8 Ways to Improve Your Next Google AdWords Campaign

8 Ways to Improve Your Next Google AdWords Campaign

Initiating a new AdWords search campaign is a stimulating process. If you’re ready to spend any amount of money on ads to reach your target audience, better spend it in the right place to optimize your campaigns to achieve the best results with your ads.

AdWords could be a great ally in trying to conquer a market you have a business in, especially these days when so many marketers rely on other digital marketing techniques. 

Starting with it is relatively easy as well, and you can get some outside help from the likes of Clever Ads by using a google ads voucher they provide for everyone. 

Now, if you are a complete amateur and have not had an opportunity to try AdWords before, you are bound to experience some difficulties. Especially when it comes to your campaign's overall performance, things can turn out for the better if you follow the following tips.

1. Keyword Research

It should start with keyword research since it is the campaign's cornerstone. There are a couple of free tools that you can make use of, like Google’s AdWord Key Planner. Some people find it lacking, though, so they use other, more advanced software.

Of course, launching a keyword planner tool will be useless without thinking of some potential candidates first. Brainstorm your ideas, and write them down. You could even type some of those in search engines and see the results and suggestions below.

Once you have a decent number of ideas, start to put them in the planner and begin the research process. It will take you some time, but the more you spend on the research, the better the outcome.

2. Organize

Keeping track of everything will be much easier if you are organized. This should not be an issue at first, but once you have a hefty list of keywords, you will want to put them in groups instead of putting them all in one place. 

3. Ad Text

While you are putting different keywords into groups, make sure to prepare separate ad texts for them as well. Not only will this make everything easier in the future because you have everything prepared beforehand, but coming up with different texts will also help you improve your writing.

And it is worth pointing out that becoming good at writing ad texts for Google AdWords is extremely difficult. Most people do not even bother and hire professional copywriters.

4. Relevant Landing Pages

Do not bother tricking people with clickbait titles and other fooleries. This sort of marketing is a thing of the past. Instead, look to provide value and be relevant, especially regarding your ads and landing page.

The two should match. After all, people click on ads because they have certain expectations. If you do not fulfill them, you can be certain that the bounce rate is going up, causing penalties and ultimately leading to a complete disaster.

5. Location Targeting

If you run a business that relies on more than just shipping orders to people all over the country, make more use of location targeting. Ads can be run in a way where the biggest emphasis is put on local demographics. And that would make much more sense, rather than spending your money on irrelevant demographics.

6. Track Everything

The difference between making a success and failing can be as little as a few hours. Monitoring the campaign 24/7 is impossible, but you should check it out as often as possible. Adjustments must be made, and the more time you spend tracking information and figuring out why and how things are changing, the better your result will be.

7. Pause or Delete

When certain keywords are underperforming or fail to meet your expectations completely,  it is much better to pause them or even delete them and start working on something else entirely. 

Do not fret too much on a mistake or two. Just move on and use that as a learning experience. Sticking to bad keywords will get you nowhere. Instead, look to introduce something fresh and work from there.

8. Competition

Looking at the competition might be frowned upon by some, but this kind of practice has been around for what seems like forever. There is no reason you should not use it as well. Look at what other brands are doing, take their best point and apply them to your campaigns.

All in all, if you are serious about taking your business that extra step further, you should look to expand your brand in as many different ways as you can. Since Google AdWords tend to be overlooked often, you can gain a significant edge over others. And these tips should go a long way on this journey.

Sam Makad is a business consultant. He helps small & medium enterprises to grow their businesses and overall ROI. You can follow Sam on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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