30 yrs experience in the marketing field, Tim Reid has learned useful marketing tips and ideas that will come handy in your business.

If you want to improve your business, listen to this podcast as he interviews successful entrepreneurs and business owners. Catch entertaining and exciting moments as Tim Reid disclose answers to questions, we all want to hear. 

He will ask successful entrepreneurs on crucial topics such as how to more customers? What the best marketing to do is? Where and how to start marketing as well as how to use social media effectively to your benefit. If you aspire to move your business to the next level, then this is the show to be.

7. Social Media Marketing Podcast

Marketing genius himself Michael Stelzner will host this show for 45 min every week. He will tell success and inspirational stories that will motivate you in working harder towards achieving your marketing goals. Also, learn how to use social media to your advantage in marketing your business. Learn new tactics, strategies and gain actionable tips to help improve your marketing in social media.

Michael will also interview social media pros as they share their success tails. You will hear how they overcome various challenges and how they employed multiple tactics to active their success. It’s a don’t miss the show that you can't afford to skip. In less than an hour, you could take your business to a level you’ve never imagined.

8. Copyblogger Fm

Every week, Sonia Simone with a cast of experts will analyze the week in conversion optimization, email marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing among other social media marketing strategies.

Turn in to Copyblogger Fm every week to stay up to date with every activity and practice taking place in the ever changing market world. Copyblogger is available on iTunes or Google Play, therefore, no excuse for not catching this short-form broadcast by Sonia Simone.

9. Call to Action Podcast

Call to Action from Unbounce covers fundamental marketing every week. Every Wednesday, call to action will host a successful expert to give inspiring and motivational stories.

Turn in to this podcast and learn what experts do to excel. You will also gain useful tips and insights that you could use in your campaigns. Be well informed by listening to Call to Action. You will stay up to date with the events happening in the marketing world.

Additionally, you will learn what people are talking about conversion rate optimization, pay per click marketing, affiliate marketing, social media marketing and all about A/B testing.

Turn in to iTunes and select Call to Action podcast for successful digital marketing updates.

10. Perpetual Traffic Podcast

This is another podcast that is hosted every week by Ralph Burns, and Molly is the perpetual Traffic podcast. Digital marketers also produce it. You will learn about various ways you can acquire leads for your business by running paid traffic and adverts among other cutting-edge strategies to improve your business.

By merely tuning into Perpetual traffic podcast, you will be able to hear real-life stories of business owners and how they overcame the digital marketing challenges and online advertising.

Perpetual Traffic will also teach you how you can generate more leads for your business through different social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, messenger, LinkedIn advertising, YouTube, and others.

11. Success Made Simple

Meet Dr. Dave Martins as he helps you make your life simple by sharing successful digital marketing tips that could be useful to your campaign.
Learn how to create a winning mindset by listening to interviews from top marketing and business professionals such as athletes and celebrities.

You will also learn how these people can inspire your brand identity and improve your marketing strategies. Join Dr. Dave in success made simple every week for more exciting news and marketing strategies.

12. The Growth Show

Growth show is the ultimate podcast for entrepreneurs and executives where they share exciting stories and successful tips and strategies that would be helpful to your marketing tactics. Each week, they will breakdown their success stories and how they ended up making it in the ever-changing world of marketing. With its depth interviews, you will learn a great deal on how to strategize tactics, get inspiration on how to get ideal customers as well as lean the mistakes you can avoid that other entrepreneurs did.

Turn in to Growth show at iTunes and google play for updates and information catch-ups.


Podcasts are a great way to stay well informed while being entertained. They are useful and convenient especially to those of us who don’t like reading articles or newspapers. All you have to do is sit down and listen to your speaker as he unveils great digital marketing strategies.

Additionally, podcasts are known to increase brand recognition, create social media presence, and discover specific campaigns that will increase revenues.

Lorenzo Gutierrez is a San Francisco digital consulting agency located in the financial district. When Lorenzo the founder is not working on digital campaigns, he can be found watching a good documentary, hanging out with his dog or trying to cook a new recipe.

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