Online Reputation Management A Guide For Social Media Marketers

Online Reputation Management A Guide For Social Media Marketers

Have you ever come across the term “reputation management”? If no, here’s a comprehensive guide about online reputation management.

Social media marketers need to know how to manage the online reputation of their customers. However much you market a client business, if their reputation is negative, the business cannot survive in the current times.

Many people nowadays buy goods and services online. However, it does not mean that they will buy your products as long as you have a stellar website.

The customers search Google and social platforms to discover what your previous customers have to say about your products and services. Hence the reputation of the business plays a significant role in the success or failure of the business.

If you are a marketing agency, you are lucky to be here because we provide you with a comprehensive guide on online reputation management.

1. Find out what kind of reputation your client desires

As a business reputation management expert, you cannot manage a client's online reputation if you do not know what they need to achieve. Your first engagement should be to find out as much as possible the results your client desires to achieve.

Hence beginning with interviewing the client would be a great idea. During the interview, try to find out what your client needs for their brand.

reputation your client desires

Do they want to be perceived as the authority in their niche? Do they want to be known for their excellent service? Or do they want to be known as the business that provides high-quality products in the industry? This is among some of the things you should look out for when you interview your client.

2. What is the current reputation of your client?

Before you begin working on a client reputation, you must, first of all, know where they stand currently. Your approach and strategies for an organization with a positive reputation online cannot be the same as an organization that has a bad online reputation.

A simple survey into the client's reputation would suffice at this point. Asking friends, partners, stakeholders, and a sample of people of the target demography and geo of what comes to their mind when they hear the clients' name can help you to gauge the reputation of your client.

A simple online search about the client can reveal a lot to you of how people think about the organization. Engaging people online about how they feel about the client organization can also provide you with a clear picture of the organization.

Some excellent tools that you can use to research on your client’s online reputation include The Brand Grader, Go Fish Digital, Mention, TalkWalker Alerts, and Google alerts.

3. Develop a social media policy for the client organization

Many organizations have suffered+ a bad reputation for not having a social media policy. It is not wise to allow the members of the organization to post comments or information on social media anyhow they want.

It could help if they could label their posts as personal. At the same time, the members of the organization should desist from sharing sensitive information about the organization such as legal matters, financial matters, or even information about the client.

4. Come up with a sound social media content strategy for your client

Content is still the king. However, to get the most benefits from content requires that you develop a superior content strategy for your client. This involves identifying the platforms that work well for your client as well as deciding which topics should be covered.

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Also, you should decide on the media type say articles, podcasts, or even videos. You should identify who will be in charge of content creation for the client’s organization.

The team that creates the content should have what it takes to produce not only stellar content but content that ranks in the various search engines.

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