Top Instagram Marketing Hoaxes and Here’s How to Fix Them

Top Instagram Marketing Hoaxes and Here’s How to Fix Them

Appropriate Presentation is the key to success. Do you agree? I mean no matter how best research you do or how persistent you are in your work, all of that counts for nothing if you don’t know how to present it right.

Over these years, social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram seem to have hit the milestone that no marketer or business should ignore. In simple words, it has become just as staggeringly, half of them log in every day. The following post surely will cheer you up, and maybe even give you ideas on how to step up your Instagram game by avoiding certain Instagram marketing mistakes.

From celebrities to entities, marketers, creative, everyone in general public seems to have become possessed over image sharing social networking sites. We, humans, love visuals, and that’s the reason why image-sharing or video sharing concept has gained in terms of popularity.

A recent study showed Instagram offers more engagement than other social media networks. It is a safe bet to say that posting on the platform offers 15x more in regards to engagement than Facebook and 20x more than Twitter.

Further below I would like you to get acquainted with some social media marketing mistakes that you need to watch out for.

1. Incorrect Hashtags

Finally one can make the most of hashtags anywhere on Instagram. From your profile’s bio description to the posts you wish to share, hashtags are seen everywhere these days! At the same time, many people end up making a mistake of dumping a ba Twitter bio. Which is not a great idea let me tell you why?

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First and foremost, hashtags in your Insta profile bio don’t have any impact on Instagram search results. So if anyone searches for you on the basis of those mentioned in your bio, your profile won’t show up in search results. The only fields which Instagram search scans are the Name and the Username fields.

Apart from this, if you are using a popular hashtag that leads to other people’s content. It simply means you are driving away your end visitors. For instance, if you are a photographer and using #Photography in your bio as soon as people click on that hashtag, soon you will find them giving up on your profile and roaming around millions of other posts that carries no relevance with you. Do you think it’s a good idea to send your visitors away? Guess not!

So what you can do is stop putting hashtags in your bio. And come up with a content related to your brand or business and augments what people see about you on Instagram.

2. Posting anything randomly

Posting content is a process that needs hours of thinking. I mean you are creating a virtual image of yours; it has to be done wisely! Posting random content that doesn’t align with your strategy won’t work for long. Try leaning into your data to guide your strategy.

Technically speaking, dig into your Instagram analytics. Take a look at your past content- see why it couldn’t work? Compare and analyze your audience’s response to the type of media; i.e., (post vs. video), the topics (business vs. entertainment), and outcomes (promotional vs. nurturing).    

Posting anything randomly

  • Think hard is it the visual content that your audience loves engaging to?
  • What topics have struck a chord?
  • Is there anything in common? Some kind of specific filter, background or style your audience seems to prefer?

Quit all the guessing work, come up with an intimidating story, think of a strategy, and let your audience focus on what you offer.

3. Low-quality photos

Low-quality photos

Remember, your profile says everything about your business. You have to be professional enough! Prospects from all over the globe might be judging your brand as well as your brand’s quality on your image quality. This surely means the quality of your pictures and videos also sends a message about the quality of your product or service. Posting high-resolution photos showcase that you are much into “quality” and “professionalism.” Avoid crappy photos with poor resolutions.

Also, make sure that your images are not only centered without any odd-seeming cutouts but even sized correctly and perfectly.

4. Not Prioritizing

Believe it or not, most people think if they can get more followers, they will eventually get more customers. I am sorry to say, but you are mistaken! In fact, have you thought about converting the followers you already have into customers? The answer isn’t by increasing followers. All you have to do is double down your current audience and serve them well to convert your current followers into customers. Rather than going wide, you need to dig in deep.

How is this possible? Communicate with them, respond to every comment, have a conversation with everyone in your DMs, and follow up on every poll response. To win in the Insta realm, you need to follow the 10X rule. If you want one comment on your post, leave 10 comments on others’ posts. If you want a DM, send 10 DMs.

This is the only way to understand them and sooner or later you will know how to talk to them. Always remember this, we aren’t in the business of business, we’re in the business of serving people, so their lives change.

5. Making your social presence all about you

Last but certainly not least, your social presence can never be all about you. I mean no one likes hanging around the Facebook page of a brand that can’t get enough of itself. Gone are the days when these platforms were treated as a strong medium for traditional advertising.

Even if you consider a conventional TV advertising you will find that it features everything from humor to good music and visuals, and of course the most interesting plot. So, all you have to do is consider finding out what kind of content your customer base is interested in. Also, don’t forget to invest in high-quality content creation. Contact with a professional if needed.  

It all comes down to create the Perfect Instagram Post! Let’s give one more shot!

Coleen Rooney is working as a Content Manager at Tatvasoft Australia, one of the leading web development company in Melbourne, Australia. He has over 3 Years of experience in the IT industry. He does have a passion for Blogging and wanted to share mobile and web development trends. He loves to write about new emerging technologies and innovations. He spends most of his time reading and learning about the mobile app trends, web development and tech news. He holds a Master’s degree in information technology.

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