5 Law Firm Marketing Strategies to Try This 2020

5 Law Firm Marketing Strategies to Try This 2020

What are the best law firm marketing methods for law firms? Learn the best law firm marketing strategies to try this year by reading on below.

Law firms are essential businesses, most especially for those who have current legal cases facing at the moment. However, not all lawyers and law firms are able to market their business because they lack marketing experience.

So, it helps to know how marketing automation and digital marketing works and how they can help law firms promote legal services to a wider scope of audience.

What are the best law firm marketing methods for law firms? Learn the best law firm marketing strategies to try this year by reading on below.

1. Automated Lead Generation Marketing

When it comes to generating more leads, your business can benefit from marketing automation for law firms. Whether you’re a newly opened law firm or are expanding your legal services to another locale or state, it pays to include automation to your lead generation strategy.

Lead generation in the digital world is defined as an online marketing strategy in which the primary purpose is to draw more visitors to engage with a business through its website. While the most sustainable law firm generation sources would include search engine optimization (SEO), paid ads, online referrals, remarketing, and content marketing, don't miss the power of marketing automation.

Lead automation covers different touchpoints wherein the data of potential customers are obtained. It embodies several criteria, helping law firms better determine the importance and value of every lead to drive appropriate response.

Here are the different functions of automated lead generation:

  • Lead Capture: There are tools available to gather specific data from each lead, More and more law firms and businesses are moving toward an omnichannel marketing approach for a more seamless lead data capture and the client journey in one place.
  • Lead Qualification: Each lead characteristic is checked to determine their quality before being forwarded and setting up an initial interview with the lawyer.
  • Lead Scoring: Additional criteria are checked wherein leads are triage based on importance to help lawyers recognize opportunities. A potential client who signals readiness to hire a lawyer would score higher than someone who left a blog post or signed up for a newsletter.
  • Lead Distribution: This function of automation prevents by sending leads to the correct staff or department. Lead distribution is configured based on specific criteria.
  • Lead Nurturing: When leads are already in the sales funnel, they need nurturing to hire your legal services. Leading your leads through every step of the sales funnel will help them make an informed decision and choose you over your competitors.

2. Take Advantage of The Online Communities

One of the highly recommended law firm marketing strategies is building connections through the online community. You can get clients by getting involved in the online community related to your industry. Participating in online communities allow you to establish a good reputation through good reviews and connections.

The Google+ Community is a great platform, wherein you can create your account and write about yourself and what you do. It helps you connect with new lawyers and get insights and leads. This platform also helps to claim your business listing in directories and create an account in Google My Business. Whenever an online user performs a local search in Google, your law firm business profile will show on top of search results.

3. Video Marketing for Law Firms

Gone are the old times when lawyers are only seen in court halls and trial rooms. If you want to gain more clients, video marketing is a great way to attain your law firm's marketing goals. Uploading good quality videos on your website and social media pages will help raise awareness about your legal expertise.

Here are some recommended topics and tips for law firm videos:

  • Client Testimonial or Case Study Videos: These videos help showcase your expertise and build trust and social proof. People watch videos before hiring a law firm to check if real clients' experiences well support claims on your website.
  • Video Lawyer Interviews: A potential client who needs to hire a lawyer also wants to know about that person. Through lawyer interview videos, prospective clients will hear you talk about your practice area, the types of people you’ve worked with, and how you approach cases to increase their comfort level before picking up the phone.
  • Vlogs: Video blogs are intended to share your experiences, thoughts, and insights. These videos don’t necessarily need to be highly polished. They can be shot from your smartphone to keep them raw and authentic. In vlogs, you can highlight your insights on legislative changes, a tour to your law firm, or recent courtroom experiences.

4. Run A Great SEO Campaign

Law firms can benefit from the promising results of search engine optimization (SEO), which primarily helps your website high rank on search engines. The results include more traffic or visitors entering your website and leads. SEO can be too technical is many ways, so law firms prefer to use automation via different SEO tools and software programs and hire SEO experts.

5. Social Media Marketing

Lawyers are also active in social media. From social networking, social media platforms are also perfect marketing channels for businesses, including law firms. For instance, you’ll find legal problems exposed on Facebook with a lot of commentators, shares, and likes. You can take such an opportunity to showcase your legal expertise and provide free legal advice.

Here are the benefits of becoming active on social media:

  • Position your law firm as a thought leader.
  • Gain followers who’ll spread the good news about your law firm.
  • Be able to engage with your followers and encourage them to share your posts so other people will be aware of your legal services.
  • It’s a fun way to help people resolve their legal concerns and get prospective clients.


Law firm marketing strategies applicable this year include automated lead-generation marketing, a more scientific approach to gaining more clients for your law firm. Other strategies include video marketing and running a great SEO campaign to attract more people to your website. Establishing social proof by participating in online communities and social media marketing is also a good idea to increase awareness of your legal services.

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