5 Useful Marketing tips to grow your Law firm [Updated 2021]

5 Useful Marketing tips to grow your Law firm [Updated 2021]

Are you trying to improve your Law firm, but not sure how to do so? Have you ever wondered how your competitors are doing well? You can find the answers for all the questions in one word. Marketing.

The world is getting more competitive and you need to work smart to survive. Today, people seek Google for anything, they learn using YouTube more than they learn in classrooms, and they connect with people all around the world with the help of social media.

This improvement in technology is the key to marketing. Digital Marketing plays a great role in the growth of a firm nowadays. You have to scream your presence so that people notice your works and talents.

Marketing plays a vital role in the improvement of your firm. Here you can find the best marketing strategies for your firm that brings you and your firm a successful growth. Make sure you read till the end so that you don’t any strategy for a fruitful result.

Traditional marketing strategies

Traditional marketing methods like giving flyers, the newspaper adds, business cards, etc., are out of fashion in this digital world. They may give you some clients but you can’t get a noticeable growth.

They consume money and still give you only a little or no change in the number of clients for your firm. In the world of Google and Facebook, you will be outdated if you still follow these traditional marketing strategies.

Now, the question arises, what is Digital Marketing? Why do you need to switch from traditional to digital marketing? What effect does it make in the growth of a Law firm? Read further to find the answers to these questions.

Why Digital Marketing?

People no longer seek newspapers, they have apps on their smartphones to read the news. Smartphones replaced many traditional methods. With the help of Google and other Search engines, they have everything in their hand.

Why Digital Marketing

With just a few clicks, they can have their morning newspaper or can complete money transactions in a bank. Be a Roman in Rome. This might give you an idea of why you should switch to Digital Marketing.

Now how to do Digital Marketing? The following are some of the most used strategies that will be helpful for you to advertise your law firm.

Before starting marketing for your Law firm. You have to differentiate your firm from other competitors. Ask yourself, how you want your firm, to be identified by your clients? What are the services you have decided to offer your clients? What is the main goal or vision of your firm? And many more.

Answers to these questions is an important key for your marketing strategies. When you are done with all basic motto to start marketing your firm, let’s get into the operation of making your firm grow.

Marc Shuman of law firm Shuman Legal says that you can also offer some legal advice to your followers. You can create a good impression among people, which eventually gain you some new clients. Though there are many registered users on all social media platforms, the number of monthly users is a little less than that.

1. Have an SEO Friendly website

Have a website for your firm already? Is it SEO friendly? SEO? Wondering what is an SEO friendly website? What are the effects of an SEO Friendly Website in Law Firm Marketing? Keep calm you will find the answers to your questions here. You will get to know what SEO is, and how it helps in the growth of your law firm.

A survey says that about 75% of Google users click on websites in the first page of the search results and never go further. About 80% of the users never click on the Paid adds that top the search results.

Do your website appear on the first page of the search result? If not let us make it appear by using Search Engine Optimization.

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a method or a process that helps you to make your website reach the top of the search results. When you are in the top search results, you will automatically get many visitors to your website.

When you search for something in a search engine like Google, you will get a bunch of paid advertisements on the top. You can make your website reach the first page of the search results by using this tool.

How SEO works? People always search using the keywords. You have to optimize or structure your website so that the content matches the keywords and you eventually reach the first page. The Search engine always gives the best possible match with the keywords.

Remember you should not use too many keywords in your content. Use the keywords 2 to 3 times and make sure you create a readable content for your websites and blogs. It is also important for a website to be Mobile friendly.

People use mobile phones for browsing more than browsers on the computer. You must also know the right keywords for your website content to optimize your website effectively.

Have expert advice when it comes to SEO. There are SEO experts, who can help you in structuring your website and help you in Law firm marketing.

Now you are done with an SEO friendly website. Will that be enough for marketing your law firm to get new clients? Definitely No. You have to do a little more smart work.

2. Influence of Community and Networks

Get involved in a community of people in your industry. Knowing people of your kind in and around you is significantly important. Imagine someone you know in your network gets a client. He is not an expert in such type of cases but you are.

He may refer you and you got a new client. This is also an important tool for you to increase the number of clients you have. So, how to build a network? The Google+ Community gives you a great platform to do so.

  • Google Community: You should create a Google+ Account, write about yourself and make it look good so that people develop trust in you. Join the communities and spend time connecting with new lawyers around you.
  • Google My Business: Google My Business is a Marketing tool that helps you grow. You may ask how? When a local search is done in Google and if you have a business profile in Google My Business, you may top the search results. You should gain good Google Reviews from your previous clients. This review will help people to trust you and eventually contact you for their cases.


Google My Business

3. Social Media Advertising

This is the no-cost marketing that helps you to gain more clients. You can have accounts in various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., in these social media platforms you can get followers, advertise yourself about your achievements.

Social Media Advertising

You can also offer some legal advice to your followers. You can create a good impression among people which eventually gain you some new clients. Though there are many registered users in all social media platform, the number of monthly users is little less than that.

The number of monthly active social media users, according to surveys taken by the end of the year 2017 is given below.

The above statistics show the most used Social Media today. The number of social media users increases every day. The monthly users of Facebook remain the highest for years.

You can also have an account on Quora. People nowadays ask all their questions get answered in Quora. You can answer people’s questions there, give your link down below the answer.

This is one of the ways to gain clients through these platforms. There about 200 million monthly active users on Quora in the last month of 2017.

4. Start Blogging

Write all your achievements and let the world know them. Blogging your cases and solutions can attract many clients towards you. You have many blogging websites today.

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Google Blogger is one such site where you can create a blogging site name. You should make sure that the name you give to your site is SEO friendly and attracts the local clients.

You can also start video blogging. YouTube is said to be the second most used Search engine after Google. You can do it for free and you can earn clients and also money if you attract more viewers. All you need to do is invest some time to do these.

5. Online Advertising

Seeing the name Online Advertising, you would have thought you should invest money to advertise online. If you have a small Law firm, you will hesitate to invest money.

PPC is here to rescue you from this hesitation. Haven't heard of PPC? Pay Per Click or Cost Per Click (CPC) is something that helps you to advertise online for free, and you have to pay whenever a user clicks on you add.

You will have to advertise on a host website. Whenever someone visits your website using that Advertisement you have to pay the host website.

Google offers Pay Per click options to help you in your growth. Another Important platform given by Google is Google AdWords. They help you to make your website to place on the top of the search results.

Follow these Law firm marketing techniques. Plan a Strategy and note down its results. Make sure you are getting a good response as the result of these techniques.

If you are not getting the desired results, find out where you are making the mistakes. You can link your blogs to your websites.

If you feel you are lagging somewhere get advice from a Law Firm Marketing expert to improve yourself. Always remember a good strategy in marketing leads to a successful Law Firm.

I am Ryan Foster works as an Influence Marketer with Webfume. Provide information to who seek about Legal Industry. I write for free about the following topics: law firms, legal, tech, and startups.

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