How to Launch Your New Brand Successfully

How to Launch Your New Brand Successfully

New brand launching can be a nerve-wracking time that can include a lot of uncertainties. Follow this guideline and launch your new brand successfully.

There’s nothing more exciting than launching a new brand into the world. You’ve studied your target audience. You’ve got your product and service offerings solidified. Your branding is on point, your website is ready for visitors, and your support team is in place.

Yet executing a well-coordinated, successful brand launch requires some planning. If you’re looking to maximize your results after you launch a new brand, follow these guidelines.

1. Create Buzz

The day your product launches shouldn’t be the first day anyone hears about what you’re up to. One of the best things you can do to get some traction with your launch is to find different ways to generate buzz about your company before it’s live.

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Are you on LinkedIn? Start creating countdown posts once a week to tell your audience about your new brand. Offer a discount for people who sign up to your email list before launch day. Think about running a social media content to get people to post about your launch when it’s ready. Look out for opportunities to be featured in the press on websites like HARO or Twitter.

There are a million ways to build up anticipation for your new brand before you’re ready to launch. Think of the ways that make sense for your business and plan it out well before launch day.

2. Partner With Others

Another easy way to get people to care about your brand launch is to partner with other people and businesses who share the same target audience as you. Of course, if you just reach out to them and ask them to promote you for free, you’re likely to get a poor response rate in return.

Instead, think of ways you can provide value to them in exchange for promoting your brand. Can you offer them a special discount code to offer their audience? Host a joint giveaway? Offer free products and services to influencers in exchange for a mention? If you have the budget, you can also consider offering them a cash payment, too.

The benefit of partnering with others is that they’ve already built trust with their audience, who looks to them for recommendations on new products and services. By associating yourself with them in their audience’s minds, you become more likely to gain a new customer through them.

3. Respond Quickly

When your launch goes live, you should be available to answer any comments you get on social media and any questions you get through your support networks. Providing a high level of customer service on launch day is crucial to establishing a positive precedent for your business.

When your friends and potential customers start adding their comments on your Facebook posts, respond right away, thanking them and appreciating them. If someone has a question about your offer on Twitter, tweet them back immediately. Same goes with email and any other network you’ve set up for communication.

Making yourself available to all feedback is a great way to establish yourself as a business that cares.

Follow these guidelines to launch your new brand successfully. Give yourself plenty of time to plan so that you can squeeze as much momentum out of launch day as possible.

Margot Bushnaq is a serial entrepreneur and founder of BrandBucket . After a 10-year career in web development and system architecture, she left her position of Senior Director of Information Systems at a digital security company and co-founded a venture studio. There she noticed a lack of affordable “do-it-yourself” naming services for startups, which in turn became the driver to launch BrandBucket.

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