Holiday Spirit 2019 – Who’s the Winner This Year

Holiday Spirit 2019 – Who’s the Winner This Year

The success or failure of holiday marketing ideas greatly affects revenue growth during the last quarter of each year. We've identified the best reliable holiday marketing ideas that will transform a drab marketing approach into exciting campaigns that engage customers and drive sales.

The holiday season just ended for many of us. Whether you enter a store or open social media, it was all about “Jingle Bells” and “Merry Holidays” in the past few days.

This time of year, aka holiday season, offers a lot of opportunities for all businesses. To grab customers' attention, provide deals and discounts, or run a campaign. The peak time of the year to pull in additional revenue. 

Here are a few examples of 2019’s best holiday season social media posts by different brands. Let’s see how these brands stand out in using seasonal greetings to market their product/service. 

1. Etihad Airways on Instagram

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or planning your first trip, you may have noticed that different airlines are posting on social media trying to get your attention. The whole airline industry has now turned to social media to connect with the passengers. 

Most airlines publish stunning pictures from all over the world shared by their passengers or cabin crew. This recent post on Instagram by Etihad Airways captured the holiday spirit at its best.   

Holiday post 2019 - Etihad airways

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2. M&M Chocolate

M&M’s chocolate knows how to win on social media. Whether it’s #worldchocolateday, Halloween, or Christmas, you will always find M&M’s social media posts a treat. They are active on all social platforms and post accordingly. This year M&M’s chocolate is celebrating the holiday spirit with some delicious M&M’s recipes. 

Holiday post 2019 - M&M chocolate

3. Starbucks

This iconic coffee chain is one of the most engaging brands on social media. Starbucks knows how to engage with their online community. Here’s the best one which summed up holiday preparation for all of us.

Holiday post 2019 - starbucks

4. CEAT Tyres

“Drive safe with your loved ones and celebrate the holiday spirit.” 

CEAT Tyres' recent video is the perfect combination of holiday greetings, social messages, and incorporating your brand’s voice on social media. 

Holiday post 2019 - CEAT tyres

5. Lays

Speaking of holiday spirit, how can we miss a gingerbread house? The time of the year, where friends and family come together to make and decorate gingerbread houses. And if you're looking for some fresh ideas for your gingerbread house, here’s what lays got for you!

Holiday post 2019 - Lays waffers

6. Calififarms

Califia Farms, known for its plant-based revolution, showcased their dairy frees dressed up for holidays is one of the cutest and festive things you will see. A perfect example for other brands to show some holiday spirit on social media. 

Holiday post 2019 - Calififarms

7. Coca Cola

Coca-Cola has many successful holiday marketing campaigns that aim to deliver happiness around the globe in the past. Whether it’s their #BeSanta campaign or “Holidays Are Coming,” they are always on the top. Apart from all their fancy big campaigns this year, this simple and minimalistic post on Instagram was enough to win customers’ hearts. 

Holiday post 2019 - cocacola

8. Cobsbread

Another fun way to grab customers’ attention is adding a little humor to your post. And that’s what Cobs bread did in this post. 

Holiday post 2019 - cobsbread

Wrap up:

These are a few examples of brands that were at their best in holiday marketing in 2019. All of the above brands maintained their brand voice and published content on social media accordingly. You can take inspiration from these social media posts for the future and incorporate them into your upcoming marketing campaigns. 

Sadia Munir is a blogger and content strategist at Social Champ. She writes to help her readers learn more about social media marketing to shine digitally

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