The Changing Landscape of Data Catalogs

/ March 14, 2019 | < 1 Mins Read

The Changing Landscape of Data Catalogs

Learn how data catalog is an important for an organisation..

For an organization to be competitive, it’s essential that they not only collect the right data but that they can use it in an actionable way. Still, many companies struggle with how to organize their data assets, and they face significant challenges in areas including accessibility and security.

The goal? Data in a single, accessible-yet-secure data repository. It should be not only a unified resource, but also one that’s searchable and simple to use.

Along with Research 451, Unifi Software has explored the role data catalogs currently have in data-driven organizations and where we might expect to see things to go. The report is called “The Unstoppable Rise of the Data Catalog.”

One of the biggest takeaways? Data catalog adaptors see a significant expansion in the number of users coming down the pipe.

Learn more with the research and report in the below Infographic.

Changing Landscape of Data Catalogs
Infographic by Unifi Software

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