Great Customer Service in the Digital Business Age With Wix Answers

Great Customer Service in the Digital Business Age With Wix Answers

Let’s have a better look at Wix Answers to understand how does this help desk software work and how you can benefit from it.

“Your customer support, powered by Wix Answers” – I’m sure you have seen this quite a few times while looking online for the best help desk software solution. Let’s discuss exactly why this is and how it can benefit you just like it is benefitting Wix and more than 120 million of their users from around the world.

You can set up full-fledged help desks that would otherwise have required numerous employees and consultants to create. You also have the added simplicity of choosing templates and customizing them to suit your brand, adding articles, and publishing them within minutes.

Digging a little deeper, let’s see what Wix Answers can offer to help you create the best customer support help desk.

Why should I choose Wix Answers for my customer support?

Customer support is important for any company because it showcases how it cares about its customers and overall experience.

With wix answers, you will be able to choose what will be the scale of the customer support you are willing to provide.

If you are a small online business, you can at least create a knowledge base with useful articles about how to place an order and similar; if you are a start-up will need a ticketing system, as a more complex product raises more questions and finally, if you are an established business you might also be interested in having a call center, in answering your customers directly. You name it – you’ll find it in Wix Answers.

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Wix Answers has three main features that you need to know about. Let’s have a better look at each of them, and afterward, you can decide the best fit for your venture.

1. Knowledge Base

With advanced knowledge base software, you can add useful articles your users can browse through. This is a great tool because it helps to anticipate all the possible questions your users might have and help them to find the answer even before they address your customer support, saving time and resources. You can use a help widget as an addition to the knowledge base. By adding it to the pages of your site, you can showcase the most relevant articles from your knowledge base.

2. Ticketing system

An advanced ticketing system allows you to collect tickets from multiple channels such as email, phone, Facebook and other places. You can easily prioritize them and manage them in the system.

Ticketing system

Why is it so easy to manage your tickets with Wix Answers? There is an answer to this question as well- this help desk software is created to facilitate and optimize your work. You can add labels to the tickets and assign them to the agents.

You can take full advantage of Smart Suggestions – automatic recommendations of the answers to the repeating questions of the customers. You can also save replies and send articles to your users directly. With the Rule Engine, you can create Automatic Actions pre-set for specific situations.

Ticketing system 1

Customer support is not only intended to help your customers and increase their satisfaction, but it is also a great tool to get to know your audience better. You can easily collect information about your customers by adding custom fields to your contact forms, website or help widget. You will get very specific and accurate data that you can use to improve your business and targeting.

3. Call Center

Even though people tend to do more things online and more processes are made very intuitive and easy, many still prefer to call live agents to solve their problems in an instant. Sometimes the questions might also be a bit more complicated and require a conversation to resolve.

call center

It is amazing that with Wix answers, you can give your customers mobile support from the same platform you use for your help center and ticketing system. You can set up a toll-free line that customers can use to call in for free or add a local number for the country in which you operate. It is very easy to manage your call center – you can mute a call, add other agents or transfer the calls.

The Conclusion

It is also very important to note that everything is customizable. You can select the fonts and colors that will suit your brand. You can create forms and formats tailored specifically to your brand’s needs.

We haven’t seen a more stable, proper, fully-functional, creative, customizable, or easy-to-configure tool that exists online today.

With loads of features, we can only say that Wix Answers should be your #1 go-to solution if you run and care for a business!  It helps you to create something special that meets your customers’ needs. It isn’t difficult to set up and provides features with straightforward and efficient manners. Customer service is all about consistency and providing a proper response to the problems experienced by customers every day.

Sam Makad is a business consultant. He helps small & medium enterprises to grow their businesses and overall ROI. You can follow Sam on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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