Lead Generation Woes: Reasons Why Your Site Fail in Lead Magnet

Lead Generation Woes: Reasons Why Your Site Fail in Lead Magnet

Some of the most common reasons that lead generation efforts don’t work, and why your website isn’t a lead magnet can be found in this article.

Up to 63 percent of marketers and business owners agree – lead generation is their biggest challenge. If you are in this boat, don’t worry – you definitely aren’t alone.

However, it doesn’t mean that you have to keep struggling to “make it work” month after month. Not only is this a waste of your time, but it’s also a waste of money.

When it comes to lead generation, there may be some specific reasons why your efforts aren’t working. While resources like the complete guide to small business marketing may help with this some, the real key is to figure out what doesn’t work and change it.

Some of the most common reasons that lead generation efforts don’t work, and why your website isn’t a lead magnet can be found here.

1. Your Call to Action (CTA) Isn’t Clear

Your CTA is a graphic or button visitors to your site use to make a further commitment to your brand. In most cases, this button takes them to a conversion page or landing page. Some of the common types of CTAs include “make a donation,” “free trial,” “subscribe to our email,” etc.

The call to action you use is one of the fastest ways for you to move visitors toward a higher conversion rate. As a result, you need to make sure that your CTA is clear, prominent and eye-catching. Try not to bury it at the bottom of the page with the extremely small font. Each click is another lead – make your CTA count.

2. You Haven’t Structured Your Website Like a Funnel

One way for you to avoid having a “brochure website” is to arrange it so it serves as a conversion funnel. Your visitors should be taken or led to a CTA or a landing page that helps to facilitate the buying journey. What this means is that each click needs to serve a single purpose – conversion.

If the mountains were not slanted, the village below would never have water. You have to take the time to direct your visitors in the right direction by building a structured flow.

Site Structure

This will help them feel more comfortable using the site, but also allows you to gather data on the pages where they abandon the process. This information can be used to ensure other visitors remain on course.

3. There’s No “Human Feel” to Your Business

An extremely off-putting characteristic to any website is if the company information is hidden, too corporate or minimal. Occasionally, you want your visitors to be able to “peak behind the curtain.”

In many cases, doing this is pretty simple. Include clear and concise contact information or a page that tells your company history.

It’s important for customers to do business with brands they can trust. One of the best ways to show trust and to highlight the human side of your business is by creating company videos.

It also shows off your high level of professionalism and your expertise – especially when you are compared to the competition that isn’t using similar content. When you are working to show your customers who you are, make sure you speak to your specific, target audience for the best results.

4. You Don’t Have a Blog

There are many business owners and marketing pros who underestimate the benefits offered by a blog. The fact is, a blog is one of the best ways for you to increase your Google ranking. With a blog, you can boost your overall organic leads, all because you have offered high-quality and valuable content there.

Additionally, the traffic you generate from blog posts are people who actually have an interest in what you offer. This translates to – qualified leads.

Additionally, blogs can help to provide you with regularly, updated content. This content can then be shared across all your channels – including social media.

5. You Don’t Offer Anything to Your Visitors

When it comes down to it, the goal of your company is to make money. As a result, the majority of your website is going to be focused on that. However, you need to remember – if you want to get a little, you have to give a little.

One of the best ways to let someone know about what you have to offer is by sending them some type of free trial. If that isn’t an option for you, then just offer more information.

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In many cases, a customer isn’t ready to make a purchase because they aren’t familiar with your product. Education can provide the necessary motivation for someone to make a purchase.

The good news is, even if your website isn’t a lead magnet now, it can be in the future. Take some time to review the information here to help ensure your site has the best chance possible of generating qualified leads.

Sawaram Suthar (Sam) is a Founding Director at Middleware. He has extensive experience in marketing, team building and operations. He often seeing working on various GTM practices and implement best one to generate more demand. He is also founded a digital marketing blog - TheNextScoop.

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