9 Ways Managed IT Can Improve Your Small Business

9 Ways Managed IT Can Improve Your Small Business

Small businesses don't always have the resources to manage their own IT. Learn 9 simple ways managed IT can improve your small business.

Technology is more crucial to the success of a business today. Many companies can use more efficient systems to track sales and inventory, more approaches can be used in gathering and analyzing customer data, and mobile devices have allowed for an easier connection from any location.

While these advancements can be good for a business of any size, they may seem unreachable to smaller businesses with just the necessary IT resources and budgets. Yet, if such small businesses look outside themselves to find IT services, they can access these tools while maintaining their budgets.

Know that managed IT services are becoming increasingly useful for small businesses that operate to save money, time, and resources on IT projects and other activities.

When your small business hires this service on speed dial, you won’t need to use your valuable time and resources to know more about the latest technology trends or administer a team of in-house tech experts.

Because of the benefits, a managed IT service can offer, it’s ideal to know more about how they can improve your small business in more detail. This article will dig deeper into that.

Managed IT

Your employees can have more mobility

Are your office workers still tied to their desks from 9 to 5 daily? Then you should be grateful for the impact of changing consumer habits on the workplace and modern technology. With such, companies now have the opportunity to have new mobility and flexibility.

Likewise, managed IT services can also offer greater mobility and flexibility. They can transfer your workloads to the cloud and allow your employees to access the information they need and systems to do their jobs from any location and device. This means it’ll enable your employees to work remotely or simply have a head start on their journey to work.

Note that having more flexibility and mobility because of hiring this service allows for better ways to encourage your employees and boost their satisfaction. As a managed IT service provider can help with your workforce’s mobility, you can visit here for New York IT services. You can also check others online.

They can lessen the chance of data integrity, loss, and theft

Managed IT services also assist in minimizing the chance of data integrity, loss, and theft. They can do so by offering data recovery and managed backup. For one, they can provide complete backup and fast data recovery whenever your computer has to be replaced, or your system has to be restored. Their services such as disaster recovery can also reduce the risk of data theft and loss. An IT service can also help with cyber security by offering an antivirus protection service to secure your data. Their antivirus protection can be done on a per device, per schedule, or enterprise-wide basis.

You can avoid having an in-house IT team

The most significant benefit of having this service is you can avoid hiring new employees for IT support. Your small business does have IT needs, yet it doesn’t require a group of IT experts all the time.

Outsourcing IT support can be helpful if you don’t want to worry about hiring an employee to work full-time to cater to your systems or IT needs. Also, they could be ideal if you want to invest the money you could spend on hiring an internal IT team in other more critical areas of your business.

By having a managed IT provider, your internal employees who also oversee your business’s technology can be relieved from having tasks as such managed IT provider can take the weight of the duty from them.

IT in business

Offers compliance

Adhering to industry standards and regulations is one of the advantages of hiring a managed IT service. These services can assist your small business in remaining compliant with the standards set by the industry by examining and adjusting the settings on their equipment.

Furthermore, they can also help you be more compliant by educating you about the regulations and standards you must adhere to based on the kind of business and industry you’re working in.

This makes you more informed and ensures that you won’t have to hire an external consultant to remain compliant because your service will ensure that all your requirements are catered to.

You can manage your business more smoothly

A managed IT service allows you to concentrate on what truly matters: the business itself. They can help you to avoid focusing on server crashes, email issues, and other technical problems. 

An expert IT provider can help with email and web hosting, server and network maintenance, data storage, and other technical tasks. As you can have the knowledge that a managed IT service will handle your network, you can be more comfortable and can enable you to concentrate more on the core functions of your small business.

Managing your business can go smoothly if daily IT maintenance doesn’t hinder you and your staff. This situation can be one step closer to achieving your business objectives.

You won’t have to worry about technology

Even if issues happen more often than you wanted to with your systems, your small business and its employees may have already become familiar with it for many years. Yet, if your small business is in the process of upscaling, old technology can be the greatest hindrance to such growth.

And so, if your existing systems have challenges with working correctly, it’s vital to incorporate a scalable infrastructure that grows along with your small business or, if needed, help you scale again to the situation where your business is quieter.

As having a scalable infrastructure is crucial for a growing business, collaborating with a managed IT service can be ideal. They can provide scalable cloud services and IT support that’ll increase cost-efficiency. Likewise, many cloud infrastructures offer solid integrations with present systems so your employees won’t have to relearn how to use an entirely new set of applications.

Broaden your business’s capacity and expertise

You can gain access to the expertise of a bigger team when you hire an experienced managed IT service. Many businesses depend on a small group of internal staff or individual consultants. Regardless of the amount of training they have undergone, they all lack the amount of experience and knowledge that a larger team can offer.

Yet, a well-managed IT service will have a team of highly trained and qualified workers who are well updated with Microsoft certifications and other good credentials.

Know that a bigger team can be more responsive and flexible. With a team who regularly checks your network all-around-the-clock, there can be someone who can assist any time during the day. Moreover, suppose you have a significant project coming up.

In that case, you have the flexibility to make the most of external support as needed without having to work with a permanent team of IT experts from within.

Reduces downtime

A proactive IT strategy can be an advantage for every business in our ever-changing world of technology. This strategy enables businesses to respond quickly and effectively whenever issues happen.

Likewise, having a managed IT service provider for your small business can be helpful as they can be present if any IT emergency happens. They can be there if things such as security breaches, data loss, power failures, or other disasters that might damage accounts occur.

They’re well-acquainted with your network and can do the job quickly to stop the harmful effect downtime can have on your small business.

Altogether, with an IT service plan, a managed IT service provider can quickly manage cases of downtime and restore systems immediately. This situation can help save time and credibility.

They’re cost-effective

Having infrastructure and networks can be expensive, particularly if you’re running a small business with just the needed number of resources. You might be spending on many tools your business may or may not require today for managing your cloud infrastructure.

Yet, this service provider can do the job as they can be tasked to manage the cloud infrastructure of their clients.

Know that you can pay for things you’ll only use when hiring a managed IT service provider. This service provider already has the tools to set up infrastructure on the cloud and the team needed to carry it on.

So, you can have less spending on operating your business, and you can have reduced IT expenses, along with saving a capital budget to focus on your business plans instead of planning how to manage cloud infrastructure.


Hiring managed IT services can be ideal for small businesses that can’t afford more efficient systems and technologies to help with everyday tasks or other IT projects. With this service, your small business won’t have to stay updated on the latest technology trends or oversee an in-house team of tech experts.

Likewise, if your small business hires this service, there are ways they can improve your business for the good. They can help expand your business capacity and expertise, minimize downtime, and offer more mobility for your workforce. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you plan and prepare.

Sam Makad is a business consultant. He helps small & medium enterprises to grow their businesses and overall ROI. You can follow Sam on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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