5 Ways to Improve Your Human Resource Department

5 Ways to Improve Your Human Resource Department

In this article, we've mentioned various suggestions which you can implement in your company to improve your human resource department.

Human resource departments can be one of the best or one of the worst parts of working for a company. A good HR department will take staff concerns more seriously. A bad HR department will contribute to employee churn. A good HR team will prioritize finding the right fit for individual roles. They will work hard to ensure the right people are being hired for the jobs, and they will manage everything from getting paid to taking time off. Not to mention all the legal stuff that comes with doing HR. There are plenty of ways to make improvements to your HR department, here are 5 of them.

Recruit Using People Not Technology

The best staff are the ones who were discovered through networks and other people’s connections. While using technology is fine, it can’t read between the lines of the parameters you set. So what if a person doesn’t have a degree, but has been doing the job for more than a decade? What happens when a mother who took 5 years off to raise her children comes back to the workplace and is still a rockstar at what she does? A computer can’t see the geniuses beyond the parameters. That’s why recruiting should still be done by real people and not just some algorithm in an HR program. People are able to see beyond the titles and into the passion and the skill sets that would still make a perfect fit for the role.

Simplify Background Checks

Background checks can be a cumbersome step for many people when it comes to onboarding. Some businesses still require potential staff to go to the police station and fill out forms there. While someone is still working another job, this step can be a challenging part of the process. Instead, invest in bulk background checks for your company. Not only will this save you time, but it will also improve the process for the potential new employee. These checks can look at all sorts of crimes across the nation from motor vehicles to federal crimes, and can even aid in employment verification so no one needs to hop on a phone call to confirm.

Implement Better Technology

While some HR processes are best left to people to do, others are better suited for computer systems. Investing in better technology for things like payment processing, reimbursement, tax forms, and even making updates to personal information can expedite a lot of processes in your company. It leaves the HR representatives more time to handle personnel issues and other challenges that require a personal touch. A computer can easily track employee hours and ensure they get paid on time either through direct deposit or by check if they prefer.

Offer Incentives and Raises Throughout the Year

The annual review is a dated process. While it can give a big picture about a person’s year, let’s face it, most employees can’t remember what they did last month, let alone a year ago. Plus, these reviews don’t capture the nuances that would happen if reviews were an ongoing process as opposed to an annual event. One way to reward your staff for their great work throughout the year is to offer raises and incentives more than once a year.

A standard raise does nothing to improve employee morale the same way it would if people knew they could get rewarded for their hard work sooner. Bonuses are another option that your HR department can offer to qualifying individuals and teams. Money has a way of motivating people to do their best more often than just a once-a-year thing.

Offer More PTO

Waiting until you’ve been working for a year to get any PTO is demoralizing. Plus, the people who work the hardest are often rewarded the least. Those at the lower end of the totem pole aren’t usually eligible for bonuses and other perks the way that the people at the top are. One of the ways to help improve your HR department is to offer more PTO from the first-day people start working. Some companies offer unlimited PTO, while others will allow new staff the opportunity to take a few weeks off during their first year of work. They understand that life happens and part of working for a company may require time off here and there. While more PTO might sound expensive, it’s imperative for companies moving forward if they want to retain great staff.

Sam Makad is a business consultant. He helps small & medium enterprises to grow their businesses and overall ROI. You can follow Sam on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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